The Snow Golem is a supporting protagonist in the 2009 popular video game, Minecraft. They are utility mobs that attack hostile mobs with only 0 damage. However, they can be used by the player to be just their normal companion, or a distraction to the hostile mobs in order for the player to defeat the hostile mobs easily. They can be created by the player by placing a two-height snow blocks with a pumpkin on top.


The Snow Golem is a snowman-like entity, with a pumpkin on its head, has rock buttons on its chest, like a normal snowman, and sticks as arms. The player also can see its head by shearing of the pumpkin with shears.

Powers and Weaknesses

The Snow Golem can throw snowball to anyone who attacks it, or the hostile mobs. However, they can only deals no damage to their enemies, but their strength and powers can be used as a distraction by the player to easily fight the hostile mobs. Their only weaknesses are the exposure to the desert biomes, rains, and water.


The player must destroy atleast two snow blocks and one pumpkin to create it. Then afterwards, the snow golem comes to life, and will guard the player, or who anyone built it. They can be brought to the End to distract Endermen, and various mobs. Whenever a snow golem dies, the player will lose their distraction to their enemies, as long as it has 10 or more enemies. They can be also be built as the player's companion in Creative mode.


  • The Snow Golem are the only utility mobs that is ranged/marksman.
  • Despite its markmanship, they are the only entities who deals no damage to their opponents.


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