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Snowball II is the Simpson Family pet cat and a recurring character in The Simpsons. She was one of the Simpsons pets along with Santa's Little Helper.


Santa's Little Helper

She and Santa's Little Helper have been shown to get along well. They often sleep together and usually watch TV at 4am as seen in one episode.

The Simpsons Family

Snowball once saved Homer from Bart's treehouse when it caught fire. Santa's Little Helper was unable to climb up into the treehouse to save Homer so Snowball II rescued him instead. This resulted in her becoming famous and Homer to disown Santa's Little Helper.



Snowball II was fatally runover by Dr. Hibbert's truck In I-(Do'h) -bot. Lisa got 2 replacement cats that both got killed quickly until She adopted Snowball V from the Crazy Cat Lady. However She renamed her Snowball II to save money on a new food dish and to forget that the original Snowball II's death (along with her replacements deaths) never happened.


  • The current Snowball II is Snowball V.
  • While usually a minor character, Snowball II had a major role in one episode in which She saved Homer from Bart's treehouse when it got caught on fire.


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