Gohan: I'm gonna eviscerate you and use your gastrointestinal tract as a condom while I fornicate with your skull!
Nappa: What?

Son Gohan is the son of Son Goku and a deuteragonist in Dragonball Z: The Abridged Series.


Son Gohan is a sheltered child whose strict upbringing has led to him having encyclopedic knowledge of just about everything. Piccolo finds this annoying and calls him a nerd for it. During his training with Piccolo, Gohan suffered an onslaught of physical abuse, all the while Piccolo kept yelling "DODGE!". This caused Gohan to have an involuntary reaction to the word, which hinders him greatly in battle.

Despite being quite meek, when Gohan gets pushed far enough he goes completely berserk. He then starts bashing his opponent while screaming bizarre threats at them, at one point using broken English similar to The Incredible Hulk. It's implied that Gohan's psychotic episodes are a result of Goku's parental neglect, which is overcompensated by Chi-Chi's excessive protectiveness.

In The History of Trunks special, Gohan's parental issues have passed their breaking point. He's run away from home and lives in the wastelands similar to Piccolo. When Bulma points out the similarity between Gohan and his father, Gohan takes offense. He doesn't even seem upset that Goku died, citing the deaths of abusive Piccolo and insensitive Krillin as having bigger emotional impacts. He also imagines that Piccolo gives him advice from beyond the grave, similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi. His training methods with Trunks imitate Piccolo's to the point where it seems like he's bullying him out of spite for costing him an arm in their last battle.

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