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The revolution has begun! Liberated forever! Domesticated never! YEEEAAHHH!
~ Snowball.
Who are we?! We... are the Flushed Pets! Thrown away by our owners and now we are out for revenge! It's like a club, but with biting and scratching!
~ Snowball to Max and Duke.
It's snowtime baby!
~ Captain Snowball is back

Snowball is a major anti-hero as well as the main antagonist of the 2016 animated film The Secret Life of Pets, and the deuteragonist of The Secret Life of Pets 2.

He is voiced by Kevin Hart, who also voiced George Beard in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie in English, and by Ryusei Nakao in Japanese.


Snowball is a white rabbit with long ears, small paws with pink paw pads, and a fluffy tail. He has buck teeth and the ability to get rid of all expressions, so that he can fool people into thinking that he is just a regular rabbit.

As Captain Snowball, he wears a blue and yellow super suit with a circle in the center with the letter S on it. He wears a yellow cape on the back. He wears a yellow pair of shoes.


Snowball is known for being insanely cute, but also literally insane due to the trauma of being abandoned by his owner. He has a hate for pets and their owners. Snowball initially fits the classic "evil mastermind" stereotype, wanting to dominate the world using The Flushed Pets. Snowball is also incredibly eccentric and manipulative, with a tendency to rely on one-liner comedy. However, in the end, he had a change of heart, yearning to be a pet once again.


The Secret Life of Pets

Snowball is depicted as a cute and adorable bunny who hates both the happy pet owners and their pets. He built an army of the abandoned pets for he wants to take revenge on all the pet owners and the pets themselves. Formerly, Snowball was a party bunny for shows and birthdays, but was abandoned by his owner and because rabbits became out of fashion; this makes him hate people and he wants to destroy all humans. Then, as Snowball had told Max, Duke, and The Flushed Pets, "He made me disappear... FROM HIS LIFE!"

After Max and Duke are captured by the Animal Control officers, Snowball gets out from the sewer and appears at the middle of the road. The officers see him. D. Fourrage gets out of the truck and takes a look at him, but he is attacked while Tattoo and the Dragon rushes out and hijacks the truck. Snowball then gets into the truck, finds Ripper, one of the members in The Flushed Pets, and chews his carrot to make a key to Ripper's cage. However, as the two officers are thrown out of the truck, the truck crashes in an alley eventually. In the last minute before the truck is ruined in flames, Snowball agrees to let Max and Duke free after Max lies and says that he hates people, though Snowball is suspicious of them at first. Max and Duke convince Snowball that they aren't pets as well, so Snowball takes them to his underground lair.

When they get to the lair, Snowball introduces themselves to Max and Duke, and asks them about the "story" that "they murdered their owner." Again, Snowball is convinced by their story words "killed their own owner with a blender." So he intends to call Viper to bite Max and Duke as recognition to the new recruits; in the process, Snowball said he preferred Max to Duke. They are stopped by some cats, who reveal that Max and Duke are actually domesticated. On hearing this, The Flushed Pets try to catch the two dogs but Duke defends themselves by shaking Viper by tail, and Viper is later killed by piles of falling bricks accidentally, which makes Snowball decide to hunt down Max and Duke, even if they escape from the sewer and head to Brooklyn.

Snowball makes a plan to catch his enemies and “kill the tiny dog (Max)," even if Ripper and Tattoo, his main sidekicks, think his plans are not the best, His draft of the plan turns out to be pretty messy, and he accidentally poops while laughing victoriously about the plan. Meanwhile, Pops and Max's neighbors find Snowball's lair and sees his plan. Gidget appears to defend for Max, but they flee when the whole lair of animals try to chase them. Later, Snowball arrives in Brooklyn, disguises as a baby and finds Max, who is running after the truck Duke is at. When the truck stops, Snowball attacks Max fiercely, only to find Tattoo and Ripper are also captured. Out of disappointment, Snowball decides to save his recruits with Max and eventually becomes friends with him. He drives a bus to follow the truck. At Brooklyn Bridge, the truck is thrown out of the bridge and Snowball becomes unconscious after the blow. he soon says "that raccoon is lying, he's not the president!"

At first, The Flushed Pets think Max tries to harm Snowball and start attacking, but they are stopped by Gidget. Max, along with the truck falls into the river, but Snowball finds the key to Duke's cage and saves them. After the pets go to their home, Snowball wants to make a bigger plan but he was seen by Molly, who also wants to adopt Dragon, Tattoo, and Derick as well. All the animals betray Snowball by escaping into a sewer, and closing it, preventing him from entering. At first, Snowball tries to escape, but later is touched by the girl's sweet and heartwarming personality, so he stops trying to escape and lets himself get adopted again.

It is presumed he has cut all ties with The Flushed Pets, following their betrayal, and it is possible they have disbanded, as their is no mention or appearance from any of the members. It is also possible Snowball has moved on and forgotten about his treacherous former crew.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Snowball has now moved on from his former crew, starting anew and is now happily living with Molly as he and Molly spend time together brushing their teeth, having breakfast while watching superhero movies, and playing superheroes with Molly dressing Snowball up in a superhero costume made for him. However, Molly's dad comes in and reminds her that she's going to be late for school. Before leaving, she kisses Snowball goodbye and leaves him in charge in her absence.

Enjoying his superhero persona as "Captain Snowball", Snowball goes out and spoofs the famous Superman flight theme song until he gets noticed by Max. Snowball and Max each discuss about their owners' activities until Snowball reminds an overprotective Max that his owner's kid, Liam will be attending preschool very soon.

Snowball is later seen trying to lift weights as Chloe watches him until they are visited by a Shih Tzu named Daisy. Realizing that Daisy needs "Captain Snowball" for a rescue mission, Snowball leaves and enters Molly's room to dress up in his superhero costume again while imagining himself in muscular form fighting crime and saving a female bunny in distress from dark rabbit thugs. Snowball re-enters the scene as Captain Snowball and asks Daisy to tell him her story. He learns that Daisy encountered a white tiger cub named Hu being held captive by a cruel circus owner named Sergei on her way back from vacation during a flight. Excited and without hesitation, Snowball gladly volunteers to help Daisy free the tiger.

At night, Snowball and Daisy arrive at the circus only to find Hu being abused by Sergei compelling him to do a perfect water diving trick using a whip, but to no avail; much to their horror. After Sergei locks Hu in a cage and leaves his wolves in charge, Daisy and Snowball proceed to free Hu while distracting subduing the wolves. Snowball tries to free the tiger with a hammer but fails. Then, Snowball finds himself being chased by the wolf leader and tries to stop him in many ways until Daisy manages to trap him on a sky drop ride after subduing the other wolves and retrieving the keys to Hu's cage.

After freeing Hu, Snowball boasts about his success on his first rescue mission until Daisy reminds him about finding a place to hide Hu, so, they decide to take him to Pops' apartment since his owner is never home. Once there, Snowball is greeted by puppies and 1 kitten who are part of Pops' new puppy school program ever since his owner got a new puppy named Tiny. Before Snowball and Daisy can explain the situation to Pops, Pops suddenly notices Hu chewing on a couch and orders Myron to sound the air horn, which scares Hu as he accidentally causes slight damage to the room. When Snowball tries to explain to Pops, Pops refuses to keep him until he is persuaded by the puppies and kitten otherwise when they start to get attached to Hu.

Later, back at his apartment, Snowball is having fun playing video games, which he refers to as training for combat. Then, he leaves to get his pizza roll until he hears a noise at the window. He opens the shade only to find Hu at the window along with Pops and the rest of the class. When Snowball wonders what's going on, Pops angrily tells him that Hu trashed his apartment, which has angered the class as well, and decides to leave Hu with Snowball. Snowball begs Pops to reconsider but fails, so, he decides to hide Hu inside Max's apartment instead. Then, Snowball leaves to get his pizza roll and check up on him later. Suddenly, he gets noticed by Gidget who asks him what he's doing at Max's apartment until Snowball gets back at her with a question of what she's doing at a cat-infested apartment.

At night, when Max and his family return home earlier than expected, Snowball and Daisy hide Hu inside Liam's closet until everyone's fast asleep. However, Max and Duke wake up to discover Snowball and Daisy sneaking Hu out the window. Max and Snowball begin to argue until Daisy reminds them of the situation involving the circus wolves tracking them down. Once they arrive, Snowball panics until Daisy calms him down. Then, they try to form a plan while Max tries to find a way to fend the wolves off. Snowball and Daisy take Hu to the rooftop and try to sneak him through the door only for Snowball to be confronted and subdued by Sergei's Monkey and Daisy and Hu get captured by Sergei and his wolves.

Realizing they're in trouble, Snowball and Max follow Sergei in Norman's remote controlled toy Jeep to the train station as Snowball requests back-up from Gidget through a walkie-talkie until the toy breaks down. So, Max and Snowball decide to continue on foot while Norman stays behind. Once on board the train, Snowball accidentally falls into the monkey cart, leaving Max to deal with the wolves on his own, whom he manages to subdue easily. Meanwhile, Snowball finds Daisy stuffed in a cannon and tries to free her until he is confronted by the monkey again, whom he manages to defeat with a little help from Daisy after a long battle and sends him away on the lit-up cannon. Then, when Snowball and Daisy make it to the locomotive compartment and find Max fighting off Sergei, they join in to give him a hand and soon, Hu joins in. When the conductor stops the train, Snowball and the others push Sergei out of the train and knock him down to the ground. However, as they are about to escape, Sergei restrains Hu by his leash and threatens to shoot them until Sergei gets knocked out by the cat lady's car, thus, saving everyone. Then, Snowball and everyone else are taken back home in the cat lady's car before dawn approaches.

In the morning, when Molly wakes up, she picks up a sleepy Snowball and takes off his costume to dress him up in something else. Suddenly, Snowball wakes up to find himself dressed up like a princess by Molly, which he ironically finds awesome in the end as he admires his new look.


  • Snowball's name is in Hungarian Hógolyó and in Finnish Lumipallo.
  • As seen in a teaser in Christmas 2015, if Snowball eats something with sugar, he becomes hyperactive.
  • Snowball makes a cameo appearance with Bob in the opening title of Illumination Entertainment in The Grinch.
  • Snowball drove a bus onto Brooklyn Bridge and the bus had a Sing ad on the back.
  • Snowball may have weak bowels, causing feces to leak unexpectedly from the bottom. This is shown when he is laughing and accidentally poops himself.
  • In the sequel, Snowball spoofs the famous Superman flight theme from the 70s as he pretends to be a flying superhero.
  • He is the only member of The Flushed Pets that was in The Secret Life of Pets 2.


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