Smokey is a major character in the 2017 Pixar/Disney film Cars 3.

He was voiced by Chris Cooper.


Smokey is a pickup truck based on the 1947 Hudson model, painted orange and has some rust on the rear. He also has blue eyes. Smokey was Doc Hudson's technical director and would later help Lightning McQueen win the Florida 500 race.


Smokey appears briefly during a recording of one of Doc's races that Lightning watches at Radiator Springs after his crash on the track.

After being recognized in Thunder Hollow, Lightning calls Mater who unknowingly gave him the idea to meet Smokey to progress and beat Jackson Storm.

With Cruz Ramirez, Lightning meets the director in Thomasville as well as his three friends, Junior, Louise and River. That same evening, Smokey shows Lightning a garage that was full of letters from Doc from when he was in Radiator Springs and was happy to train Lightning. The latter trains for a week with Cruz and are helped by Guido, Luigi and Smokey. The former technical director explains that while McQueen can't be faster than Storm, he will know how to outsmart him and win. On race day, Smokey observes Lightning being overtaken by Cruz and together leave for Florida.

Smokey then supports Lightning as CTO. When Lightning wants Cruz to replace him, Smokey explains to Sterling who was opposed to it, that only the number must be presented and not the car. He gives Cruz advice and does not understand what Lightning tells him to say. After a while, Smokey tells Lightning to take his place as CTO and stays on the side. He witnesses Cruz's victory and points out that McQueen shares the victory with her according to the rules.

Smokey then appears at the end of the film in Radiator Springs and watches with the locals, Lightning leading Cruz to Willy's Butte.




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