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Kept you waiting, huh?
~ Snake's famous line.
We can tell other people about - having faith. What we had faith in. What we found important enough to fight for. It's not whether you were right or wrong, but how much faith you were willing to have, that decides the future.
~ Solid Snake in Sons of Liberty.

Solid Snake, born as David, is one of the three main protagonists of the Metal Gear series (alongside Big Boss and Raiden), appearing as the main protagonist of Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, and Metal Gear Solid, the deuteragonist of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and the main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Solid Snake was a former spy, special operations soldier and mercenary, and a clone of Big Boss, the most legendary warrior of the twentieth century.

He is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka (who also voiced Hyo Amano in The Last Blade and Morrison in the Devil May Cry series) in the Japanese versions of the games, and by David Hayter in the English versions, and both also voiced Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.



Solid Snake was born in 1972. He was a creation from the Les Enfants Terribles project and the son of the legendary soldier, Big Boss, along with his "brothers" Liquid Snake (his twin) and Solidus Snake. After being taught to be a soldier by his foster parents and being named David, David was inducted into the Green Berets, leading to him joining the FOXHOUND unit, lead by Big Boss. He received the code-name 'Solid Snake' and was trained to be an amazing soldier. At some point, Big Boss told Snake the partial truth that he was his father.

Metal Gear

Under the long distance command of Big Boss, Snake's first FOXHOUND mission was in 1995, where he had to rescue the group's member, Grey Fox, after he was captured and held prisoner in an enemy base by Outer Heaven. He then discovered the war machine Metal Gear, a huge tank on legs that can launch nuclear warheads anywhere, is one of the weapons Outer Heaven is using. With the help of resistance members Schneider, Diane, and Jennifer, Snake succeeded in rescuing Dr. Madnar and his daughter Ellen, and destroyed TX-55 Metal Gear. However, he also discovered that Big Boss was the leader of the Outer Heaven Uprising. On the 100th floor basement, Snake then killed the man he believed was Big Boss before retiring from FOXHOUND.

Solid Snake

However, four years later in 1999, Snake was called back into FOXHOUND by it's new commander, Roy Campbell. The mission was to rescue Dr. Kio Marv from a base in Zanzibar Land and destroy a new rumored Metal Gear. During the mission, Snake was advised by Master Miller, Geroge Kasler, and his anonymous "Number One Fan". After finding another spy named Holly White, Snake searched by Marv, but was tricked by a disguised Black Ninja. After battling him, Snake was shocked to discover he was in fact Schneider, who had been rescued by Zanzibar Land's president, who he implied to be Big Boss. The dying Schneider gave Snake clues about where to find the real Dr. Marv. After discovering Dr. Marv can only speak Czech and Slovakian, Snake had to find Marv's bodyguard, Gustava Heffner, then ran into a hostile Grey Fox, resulting in the death of Heffner and Marv.

After fighting off the treacherous Madnar, Snake used Gustava's brooch as a key to retrieve the OILIX formula. Snake destroyed Metal Gear D, and fought and defeated Grey Fox in a minefield, who admitted in his dying moments his reasons for joining Big Boss, and that he had been the "Number One Fan" who had helped him. Immediately after, Snake confronted Big Boss, and after hearing Big Boss's belief in eternal war, disgustedly vowed to kill him once and for all. With advice from Miller, Snake was able to piece together a makeshift flamethrower and set him alight. Snake escaped the facility with Holly, fending off enemy troops in the jungle until they were extracted by helicopter, and went back into retirement.

Metal Gear Solid/Twin Snakes

Yet again in early 2005, Snake was called back for another mission by Campbell. Getting sent to Shadow Moses Island in Alaska, Snake was supposed to stop a group of terrorists that are threatening to spread chaos with yet another Metal Gear nicknamed REX, sculpted from FOXHOUND and led by Snake's evil twin, Liquid Snake. When intercepting the facility, Snake befriended the engineer Hal Emmerich, better known as Otacon, and the FOXHOUND recruit, Meryl Silverburgh (who is actually Campbell's niece, who we later on in the series finds out is Campbell's daughter). During this, much to Snake's surprise, he finds out that an enigmatic cyborg ninja is following him, providing him with tips.

It was then the ninja revealed that he is in fact Grey Fox, whose "corpse" was recovered and sculpted to be a robotic killing machine. After beating FOXHOUND's Revolver Ocelot, killing the physic known as Psycho Mantis, killing the beautiful but deadly Sniper Wolf, and beating the shaman power house Vulcan Raven, Snake, with the help of a now assisting Grey Fox, defeats Liquid (at the cost of Grey Fox's life) and destroys Metal Gear REX. In the end, it is seen how Revolver Ocelot had his forearm severed by Grey Fox earlier. He then uses a deceased Liquid's arm for a replacement, as Liquid was ironically killed by FOXDIE. Snake and Meryl, who were in a now close relationship, escaped the destroyed Alaskan base and lived happily only to later be separated.

Sons of Liberty

Snake and Otacon found the anti-Metal Gear NGO, Philanthropy, with the goal of eradicating all Metal Gear technology. In late 2007, it was discovered that the US Marines were making another Metal Gear, nicknamed RAY, made to counter other REXes. Snake snuck onto the Marine's ship to find proof of their construction, only to run into Revolver Ocelot, who stole RAY, sunk the ship, and escaped, but not before Snake found out that, through the nano-machines in Liquid's arm Ocelot is using in place of his severed one, Liquid can possess Ocelot, making the hybrid: Liquid Ocelot. Snake was thought to be dead after the ship's sinking, so he was replaced by the young soldier, Raiden. That was until two years later, when Snake infiltrated The Big Shell disguised as Navy SEAL Iroquoris Pliskin, and going with the identity throughout most of the game.

He met Raiden, still pretending to be Pliskin. They were attacked by the Dead Cell member Vamp, and Snake helps Raiden to disarm the C4 planted around the Shell's struts. He later met Solidus Snake, another brother/clone of Snake and Liquid, whom Raiden dealt with. Finally, Snake met with Liquid Ocelot again, but of course, he escaped, but not before Snake planted a tracker on RAY.

Guns of the Patriots

After the Big Shell Incident, it was found out that Snake was suffering rapid aging, and he will most likely die in a few years, even having a disease, FOXDIE, that was injected into him in 2005, that will spread. Five years later in 2014, Snake was assigned to do one last mission before his death. Assassinate Liquid Ocelot before he does damage with his collection of PMC armies, Outer Haven with the deadly Beauty and The Beast unit. After five acts, all containing Snake meeting up with Raiden, who is now an extremely skilled ninja, Meryl, who is more experienced and is the leader of a squad called Rat Patrol, and even his biological mother, EVA (now called Big Mama). However, Naomi, an old friend from Shadow Moses who was the one who injected FOXDIE into Snake, returned. She revealed that Snake's rapid aging is not from a disease, but, being a clone, is his natural life span. Later, Big Mama died sacrificing herself to save Big Boss' corpse, which was kept alive by nanomachines (though he was in a catatonic state) and Naomi died after she revealed she has cancer and is on life support.

Finally, after a very long mission, Snake killed Liquid Ocelot in fighting despite being beaten by the latter's reinforced physique and saved the Earth from the war economy. About to kill himself in front of Big Boss' grave so his FOXDIE wouldn't spread, Big Boss himself stopped his son from doing so. It was explained that he survived their last encounter, Big Boss' corpse was really Solidus Snake's, Ocelot used several tactics to make him simply believe he was Liquid to trick the Patriots, and Big Boss injected himself with FOXDIE so Snake's would be canceled. About to die, Big Boss tells his son to retire for good, because "the world does not need snakes." After having Snake light his final cigar, Big Boss died on his own grave. Snake quit smoking, retreated with Otacon and Sunny (Otacon's foster daughter) and live enough to see the future he helped to create.


Snake possesses an IQ of 180 and is fluent in six languages. He has been on the battlefield for most of his life, and says that it is the only place he feels truly alive. He is a hardened veteran, he has his emotions buried very deep inside himself during his missions, every one of which has different motives. He is also immediately shown as a loner, often with no intentions of taking orders from anyone anymore and he shows no sign of longing for the army or the country he was part of. However, along with these traits he has a more human side, being flirtatious, self-sacrificing and with a strong belief that even on a battlefield friendship and love can flourish, and that violence is not glorious. But Snake's perceived stance on violence may be a case of denial, as Snake's enemies and at least one of his allies have claimed that, in truth, he enjoys killing, and label him as more evil than the people he has killed. When he is not on duty, he acts as a musher.


  • High Intelligence: Possessing an IQ of 180 and fluent in six languages, Snake is far from a gun toting thug. His perceptive and crafty nature has won him battles against opponents who would otherwise overwhelm him in a battle of strength and artillery.
  • Highly Trained: He has spent time with both the Green Berets during the Gulf War of 1991 and FOXHOUND, where he trained under Big Boss himself and learned CQC (Close Quarters Combat). If you can think of a piece of military equipment, Snake has probably operated it at some point, including a railgun.
  • Stealth: He has infiltrated multiple heavily armed strongholds from military bases in the Middle Eastern mountains, to the Alaskan arctic, to even cruise liners, with no weapons or gear, picking up equipment on-site while avoiding alert and capture, even being able to sneak around in makeshift items such as cardboard boxes.


  • OctoCamo: A piece of advanced technology that allows Snake to blend into every possible environment. It is vulnerable to EMP Grenades.
  • Body Armor: Armor that is said to be five times stronger than steel and is complete bulletproof; flattens bullet upon contact.
  • Solid Eye: An advanced observation system located in an eyepatch covering Snake’s left eye. It was invented by Otacon and contains both night vision and long-range binocular settings. It can see the footprints of soldiers, allowing for easier tracking and can observe/deduct various qualities about the enemy. This includes body temperature, physical/emotional state and basic facts or specifications about the weapons they are using. It has infrared/thermal vision as well, allowing Snake to spot hidden opponents.
  • Gel Bandages: Bandages that stops Snake from bleeding.
  • Cardboard Box: An empty piece of cardboard turned into a stealth tool. Snake loves to hide in these.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Can see in the dark.
  • Soliton Radar: Able to detect people by picking up the electromagnetic spectrum waves from the radiation waves.
  • Gas Mask: Allows him to protect him from toxic gas.
  • Bandanna: Allows Snake to have infinite ammo.
  • Binoculars: Two times the vision.
  • Handgun (Beretta M92F): A standard issue, semi-automatic pistol. Can be equipped with a suppressor and loaded with tranquilizer rounds.
  • Ingram MAC-11: A lightweight submachine handgun. Can be equipped with a suppressor.
  • M79 Grenade Launcher: Fires grenades, as the name suggests. Was used to destroy a bulldozer and Hind D in Outer Heaven.
  • RPG-7V Rocket Launcher: A Rocket-propelled grenade weapon primarily used for defeating tanks and other armored personnel. Was used against Bloody Brad and Big Boss.
  • C4 Plastic Explosive: Can be placed on nearly any surface and detonated remotely. Primarily used for destroying weakened walls. Snake can place them on his opponents in the Smash Bros series.
  • RC Missile: A remote controlled missile that allows Snake to destroy and disable enemies and equipment from a safe distance. Used against Fire Trooper and Machinegun Kid.
  • M68 Fragmentation Grenades: Shrapnel grenades that explode upon impact.
  • Mines: Explosives that can be placed on the ground, and are set off by a proximity sensor.
  • MK23 SOCOM: A .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. This is Snake’s favourite weapon, and he is seen using it nearly every game. It comes with a laser aiming mode and suppressor option.
  • FAMAS: A fully automatic assault rifle with a fast 1000 rounds per minute rate of fire and holding 25 bullets per magazine. It is the standard weapon of the Genome Soldiers, and used by both Liquid and Solid Snake.
  • PSG-1: Semi-automatic sniper rifle holding 5 rounds per magazine. Used by both Snake and Sniper Wolf. Known for being unstable if Diazepam isn’t taken.
  • Stinger: Surface-to-air missile launcher used to take down enemy hinds and Metal Gear Rex
  • Nikita: Low velocity missile launcher which can be remote controlled.
  • MP5: A silenced submachine gun with 30 rounds per magazine that reportedly can hold a maximum of 999 bullets. Is suggested to be superior to the SOCOM.
  • Time Bombs: Explosives rigged to detonate after a set time. The maximum amount of time it was shown to be set to was 150 seconds.
  • Claymores: Portable, ground-deployed mines which can be undetectable without specific mine sensors. Has proximity sensors which detonate from enemies that walk nearby.
  • Grenades: Frag grenades that detonate after up to 5 seconds rather than on impact. Also has Stun grenades, which KO’d Meryl while Snake was fighting Psycho Mantis, and Chaff grenades that jam electronic equipment.
  • SPAS-12: A combat shotgun that has a semi-automatic and pump action mode.
  • Glock 18: G18C is available exclusively to military agencies. Its automatic rate of fire and small size make it inaccurate at a distance (although switching to semi automatic somewhat increases accuracy), but its sheer firepower is excellent in close quarters.
  • PSS: A silenced pistol using a near soundless ammunition. It has 6 round magazines and fires around 660 ft/s.
  • M4 Custom: A carbine model based off of the M16. It uses 5.56mms and has a 30 round magazine. It’s designed to be versatile, being able to be equipped with more or less every custom part in MGS4. This includes laser sight, a flashlight, a shotgun or grenade launcher mode, a suppressor, scope and red dot sight.
  • AK-102: A carbine variant of the AK-101. It uses 5.56 x 45 NATOs and has a 30 round magazine. It shoots around 2,789 ft/s. A Gp30 grenade launcher attachment can be added on for extra firepower.
  • M8A2: A recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle. It can kill Gekko and most normal human enemies in a single shot. It fires .50 BMG and has a 10 round magazine. It can destroy helicopters, humvees, and Strykers in only a few shots.
  • Railgun: A portable railgun with power comparable to that of a tank turret. Instantly kills most normal human targets. Snake took this weapon for himself after beating Crying Wolf.
  • M224: A 60mm lightweight mortar; a smoothbore, muzzle-loading, high-angle-of-fire weapon used for close-in support of ground troops.
  • Petrol Bombs: A Molotov cocktail, an incendiary weapon made from a bottle, a rag and a flammable liquid. Thrown at enemies or objects to set them on fire.
  • Sleep Gas Mines: A remote-detonated sleep gas mine. Puts enemies to sleep.
  • Phosphorous Grenade: A grenade that creates an intense heat of over 5,000 degrees fahrenheit. The heat and phosphorus from the grenade can lead to both burns and organ failure.
  • Smoke Grenade: Releases a coloured cloud of smoke.
  • Chaff Grenade: Can disrupt or disturb technology.
  • Stun Grenade: Once on contact, releases a powerful bang with 175 decibels and 1.000.000 candelas flash of light.
  • MK2 Ruger: Snake’s Ruger is equipped with a built-in suppressor, and the bolt is locked in place while firing, making it almost completely silent. However, as a single shot weapon, it is unsuitable for rapid-fire. Uses tranquilizer and emotion rounds. Because it is non-lethal, it is a valuable tool for covert infiltration and no-kill completions. It also includes a built-in laser sight for more accurate aiming without needing to use the iron sights. Tranquilizer rounds can be set to have various effects such as causing enemies to cry hysterically, laugh out loud, sleep or lash out against teammates.
  • Stun Knife: A combat knife that can produce shock to stun enemies.





  • Hideo Kojima based Solid Snake on many different characters, notably Snake Plissken from the classic film Escape from New York.
  • Solid Snake's appearance on the cover for Metal Gear was based on a screenshot of Kyle Reese's actor Michael Biehn in The Terminator.
  • Solid Snake was ranked 19th greatest video game character by Empire.
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly listed the character as #1 as the top ten video game characters of all time.
  • In the 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition, the character was voted the fourth most popular video game character.


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