Snowbell is the main antagonist of the Stuart Little novel and the false main antagonist turned deuteragonist of the Stuart Little film and the tritagonist of Stuart Little 2 and 3. He is voiced by Nathan Lane who also voiced Timon.

Stuart Little saved him from Smokey in the first film.

In the original film, he was introduced as the main antagonist but this was a plot to reveal the true main villain later on.

Early life

Little is known about Snowbell's past, except that he has been in the Little family longer than George. He is a pearl white Persian cat who has many cat friends, including Monty. He is also very protective of certain family members, mostly Stuart.


In Stuart Little, Snowbell despised Stuart at first and lunged to eat him shortly after he arrived at the Littles' house and looked at the pictures. This prompted Stuart's parents to yell at Snowbell and demand that he spit Stuart back out (to which he does), and Frederick picks Snowbell up and sternly tells him that he shouldn't eat Stuart. While seeing Stuart getting gifts and love and attention from the family, he and a mob of cats hire two mice to pass of as Stuart's biological parents.

When Stuart finds out about his and Smokey's plan, he lies to Stuart that the family was joyed and having the time of their lives while he was gone. This hurt Stuart and he goes into a deep depression.

When Smokey and the cats are looking for Stuart, Snowbell, feeling guilty, decides to call off the whole assassination, but it is too late, as they have found Stuart. Snowbell finally sees the error of his ways and apologizes to Stuart, saves him, stops the mob, and reveals the truth to Stuart.

After escaping from Smokey, Snowbell and Stuart return home and reunite with George, Fredrick, and Eleanor. Snowbell also seems to be getting used to his new life with Stuart.

In Stuart Little 2, Snowbell's role is mostly as the comedic relief. He still cares about Stuart though frankly he's still a little annoyed about having a mouse as a master. He reluntantly agrees to accominies Stuart on a quest to rescue Margelo.



  • Snowbell is sometimes thought to be the antagonist of Stuart Little and the deuteragonist of Stuart Little 2. Both of these rumors are definitely not true, as Margalo is the deuteragonist in the sequel.
  • He is voiced by Nathan Lane in the first two films, by Kevin Schon in the third film and TV series, and by Quinton Flynn in some episodes, who also voiced Timon, another character formerly voiced by Lane.
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