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The Smokejumpers are supporting protagonists from Planes Fire and Rescue.


As Dusty was touring the firefighting base in Piston Peak National Park, he nearly gets sturk by Drip of the Smokejumpers thanks misinterpreting a command. It is here that he meets the smokejumpers.

When Dusty asks about Blade Ranger, Dynamite of the Smokejumpers tells him he will be back soon after taking care of spot fires. Soon Patch alerts them of a wildfire that broke out in the forest, leading to them packing up and boarding Cabbie.

After Dipper dumps fire retardant, the Smokejumpers parachute from Cabbie to start building a barricade to use against the fire. Later, the Smokejumpers were invited to the main hangar to watch an episode of chOps, a show Blade Ranger used to star in.

When Dusty asks about what happened between Blade and the show, the Smokejumpers explain they do not know and do not wish to know. Later they help in containing a fire started by a lightning storm. However, while trying to retreat, a burning tree blocks their path, prompting Dusty to come and save them by putting the fire out.

However, the fire soon breaks containment thanks to the recklessness of Cad's V.I.P. jet flying to low. Following the recovery of a severely injured Blade Ranger, Maru asks for the Smokejumpers help in getting Blade fixed up. They later board Cabbie when a wildfire roadblocked the evacuating guests, leaving them with no other way out.

After the fire retardant was dumped onto the road, the Smokejumpers proceed to dismantle the burnt structures so that the evacuated people can escape. Later the Smokejumpers arrive at Propwash Junction as part of the corn festival.



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