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Heroic Sofia Vergara (The Cleveland Show)
Sofia Vergara has been portrayed a number of times on The Cleveland Show. In all of her appearances, she acts as a soft-spoken, but effective equal rights activist, regarding mostly race, though she has delved into gender and sexuality too, in "Wide World of Cleveland Show". She is voiced by her real-life counterpart.

Heroic Acts

In "There Goes El Neighborhood" her likeness is used during Choni's songm in "I Love L-A-T-I-N-O-S", which she sung to Cleveland, to teach him about how blacks and Mexicans are equal.

In "Wide World of Cleveland Show", Sofia joins Choni and Cecelia in an offer to support Cleveland Jr. having a quinceanera, despite his father, disagreeing with it. Cleveland did not want his son to do anything girly, like wearing a dress, or having a traditionally feminine party, so he was against this. Sofia, Choni, and Cecelia sang him a song about how his gender should not matter, and he should be allowed to celebrate his 15th birthday, the way he wants to. This got through to him and Cleveland changed his ways.


  • She is the aunt of Cecilia Moreno.
  • On Family Guy, caricature of Sofía's character Gloria Pritchett appears in "The Simpsons Guy", when the cast of Modern Family meets the cast of All in the Family. She is given the same design as the one she has in The Cleveland Show.
    • Despite this, Sofia appeared again in the Family Guy episode, "Emmy-Winning Episode", and her physical appearance was given a complete overhaul.


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