Oi, you. I have a message for the old geezers at the World Government. Tell them to eat shit!
~ Smoker

Smoker the White Hunter is a recurring antagonist hero/anti-hero that appears in the series One Piece. He was a Marine Officer that was then promoted to a Vice Admiral after the timeskip. Smoker also served as the main antagonist of the Loguetown Arc.

He is voiced by Greg Dulcie.


Smoker is very serious and takes his job in the Marines very seriously. Smoker greatly despises pirates as he thinks all of them are nothing but "scum". Smoker also doesn't trust any of the Shichibukai saying "pirates are still pirates".

However, Smoker has been shown to have a soft side as he gave money to a young girl after she accidentally spilled ice cream onto him. Smoker is also honorable as he willingly let Luffy and his crew go after Luffy ordered Zoro to save Smoker from drowning.

After seeing Luffy had survived being excuted and smiling before getting be-headed, Smoker saw Luffy as a threat and always tries to capture him by any means. Smoker commonly tracks down Luffy and tries to turn in the young pirate.

Smoker angrily cursed the World Government for covering-up the Alabasta Incident and deemed to him as a "hero". Smoker seem to be very close with the new Admiral Fujitora who also believe the Shichibukai should be dissolved. After Fujitora revealed the true incident at Dressrosa, Smoker felt relieved that Fujitora prevented the Government from covering-up the incident.



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