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Hero Overview
NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog Live-Action movies. The mainstream version can be found here: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic).

I think you have something that belongs to me. This is my power. And I'm not using it to run away anymore. I'm using it to protect my friends!
~ Sonic confronting Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular main protagonist of the Paramount film series of the same name. He is a anthropomorphic hedgehog born on an alien planet with the power of supersonic speed. He was forced to leave his home world from evil forces and build a life for himself on Earth, eventually becoming the planet's protector and guardian. He is the film's adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog from the video game franchise.

He is voiced and motion-captured by Benjamin L. Valic as a child and Ben Schwartz as a teenager. Valic also voiced Spidey in Spidey and His Amazing Friends, while Schwartz also voiced Dewey Duck in DuckTales, Randy Cunningham in 9th Grade Ninja and Leonardo in 2018 reboot of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's voiced by Taishi Nakagawa in the Japanese dub.


Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic was born on planet Mobius where he spent his childhood living under the watchful eye of an anthropomorphic owl named Longclaw. He possessed the rare ability to harness chaos energy which gave him super speed, but also made him a target for those who selfishly wanted the power for themselves. One day, Sonic raced across his island home to bring Longclaw a flower, much to the owl's concern, as she feared he might have been followed. Sonic expressed confidence that he was moving too fast to be seen, but Longclaw notices that echidna tribesmen have surrounded her house and grabs the hedgehog as she takes flight in an attempt to escape.

Unfortunately, Longclaw is shot down from the sky by an arrow by one of them, so she uses a golden warp ring to open a portal to Earth and tells Sonic that as long as others know about his power, he will always be in danger by those seeking to take it. She then instructs him to take her bag of Gold Rings and head through the portal so he can live safely in a world oblivious to his existence. Sonic can only watch as Longclaw heroically prepares to make a final stand against the approaching echidnas before the portal closes, cutting him off from her, leaving him all alone and frightened of living on his own on a strange new world with no familiar faces there to support him.


10 years later Sonic is left alone on Earth to build his new life there in secret, living in a cave and watching the citizens of Green Hills, Montana from afar. None of them knew about Sonic's existence besides an elderly man called Crazy Carl, who claims him to be a blue devil.

Among the citizens of Green Hills, Sonic's favorite people are Green Hills Sheriff Tom Wachowski and his wife, the veterinarian Doctor Maddie Wachowski. One night, Sonic used his super speed to play round of baseball all by himself and realized just how lonely he really was. He tried to run off his frustrations, but ran so fast that he caused an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out power across the Pacific Northwest. This catches the attention of the United States Department of Defense when word reaches their headquarters at the Pentagon in Arlington, who decide to acquire help from the deranged genius Dr. Robotnik in seeking out what caused the power outage.

Sonic immediately becomes distraught as U.S. Army soldiers begin to comb the area near his cave with search dogs and Robotnik's Badnik drones and reluctantly decides to initiate his back up plan: use a Gold Ring to travel to a seemingly barren planet covered with gigantic mushrooms. Sonic quickly packs the equipment he wants to take, but feels it is not safe to open a portal with the soldiers closing in on his location, especially with their search dogs. He instead races into the Wachowski backyard shed to use a Ring where it is safer, but is discovered by Tom Wachowski, who shoots him in the thigh with a tranquilizer dart. As Sonic passes out, he mumbles the location on Tom's shirt, San Francisco, which opens a Warp Ring to the city before he accidentally drops his bag of Rings through it, which land on the roof of the Transamerica Pyramid.

Sonic soon awakens inside the Wachowski household and convinces Tom to help him stay hidden from his pursuers just as Robotnik arrives at the front door. Tom tries to hoax Robotnik into leaving as Sonic hides in the attic, but the doctor uses his airborne robot drones to scan the property, forcing the hedgehog to go downstairs to avoid detection. However, when Sonic discovers that Tom was in danger, he reveals himself to Robotnik to save Wachowski's life. Tom uses this distraction to knock Robotnik unconscious before Sonic stops a robot drone from shooting them by hopping into and destroying it.

Although the pair manage to drive out of Greens Hills safely, Tom pulled over to part ways with Sonic, despite the latter having no idea where he must go to reclaim his bag of Rings. He makes a single attempt going to San Francisco on his own using super speed, but is unsuccessful, so he persuades Tom to drive him there. On the way, they stop at a bar where Sonic decides to make a bucket list of all the things he wants to do before leaving Earth. He begins to fulfill his list with Tom's help until they soon get involved in a bar fight that Sonic finishes by rearranging things to his advantage within seconds.

Sonic and Wachowski stay the night at an inn before continuing their trip the next day. However, Robotnik hones in on their location and sends a remote-controlled truck to stop them. The truck launches a harpoon into Tom's car, causing Sonic to get out and attempt to stop the truck. He tries approaching the pursuing vehicle, but loses his footing just as he suddenly builds up energy. Sonic rolls into a ball to protect himself and bowls over the truck on its side. Unfortunately, another vehicle soon emerges from the trucks wreckage to continue the chase.

This vehicle fires EMP discs to slow the heroes down, but Sonic uses them to get on top of their pursuer and uses one to disable it. The remote-controlled vehicle separates again, only to be spun out by Tom, causing a frustrated Robotnik to deploy a miniature drone to eliminate them. The drone cuts the roof off Tom's car with a laser before Sonic manages to grab it. But the drone's eye gets stuck on his hand and triggers a self-destruct mechanism, leaving him with little time to dispose of it. Sonic succeeds of getting rid of the explosive device just in time, but is rendered unconscious when he is blown away by the blast.

Terrified for Sonic's well-being, Tom takes him to Maddie, who is visiting her sister Rachel and niece Jojo at that time in San Francisco. Maddie manages to revive him. While there, Sonic is granted a gift from Jojo in the form of new shoes to replace his worn-out ones. With the new shoes, and Maddie joining Tom in helping Sonic out, they travel to the Transamerica Pyramid, where Tom is able to gain access to the roof due to his position as a law enforcement officer, and Sonic recovers his ring bag. However, before he can leave for the next world and leave Tom, Maddie, and Earth behind, Sonic is confronted once more by Robotnik, who is now flying an aircraft called the Prototype and is accompanied by an army of his drones. Sonic, in order to save Tom and Maddie's lives, pushes them off the building before using his supersonic speed to take out Robotnik's drones and also save them. However, using one of Sonic's quills he obtained earlier back at Tom's house, Robotnik is able to enter supersonic speed himself and nearly ruin Sonic's rescue attempt. Sonic manages to get Tom and Maddie, transported by ring portal, and safely back to Green Hills, before dealing with Robotnik and the Prototype, having their chase pass through Paris, the Great Wall of China, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, before Sonic attempts to escape back to Green Hills, but Robotnik manages to land a powerful hit just as Sonic is about to enter the portal, causing Sonic to be mortally wounded and left at Robotnik's mercy as they return to Green Hills.

Robotnik prepares to take Sonic back to be dissected to learn the secrets of his powers. Tom then tries to protect Sonic by attacking Robotnik himself, but is quickly overpowered. However, the people of Green Hills rally to Tom's aid, angry at Robotnik for attacking their Sheriff and Sonic, and when Tom declares Sonic his friend, Sonic gains a miraculous second wind, and soon begins to glow with that same power that gave away his location previously, but now in full control of it, intending not to run, but to protect his friends, and unleashes his fury on the Prototype, severely damaging it before Tom opens a portal to the mushroom world Sonic intended to travel to previously, but deciding Earth is his home now, with a final, powerful spin attack, Sonic destroys the Prototype and sends it and Robotnik through the portal, never to threaten anyone again.

Sometime later, Tom and Maddie reveal to Sonic that they transferred all his stuff from his cave to their attic, making it up so Sonic can use it as his room and live with them from now on, much to his joy. Commander Walters soon stops by himself to reveal to Tom and Maddie that any and all information about recent events regarding Sonic and Robotnik have been erased by authority of the U.S. government, and to keep Tom and Maddie quiet about it, offers them an Olive Garden gift card as thanks. Sonic soon settles into his new life living in Green Hills with Tom and Maddie, now among friends at last, proving that his earlier fears and warning from Longclaw were no longer needed.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic has been living happily with the Wachowskis for some time, but growing restless, he has been sneaking out of the Wachowski house and Green Hills to do some vigilante work. His latest adventure has him stopping an armored car robbery in Seattle, but not without causing some damage in the process and requesting to be called "Blue Justice", and being told he sucks as a hero. When he returns to Green Hills, Tom confronts him on what happened and explains that his powers will be needed when the time comes for them to be needed. Until then, Sonic has to be patient. Afterwards, Tom and Maddie are leaving for Hawaii to attend Rachel's wedding there, and Sonic provides them a ring portal to get there and an extra ring for Tom to use to allow them to return home after, leaving Sonic with Ozzie to watch over the house.

However, after Sonic is forced to clean up his mess before Tom sees it when he calls later, Sonic then prepares to watch a movie with Ozzie, when the power goes out, then the TV and lights start to act strangely. Ozzie senses trouble, and Sonic goes to check the front door, only to be shocked when the doorknob is sliced off, revealing Doctor Robotnik, having returned from his exile on the Mushroom Planet. Sonic tries to attack him, but is met by Knuckles the Echidna, Robotnik's new ally. Sonic is overpowered by Knuckles, who demands to know the whereabouts of the "ultimate power", mentioning that Longclaw knew about it. Before Knuckles can finish Sonic off, Tails arrives and rams Knuckles with a Green Hills Sheriff's Department Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor he had commandeered, stunning Knuckles long enough for Sonic to get aboard and flee with Tails. As they escape, Tails reveals that Knuckles is hunting Sonic for the whereabouts of the Master Emerald, which Sonic thought was just a fairy tale, but Tails reveals it is real, and Knuckles believes Sonic has knowledge of where to find it due to being Longclaw's protégé. Knuckles soon catches up and starts to tear the cruiser apart, but Tails drives it off a cliff, resulting in the cruiser's destruction, but Tails airlifts Sonic to safety while Knuckles is left clinging to the cliff face in frustration.

Retreating to Wade's house for refuge, and not telling him about the demise of his squad car, Sonic discovers a final holographic message from Longclaw in his map he escaped to Earth with, which explains everything to him about the Master Emerald and Longclaw entrusting her duty to safeguard it to Sonic. Now feeling this is what his powers were needed for to be a hero, Sonic and Tails depart to Siberia to find the compass that will lead them to the Master Emerald. Arriving at a Siberian tavern full of unfriendly Russian locals, Sonic and Tails try to blend in, but when Tails' Miles Electric accidentally insults the waitress while translating what Tails said from English to Russian, and Sonic makes it worse when what he says to try and calm the crowd down is mistranslated as well, both of them are exposed and are about to be thrown into the fireplace to be burned alive when Tails quickly calls out the Russian phrase for a dance-off. Stunned and surprised, the patrons spare Sonic and Tails for the moment, but the stakes are very high: Win, and Sonic and Tails are allowed to go free. Lose, and it is the fire for them. It only gets worse when their opponent gets a hold of the map and refuses to relinquish it unless they beat him. With some quick thinking, Sonic and Tails are able to not only defeat their opponent and win, getting the map back, but earn the respect of the patrons as well, who allow them to spend the night in the tavern before heading out in the morning to find the compass.

The next day, they head to the mountain where the temple housing the compass is. After Sonic notices several symbols like on the map from Longclaw and matches them up identical to the ones on the map, the compass is revealed to him and Tails. However, Knuckles and Robotnik arrive with an armada of Badnik drones, and Sonic is forced to flee with the compass as he is pursued by Knuckles and the Badniks, soon being cornered on a cliff after losing his rings, unable to open a portal with them now to escape. Confronting Knuckles, Sonic learns that he is the last of his kind after the rest of them went off to hunt Longclaw, but never came back. Sonic admits to being in the same boat after losing Longclaw, and this gives Knuckles pause, until Tails captures him, and Knuckles becomes enraged, thinking Sonic deceived him. Thinking fast, Sonic throws the compass to Tails, but Robotnik intercepts it, before knocking Tails out with a missile, which also triggers an avalanche. Sonic has no choice but to try and save Tails and outrun the avalanche as Robotnik and Knuckles retreat with the compass.

Thinking fast, Sonic contacts Tom in Hawaii, who's in the middle of Rachel's wedding being underway, and Sonic's frantic attempts to call Tom disrupt the ceremony, angering Rachel. Once Tom learns Sonic is in danger and needs a ring portal now, he's forced to clock Rachel's husband-to-be Randall to get the ring after he got it switched up with one of the wedding rings earlier with Jojo and use it to save Sonic and Tails, causing them to crash the wedding with the avalanche of snow that follows them through the portal. Tom is furious with Sonic afterwards, but Maddie calms him down as she asks Sonic what happened, before Sonic is then captured as the wedding guests reveal themselves to be under Commander Walters, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, as federal agents of the Guardian Units of Nations. Sonic, Tails, and Tom are captured and taken into the hotel to await transport, but are later rescued by Maddie and a scorned Rachel. Sonic, feeling responsible for Tails getting hurt, heads on alone to stop Robotnik and Knuckles from getting the Master Emerald, but though he arrives in time to intercept them and protect the Master Emerald, Robotnik uses the distraction of Knuckles and Sonic fighting to get the Master Emerald first, gaining its power before teleporting away and leaving the collapsing ruins to kill Sonic and Knuckles. Seeing Knuckles trapped under a fallen column, Sonic risks his own life and drowning to free him, and Knuckles returns the favor with saving Sonic from drowning. As they recover, Sonic tells Knuckles the same advice Tom gave him earlier, and forming a new friendship, the two are then rescued by Tails in the Tornado to return to Green Hills.

They arrive just as Robotnik has finished the construction of the Giant Eggman Robot, using the Master Emerald to create it from any technology Robotnik could get his hands on, be it a passing diesel locomotive, or even G.U.N.'s own armored vehicles. When their own individual attacks are unable to make any progress against Robotnik, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles decide to try a group attack, with Sonic serving as decoy while Tails and Knuckles infiltrate the Giant Eggman Robot to disarm Robotnik of the Master Emerald. Though the plan works and Robotnik is separated from the Master Emerald, Sonic is critically injured, but recovers the Master Emerald before being rescued by Tom and Maddie. However, Robotnik, putting the Giant Eggman Robot on auxiliary power, stops them from escaping and prepares to crush them underfoot after trapping them in a ring of fire. Sonic tries to get the Master Emerald to help him, but it crumbles in his hands, revealing the seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic pleads for Tom and Maddie to flee while they still have the chance, but they refuse, reminding Sonic that they are a family. As all three prepare to face their doom, the Chaos Emeralds react and are absorbed by Sonic, moments before Robotnik brings the Giant Eggman Robot's foot down on them.

It's over, Eggman.
~ Super Sonic

For a moment, Robotnik thinks he has won with killing Sonic and the Wachowskis as Tails and Knuckles look on in shock and horror, but then he finds that Sonic had transformed into Super Sonic, saved Tom and Maddie, and then confronts Robotnik, slicing off the head of the Giant Eggman Robot to confront him face-to-face. Realizing his disadvantage, Robotnik tries to offer a truce with Super Sonic, but then tries to attack him when he isn't looking. Super Sonic not only blocks the punches without flinching, but destroys the Giant Eggman Robot's arms, much to Robotnik's terrified shock, before puncturing it several times and then, with a simple tap of his foot, sends it toppling backwards with Robotnik still in it, demolishing it once and for all, while still giving Robotnik the most hateful scowl Sonic can show for threatening his family.

Oh, so it's like that? Okay, we're not friends! LATER HATER!!!
~ Robotnik's last words as he apparently perishes with his robot

Afterwards, as Tom and Maddie rush to check on Sonic, Knuckles holds them back, fearing Sonic has been corrupted by the Chaos Emeralds, but using his newfound powers, Sonic proves to everyone he's still the same Sonic they know and love as he conjures a chili dog for himself and one for Knuckles to prove him wrong. Afterwards, Sonic releases the Chaos Emeralds and sends them to unknown locations, deciding that he still needs some growing up before he can wield their power again, while Knuckles recovers the Master Emerald and restores it. With the war between the owls and echidnas over, Sonic offers Knuckles a chance to join him and Tails to form a new group to protect the Master Emerald with, and Knuckles accepts, sealing the deal with a power-bump.

With that, Sonic gains two new allies and friends in Tails and Knuckles, and they all share a game of baseball with each other and the Wachowskis before heading off to get some ice cream, with Sonic momentarily returning to the baseball field to recover the Master Emerald they left behind in the cooler.

Unknown to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or the Wachowskis, Commander Walters had been told that, during as G.U.N. erased Robotnik from their databases, they found a black ops research facility dating back 50 years, which Walters realizes to his dread has to be linked to Project Shadow.

Other Media


Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers

"Ugly Sonic" in Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Sonic's initial character design for the first movie was featured in the 2022 Disney+ original movie Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, under the name "Ugly Sonic" and is voiced by Tim Robertson, instead of Ben Schwartz. He is first seen at a fandom convention where he talks to Dale about how he is working with the FBI to star in his own television show called "Ugly Sonic, Uglier Crimes". Chip and Dale later meet with Ugly Sonic to see if he can use his contacts with the FBI to help them find the Valley Gang. However, Ugly Sonic refuses to help them, making Dale doubt that he actually has a television show. He reappears once more inside a FBI helicopter during the movie's climax and manages to distract Sweet Pete long enough for Chip and Dale to drop a net of heavy equipment on top of him.

Video Games

Sonic Dash

The movie versions of Sonic and his younger self are playable characters in the game and can be unlocked during certain in-game events. They are referred to as "Teen Sonic" and "Baby Sonic" respectively.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Teen Sonic and Baby Sonic became playable characters in the game after the 2.16.0 update and are both listed under Team Sonic.

Sonic Colors: The Ultimate Edition

Although Sonic's live-action movie incarnation does not make a physical appearance in the game, offical artwork of him can be used as file avatars.


Sonic the Hedgehog: The Adventures of Sonic and Donut Lord

The Adventures of Sonic and Donut Lord is the official comic adaptation of the live-action movie. It has a similar plot to the film but it is told using 16-bit sprites.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill

In the official prequel comic to the 2022 film Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic had been left to watch over the Wachowski residence while Maddie was working at the clinic. He is told to stay clear of trouble until Tom and his friend Wade returned from their vacation. However, after only seven minutes since Maddie left the house, Sonic grew restless and decided to use his super-speed to explore Green Hills unseen. As he races through town, Sonic thinks about how some people still believe him to be a mass hallucination or escaped government experiment and expresses his desire to be seen as a hero. After returning home, Sonic notices a news bulletin on the television about a hostage situation in Washington and jumps at the chance to stop the crime himself.

He races to downtown Walla Walla where a group of armed men had broken into a bank to steal one of Dr. Robotnik's Control Gloves. Sonic asks a women named Linsey to assist him in stopping the criminals, but as he searched the bank vault for their boss, Linsey tasers him from behind since she is also one of the crooks. Sonic is locked inside the vault while Linsey contacts the person who hired her group to commit the robbery. She mentions her encounter with Sonic to her employer and is told that she will be payed extra if they can deliver the hedgehog to him in one piece. Linsey's associate Jason uses Robotnik's Control Glove to summon Badnik drones and have them lift the bank vault out of the building.

Meanwhile, Sonic was trying to escape his predicament and soon begins to rotate the vault using his speed while it is suspended in the air. The Badniks loose their grip on the vault and drops it back into the building, allowing Sonic to ram the vault door open and quickly incapacitate the criminals. Although a Badnik gets away with the Control Glove, Sonic has the crooks surrender to police and all the hostages were safe to leave. Satisfied with how things turned out, Sonic heads back to Green Hills, but not before helping himself to a box of donuts belonging to the police.


Sonic is adventurous, cheeky, lively, fun-loving, and confident. He is a thrill-seeker who enjoys being able to go fast and live freely, which much of his early childhood was spent doing. However, this carefree nature can land him in trouble, as shown when he used his powers in the open despite being told to keep them hidden, allowing an echidna tribe to ambush him and Longclaw.

He is mostly fearless and cool under pressure, mocking and bantering with Dr. Robotnik during their encounters. Sonic is also very compassionate; after saving a turtle on the road, Sonic takes it for a ride so it can be fast for a change (although he accidentally traumatizes it in the process).

After being forced to flee his world and live on Earth for ten years, Sonic became extremely lonely, as he was never able to interact with people lest they attempt to take his powers. His loneliness caused him to sometimes talk to himself when he was alone. It also caused him to long for a real friend to connect with (as highlighted in the bucket list he creates), which he eventually found in the form of Tom Wachowski.

The two quickly bond during their journey to recover Sonic's lost rings, where Sonic gains a better understanding of life on Earth and is thrilled to finally have a friend.

Sonic is very hyperactive and energetic. He constantly moves around at super-speed and does not sit still for long. For example, he could not resist the temptation to party in the Piston Pit.

He is also very interested in Earth's culture, and has picked up many interests and hobbies, such as baseball, playing guitar, watching action movies, and reading comic books. Sonic is very enthusiastic about trying new things and enjoys seeing new places. He is very confident, and he sometimes brags about his speed and skills, giving himself the nickname, the "Blue Blur". His confidence also extends to pride in his appearance, describing himself as "incredibly handsome". Sonic also shows a clever, resourceful side.

For example, when he was falling off the Transamerica Pyramid and could not reach one of his Rings, he plucked off one of his quills and stuck it through the Ring to get it and save Tom and Maddie.

Sonic is impulsive and tends to act without thinking, leading him to sometimes disobey others, such as when he used his super speed outside when Longclaw told him not to or when he went into the Piston Pit instead of staying in Tom's truck like he told him to. Sonic enjoys giving people nicknames, such as calling Tom "Donut Lord" and Maddie "Pretzel Lady".

He also has a sense of humor, as he enjoys making jokes and pretending to be other people.

Sonic's hobby of watching action movies and reading comics, combined with his lack of experience dealing with humans, gives him a slightly unrealistic view of the world and causes him to occasionally act irrationally, such as mimicking the characters in Speed by starting a fight with people in the Piston Pit instead of leaving the area and avoiding a fight.

Sonic is highly protective of his powers, being willing to spend years running away and living in hiding so that no one would discover or try to steal them. At the climax of his battle against Robotnik, however, he resolves to use them to protect his friends.

Sonic is also known to be friendly towards any animal he comes in contact with. For example, he rescued a turtle from being run over and showed it the joys of his speed.

Another example is when he met Tom's dog Ozzy. Initially, he attempted to put up a jealous front due to Ozzy's status as Tom's best animal friend. However, when Ozzy expresses his like of Sonic by licking his face, Sonic found it both gross and touching.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Speed: Sonic's main power is his speed. He can move so fast that it looks like time has stopped from his perspective.
  • Spin Attack:: Sonic's signature move. It has enough force to destroy one of Robotnik's mobile vehicles.
  • Bio-Electrokinesis: Sonic can emit electricity from his body when using his speed or when he gets very emotional.
    • EMP Blast: By running in a circle at top speed, Sonic can generate an EMP blast. He generated enough EMP to disable the entire Pacific Northwest, and considering each of his quills is said to store unlimited energy, he could potentially be powerful enough to knock out power across entire continents.
  • Superhuman Strength and Durability: Sonic is able to dent objects made of metal or stone without sustaining any damage on his body, but a explosion is enough to knock him unconscious.
  • Chaos Energy Empowerment: Sonic is able to naturally emit Chaos Energy from his body to give himself the power of super-speed. He is also capable of harnessing power from the seven Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic.

Super Sonic

  • Flight: Super Sonic can fly at incredibly high speeds. He was able to cut off the head of Robotnik's Giant Eggman Robot using his flight speed alone.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Super Sonic possesses immeasurable power which makes him the most powerful being in the universe. He has shown to be invulnerable to injury, easily capable of super-strength, able to turn his thoughts into reality, and can possibly perform various other incredible feats on a whim.
  • Mentifery: Super Sonic can bring anything he wants into existence by thought alone. He uses this ability to create some chili dogs after Robotnik's defeat.


I'm Sonic, a little ball of super energy, in an extremely handsome package!
~ Sonic's self-introduction.
So, I know what you're thinking. "Why is that incredibly handsome hedgehog being chased by a madman with a mustache from a civil war?" Well to be honest, it feels like I've been running my whole life. Is this too much? Am I going too fast? It's kinda what I do; you know what? Let's back up.
~ Sonic's opening narration.
No one saw me, I'm too fast. And... I wanted to bring you this.
~ Young Sonic giving a flower to Longclaw
Uh... meow?
~ Sonic discovered by Tom
So, you're supposed to be Tom's "best friend" that he won't shut up about. Well, I don't see the appeal.
~ Sonic meeting Tom and Maddie's dog Ozzy
Guess what, Eggman?! I'm not leaving Earth! YOU are! Donut Lord?
~ Sonic before banishing Dr. Robotnik into the Mushroom Planet
Oh great! The winter soldier!
~ Sonic after seeing Knuckles chasing him on a snowboard.
Sonic: For a guy named "Knuckles", you are really bad at punching!
Knuckles: You're no match for me! I've been training for this my entire life!
Sonic: And I have no training at all, yet here I am ahead of you! That's gotta be embarrassing!
~ Sonic confronting Knuckles while snowboarding
This is what we're gonna do. Step one, light taunting. Step two, I have no idea.
~ Sonic to Tails


  • The film was originally scheduled for release on November 8, 2019. However, after negative reaction to Sonic's previous design in the first trailer, which was released on April 30, Paramount Pictures delayed the film to February 14, 2020, pledging to redesign Sonic.
    • Sonic's redesign and Ben's portrayal are well-received by most fans as they felt the blue blur's film appearance were matching his early game's personality.
    • However, some fans also feel that Ben's performance makes Sonic sound too whiny in places, and instead wanted either Roger Craig Smith or Jaleel White to take over the role. Jaleel even admitted that he didn't get a call or email from the film's creators, though he's still confident that he is still a Sonic fan in general. The former however approved of Schwartz's performance.[1]
    • And the film's distribution, Paramount Pictures, is the same studio that distributed the teen film Mean Girls (2004) with actress Lacey Chabert who is the voice of Princess Elise in the infamous video game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • When Sonic plays with nunchaku, he wears a headband with the logo from his first game on it.
  • Even though Sonic was cared for by Longclaw, the identity of Sonic's biological family is currently unknown in this timeline.
  • This is the second incarnation of Sonic to have blue arms, the first being his Sonic Boom counterpart and the first version to have two separate eyes.
    • This is also to be the first incarnation of Sonic who wasn't wearing his trademark sneakers. Prior to that, he was wearing boots as a child and unmatchable gray sneakers as a teenager.
  • The pose when Sonic dodging one of Dr. Robotnik's laser has a striking resemblance to his official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate render.
  • Sonic's bioelectricity control ability maybe inspired by his Sonic X counterpart, where in the episode "Cracking Knuckles", he left a trait of electricity on running.
  • In the most ironic twist, both actors who voiced Sonic are both named Benjamin: Benjamin "Ben" Schwartz and Benjamin L. Valic.
  • Tom Holland, Ezra Miller, Josh Gad, Edward Norton, Billy Eichner, Jason Sudeikis, Zachary Levi, Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Samberg, Joe Keery, Bill Hader, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jay Baruchel, Finn Wolfhard, Will Forte, Nick Jonas, Taron Egerton, Jim Parsons, Ken Jeong, Charlie Day, Michael Cera, Dacre Montgomery, Paul Rudd, Gaten Matarazzo, James Franco, Dylan O'Brien, Freddie Highmore, Dane Dehaan, David Tennet, Drake Bell, Levi Miller, Matt O'Leary, Zac Efron, Logan Lerman, John Mulaney, and Adam Devine were all considered for the role of Sonic before Ben Schwartz was cast.
    • Ironically, Pratt, Hader, and Rudd were also considered for the role of Tom Wachowski before James Marsden was cast.
  • Ben Schwartz voices, and also provides the facial motion-capture for Sonic.
  • "It is an insane honor, an incredible honor," Ben Schwartz says of being hired to voice Sonic. "I was playing these games as a kid, so the idea that maybe my voice will be the one that brings in a new generation to the Sonic franchise it's incredible. I feel very, very lucky."
  • When Sonic starts rolling along the ground, two sounds from the games play simultaneously: the iconic "Spin Attack" sound, and the "Dash Pad" sound.
  • When Robotnik shoots missiles at Sonic on the roof of the Transamerica Pyramid, Sonic puts his hands on his hips and taps his foot impatiently, copying his idle animation pose from the games.
  • Jim Carrey is Ben Schwartz's favorite actor and hero.
  • Artist Tyson Hesse, who worked on previous Sonic the Hedgehog media, was brought on to lead the redesign.
  • Sonic is shown sliding underneath a vehicle at one point to escape weapon fire from Robotnik. His pose while sliding is identical to both the sliding part of his somersault animation in the Sonic Advance games and his sliding animation in the modern games, particularly Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations.
  • When Sonic blinks, his upper eyelids are the same color as his fur, while his lower eyelids are the same color as his muzzle. This references how Sonic originally had flesh-colored eyelids that were later changed to fur-colored. On a similar note, when Sonic closes his eyes, one can see a line of small-but-present black eyelashes. He also had these in Sonic Adventure and Sonic X. He also has blue eyelids in Sonic Underground.
  • Sonic can't swim in the film, or generally in his video games. However, according to Fay Vass from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society: "Actually, hedgehogs are great swimmers, they only get into trouble when ponds have steep edges and they can't get out. But hedgehogs love a swim."
  • Sonic's current video game voice actor Roger Craig Smith approved of Ben Schwartz, who voices Sonic in this movie. The two of them even met in June 2019.
  • When Sonic gets a chance to drive as he and Tom flee Robotnik's drone tank, he calls up the Fast and the Furious franchise. "I feel just like Vin Diesel," Sonic says, and echoes Dominic Toretto's refrain throughout the Fast series about how it's all about family. Neal H. Mortiz, a producer of the film, is also a producer of the Fast series.
  • Sonic sneaks around the bar in a cowboy hat and baggy shirt. In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993) Sonic was infamous for donning a variety of disguises.
  • According to press interviews with IGN, Ben Schwartz's favorite Sonic video game is Sonic & Knuckles (1994). Schwartz owned a Sega Game Gear as a child, and played the handheld port. Just prior to the film's release, Schwartz invested in a Sega Genesis Mini, and talked about beating the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • In a deleted scene, Longclaw actually escapes with Sonic to earth, and the duo live together in hiding. In the end, Longclaw still dies before the main action of the story gets going, but she does so of old age, in Sonic's hideout, with Sonic by her side and caring for her. The majority of the clip is unfinished CGI, clearly this idea was scrapped and replaced with the version we got early on. But not too early. Some of the scene looks to be completely done, or very close to it, and it's complete with the version of Sonic that was shown in the film, not the earlier version that was met with an outcry from fans. This means this concept wasn't entirely dropped until some time after the redesign took place.
  • As Sonic and Tom fight with Robotnik's drone, Sonic remarks that he "can't believe Amazon is going to deliver packages with these things." Amazon's "Prime Air" program is a very real thing that they're still trying to get off the ground to today.
  • Ben Schwartz' 3rd time voice acting in a theatrical film, after Turbo (2013) and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019).
  • Sonic is nicknamed "Blue Devil" in the movie by Crazy Carl, which is a reference to the car driven by his robotic nemesis Metal Sonic in the kart racing game Sonic Drift Racing (1995).
  • Sonic has some food-related nicknames for people he knows:
    • Tom is Donut Lord for how he "interrogates" his donuts
    • Maddie is "Pretzel Lady" for how she does yoga on her back porch.
    • and he starts calling Dr. Robotnik "Eggman" (a classic name for the character) for how all his drones are egg-shaped.
  • Sonic is the fifth character voiced by Ben Schwartz to be associated with the color blue. The other four were: Skidmark in Turbo (2013), Uncle Steve the Troll in Nickelodeon's Wallykazam! (2014) two-parter special Wallykazam!: The Big Goblin Problem (2015), Dewey Duck in DuckTales (2017), and Leonardo in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018).
  • The Flash is seen to be Sonic's favorite superhero. Both are speedster heroes, obviously.
  • Sonic's bare feet are never shown, but they are shown having five toes on Robotnik's foot scan.
  • A young Sonic gives Longclaw a sunflower. They can be seen in the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).
  • During his slow-motion moment in the bar fight, Sonic eats chili dogs and utterly enjoys them. Sonic is said to love chili dogs in the video games/cartoons.
  • When Sonic wakes up after Maddie administers the smelling salts, his first words are the character's longtime catchphrase, "Gotta go fast!"
  • When Sonic moves into Tom and Maddie's attic, he gets a racecar bed, which he had in the Archie Comics "Sonic the Hedgehog" series.
  • Sonic's constant distaste for mushrooms and the mushroom planet refers to the Mushroom Hill Zone in Sonic & Knuckles (1994), where Sonic met Knuckles the Echidna, as well as his occasional rivalry with the Nintendo character Mario, who uses mushrooms to become powerful.
  • In the first movie, Sonic's feelings towards water are not fully shown. But he does get a bit annoyed when he apparently runs into water in a single attempt to find San Francisco by himself. However, In the second movie, is shown to dislike vast bodies of water because he is unable to swim, or even stay afloat in water for long, if at all.
  • Early in the film, when Sonic is hiding from the people of Green Hills, Crazy Carl keeps trying to catch him. He draws a picture of Sonic, and the drawing happens to look exactly like Sanic Hegehog.
  • Sonic says "Gotta Go Fast!" when Maddie wakes him with smelling salts, referencing the heavily memed line from the theme song of Sonic X. Later on, Jojo, Tom's niece, is seen running around the coffee table repeating the phrase ad nauseam.
  • At the Piston Pit, Sonic orders nachos, buffalo wings, and when the order doesn't arrive, he downs an entire basket of chili dogs during his Bullet Time run inside the bar.
  • Sonic uses grungy used sneakers to run around in for most of the movie, but gets his trademark red and white sneakers later on.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog has shades of this in both design and personality:
    • Following the redesign, Sonic's design has struck a balance between his Classic, Modern, and Boom designs. He has the height, larger torso, and attire from the Classic design in addition of being a little bit younger, the green eyes, darker blue fur color, and quill length of the Modern design, and the blue arms, scruffy/bushy quills, and visible neck and shoulders from his Boom design. He also maintains his general expressiveness from all three designs. Additionally, his trainers appear to be a hybrid of both his iconic Power Sneakers and the Soap Shoes from Sonic Adventure 2.
    • Personality-wise, he's mainly his Modern self: being cocky, cool and not being one to take most things seriously, but simultaneously knowing when to step up once things truly get dangerous. However, he also likes to horse around and be silly much like his Boom and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog incarnations.
    • In regards to his abilities, along with his speed he also has electrical powers which are tied to his emotions, specifically his anger. The only character in the Sonic mythos who has elemental powers that are fueled by emotions is Blaze the Cat.
    • The film's version of the Rings are a composite of the Rings that players collect in the games and the Giant Rings in the games that act as transport to the Special Zones. This has the effect of making the rings identical in appearance and function to the Warp Rings created by Doctor Finitevus in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics).
    • Longclaw being an owl who is initially the only character on Sonic’s world to be aware of Sonic’s existence, makes her a rough analogue of Sophocles, an owl from Stay Sonic who was mentioned as the first one to discover Sonic. But her acting as Sonic’s mentor and Parental Substitute and being the one to give him the Power Rings is taken from Uncle Chuck from Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM). She is also a mother figure to Sonic that has to abandon him at a young age to protect him from a greater threat much like Queen Aleena from Sonic Underground.
    • The first trailer shows Sonic causing the EMP blast by running down a remote road too fast. The accident actually happened at a baseball field. Speaking of...
    • The second trailer implies the accident was the result of Sonic running too fast scoring points, being reckless, not caring about any collateral damage he may be causing. In the actual film, however, it's an Angst Nuke, as Sonic's loneliness and frustration from ten years of forced isolation finally boil over. He also reacts to the EMP with immediate horror, and it's implied he didn't even know he could do that.
    • The trailer makes it appear that Sonic is enjoying his life on Earth despite being alone. This isn't the case at all: he was forced out of his own home planet to escape capture and hasn't interacted with anyone in ten years, turning him into a depressed loner.
    • The trailers also show Sonic wearing his signature red sneakers throughout, while in the film, he spends most of his screentime wearing worn-out mismatched grey shoes. He wouldn't receive his super sneakers until about two-thirds into the movie.
    • The second trailer also shows Sonic running around the Green Hill Zone-esque island on his homeworld as a teenager. In the film, Sonic was forced to flee from his homeworld as a small child and has not returned since.
  • Some lines from the movie are used in different contexts between the trailer and the movies. For example, Sonic saying "Gotta Go Fast!" isn't said when he's about to start running along the Montana desert highway, but rather after being woken with smelling salts.
    • The trailers played fast and loose with the detail of why Sonic is on Earth. The first trailer and the international version of the second trailer states Sonic came to Earth to save it, but in the actual film the actual reason why Sonic is on Earth is that his adoptive mother Longclaw sent him to Earth a decade ago to protect him from an echinda tribe after his power. The US version of the second trailer was more honest about this, with Sonic talking about how on his world "people were always after my power".
  • After ten years of living alone, Sonic not only has friends, but he has a real home at last. He also doesn't have to hide from the town of Green Hills anymore.
  • This is how Sonic's offensive abilities actually work. His body starts producing blue lightning whenever he starts feeling anger, extreme joy, sorrow, etc. while his eyes would turn from green to glowing blue. The first example of this power being shown was during the baseball scene where Sonic realizes that he is completely all alone and all the stress of being alone on Earth for 10 years causes Sonic to emit a powerful electromagnetic blast that caused a blackout across the Pacific. Come the end of the film, The Power of Friendship causes Sonic to consciously bring out his full power, and it is implied that he has learned to control this.
  • In the final confrontation with Dr. Robotnik, Sonic is struck by an explosion that knocks him out and it appears he's either dead or unconscious. As Robotnik mocks Sonic, Tom jumps in to fight him, but is knocked off. Robotnik then mocks Tom for trying to risk his life for "this... thing" and Tom angrily corrects him, stating that thing is named Sonic, and he was his friend. Sonic, who had spent the entire movie believing he would live alone without any friends, suddenly opens his eyes as blue sparks erupt about his body, and immediately challenges Robotnik to round 2 using his innate power.
  • Sonic's motivation is making a real friend. Because of Longclaw's instruction to never let anyone see him, Sonic stays out of sight in Green Hills. But he becomes desperately lonely after so much isolation. One of the items on his "bucket list" is to make a real friend. By the end of the movie, he's made a genuine friend with Tom and his wife Maddie.
  • At the beginning of the film, Sonic was lonely. At the end, however, he is Happily Adopted by the Wachowskis while his nemesis, Robotnik, ends up stranded and alone on the mushroom planet.
  • When Sonic is watching Speed behind the Wachowskis' back, he repeats the "pop quiz, hot shot" line from said movie. He says the line again at the Piston Pit, right before he instigates the Bar Brawl.
  • Sonic doesn't get a lot of people to talk to, so once he does, it's hard to shut him up. Even when Tom and Maddie step outside to have a moment to themselves, Sonic's still talking in the other room, even though no one's listening to him. Even before Sonic gets anyone to interact with he's seen talking to himself repeatedly, which is implied to be a coping mechanism to deal with his loneliness.
  • He is the second CGI main hero to be friends with a character portrayed by James Marsden, the first being E.B. from Hop.


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