Smudge (Cascão in the original) is one of the main protagonists of the franchise of comics and cartoons Monica's Gang.


Smudge is a dirty boy who loves dirt. He is very afraid of water, so he always avoids taking baths.  He has a reputation for never having washed in his entire life and for always escaping of anyone who tries to give him a bath.

Cascão made his debut in 1961 in strips of Jimmy Five as a secondary character, but he ended up being successful and soon became one of the protagonists, earning himself a comic book series after 1982.


Smudge is a boy that since he was born has never taken a bath in his life. Dirty, messy and obsessed with dirt, he has a reputation for never have touched a drop of water, because water is the thing that he is most afraid of. His best friend is Jimmy Five, a boy he knows since they were babies and lives in the same street that he does. Smudge lives with his parents Dona Lurdinha (who frequently argues with her son wanting to give him a bath) and Seu Antenor, a goofy father who has a face identical to his son. He also has a pig as a pet, Chauvy, that enjoys dirt just like him, although many times Chauvy bathes willingly when he is disgusted by his dirty owner.

Smudge with stink

When he is not at home, Smudge often plays with his friends, especially with Jimmy Five. But when Jimmy makes plans to defeat Monica (Jimmy's childhood rival) Smudge is always unintentionally used as his henchman along with other boys, tough he is always afraid of Monica. In the end, as their plans almost always fail, Smudge often takes a beating from Monica along with the other boys. Smudge has a girlfriend called Dustine, initially created as a counterpart to his old stories also being dirty, but she later proves to be cleaner as she takes baths also because of the disgust of her dirty boyfriend.

Smudge has such a reputation for being dirty that everyone often tries to give him a bath, not only his friends and parents, but also the villains that attempt to abduct Smudge just to give him a bath. Smudge is so haunted by these supervillains that makes him the character with more enemies in the stories of Monica's Gang, but in the end he always wins and stays dirty. Among his greatest enemies are the twin sisters named Cremilda and Clotilde, Dr. Olimpo, besides Captain Fray, a dirty and polluter supervillain similar to Smudge and that is actually his paternal uncle who went crazy and gained superpowers to control the dirt. Although Captain Fray is his rival for not wanting another dirty person competing with him, he allied with Smudge many times, usually when they are trying to escape from water.

Monica Teen

Smudge Teen.jpg

In this spin-off with manga style, Smudge is a 15 year old and is still friends with Monica, Jimmy Five, Maggy and the other original characters from the classic series. Smudge studies at the Limoeiro School, is an athletic teen who loves parkour, football and other extreme sports. In this version he is now able to take a bath, even not liking it and still being messy and obsessed with dirt. He still is the best friend and partner of Jimmy Five, and he is still dating the Dustine. Often during his adventures with his friends, he acts as the most sarcastic of the gang.

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