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Hero Overview

Heh. You jest, captain. We are the Hi Shin Unit. If it's where the captain is headed, then we will accompany you no matter deathtrap it may be!!
~ So Sui to Shin as he attempts to charge the Gen Pou Army.
The Hi Shin Unit...has need of that man in the future.
~ Kyou Kai to Shin on So Sui.

So Sui is a central character and major supporting character in the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom.. He serves as the third lieutenant of the Hi Shin Army and a 1000-man commander of the Qin military, and was also the former right-hand of the late 1000-man commander Kaku Bi before joining the Hi Shin Unit. He is one of the smartest tacticians alongside Kyou Kai and Ka Ryo Ten as well as one of the central figures in his role as a commander within the army during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.

Introduced as the former lieutenant of the defunct Kaku Bi Unit of the fallen Kaku Bi during the Sanyou Campaign Arc, So Sui and the remnants of the Kaku Bi Unit joined the Hi Shin Unit after they were promoted to the rank of a 1000-man unit and fought together in the six day long war.




While most of his earlier history is relatively unknown, So Sui is most likely from the state of Qin's noble caste and entered the Qin military at point during his younger days. During this period he rose through the ranks due to being a proficient tactician with expert handling of strategy and his impressive martial prowess.

So Sui after getting injured and receiving his signature scar. (art by )

Later on in his career, he would swear his loyalty to and become the right hand of a young man named Kaku Bi, an exponentially talented military commander as they fought together in various battlefields and campaigns in his leader's personal named military unit.

So Sui and Kaku Bi. (art by )

Years later, So Sui and Kaku Bi would be present for the state of Qin's campaign for the state of Wei's San You region and lands as they joined the Qin armies. Now a 1000-man unit, they would make their first appearance during a siege for the Wei city of Kinrikan as they breach the city's defenses after its inner forces were focusing on the Gyoku Hou and Hi Shin Units on atop its walls.

Later, as the Qin forces were settling down in the capture city, Kaku Bi would be assassinated by the famous Zhao now turned Wei general Rin Ko after just finishing his talk with Ri Shin and the Hi Shin Unit.


Ex-Kaku Bi Unit, 700 members to 1000-man Commander Shin...SALUTE!!
In the past, Kaku Bi-sama would often speak to us of this unit's deeds. It is an honor for us to be chosen to become of that Hi Shin Unit. From today onwards, we will dedicate our lives as members of the Hi Shin Unit. However, I would ask that you please allow us to fight whilst still harboring Kaku Bi-sama's wishes who fell in the midst of his path.
~ So Sui to Shin and the Hi Shin Unit.

Powers and Abilities

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