Solkar was a character first mentioned in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock as the grandfather of Sarek, and great-grandfather to Spock and Sybok.

He was portrayed by Cully Fredricksen.


As a young man he married and had at least one son, whom he named Skon. Skon would in turn continue the family line.

In 2161 Solkar was the Captain of the Vulcan survey ship T'Plana-Hath. Traveling through the Sol system the ship detected a warp signature within the system, and decided to investigate the source further. Landing on Earth on April 5, 2063, Solkar made the official first contact with humanity near Bozeman, Montana. Meeting with the pilot Zefram Cochrane he had a brief telepathic contact when he shook hands with the human. At the meeting he had his first experience drinking burbon.

Solkar would later become Vulcan's first Ambassador to Earth. Still alive in the mid 22nd century, Solkar would come to believe that first contact with humans was one of the greatest events in Vulcan history since the time of Surak.

After the Earth-Romulan War Solkar would join with T'Pau and Soval in signing the charter that established the United Federation of Planets.

Solkar died in 2249, one day before the 187th anniversary of his landing in Bozeman, Montana. As his son Skon had predeceased him, Sarek and his sons were the only members of the family left.

Federation: The First 150 Years

The reference work Federation: The First 150 Years stated that Solkar lived until at least 2311 when he was 308 years old. In that year Solkar attended an event in Montana to commerate the 150th anniversary of the Federation's founding.

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