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Smokescreen is an eager young Autobot recruit and member of Team Prime in Transformers: Prime. He received his training in the Elite Guard.


When the Decepticons launched a major attack that swept the last lines of Iacon’s defenses, Smokescreen was just facing them, and he was excited about it. During the battle, he had a mission, and that was to guard the Alpha Trion during the final stages of the war. But during the battle, he was arrested and taken on one Decepticon ship, but he managed to escape and he jumped into the escape capsule, which was a long-distance capsule because it bothered him to sleep. When the Decepticon ship Nemesis found the location of his capsule and guided it to Earth, he woke up when the capsule collided with the ground. And when he met Optimus Prime and his team, he told them all about it. At first, the Team Prime was suspicious of him because it had happened in the past that the ally was a spy. But when he helped defeat Starscream, Optimus welcomed him into his team. When the Decepticons found the base of the Team Prime and destroyed it, he found Optimus and hid with him, and when he took possession of Forge of Solus Prime and brought it to Optimus, Optimus wanted to give him the Matrix of Leadership. But he didn’t want it and he used the power of the Forge to heal Optimus. Then, after the Decepticons' Darkmount base was destroyed, he changed color, and now used a blue paint. Then when Team Prime defeated Megatron and revived Cybertron, he and his comrades returned to Cybertron to do the reconstruction. Admittedly, they still had to face Unicron, who took over Megatron’s body and came to Cybertron for one reason; to destroy Primus himself. Eventually they defeated Unicron, and Optimus hoped they would continue to fight the bravest, and they did so while maintaining peace.



  • In characterisation, Smokescreen resembles Hot Rod.


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