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Snowflake is a superhero in the United States of America.


As Snowflake

Snowflake's skin tone is white and the eye makeup and lipstick are blue. The eyes of the protagonist are presumably white with blue snowflake-like pupils. She has a blue snowflake on her forehead. The snow-white hair is cut at shoulder height, with a significant part combed to the right side, while the fringe - at the level of the cheekbones.

The superheroine is dressed in a white costume with blue reflections that covers her entire body. There are many white and blue snowflakes on the outfit. There is also a large snowflake tiara on the back of her head. The woman is accompanied by snowfall that appears around her body.


Given that she started playing around with her powers after being hit by Liberation, she is presumably normally very responsible and serious.


Snowflake can fly and has the power to control snow and ice. She can make ice sculptures with her icy breath.



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