So when the Sun goes down, I turn into THIS!?
~ Sonic
So when the Sun goes down, I turn into THIS!

Sonic the Werehog is a werewolf-like form of Sonic the Hedgehog and a protagonist who appeared in the videogame Sonic Unleashed. He was actually Sonic who, after accidentally trapped by Dr. Eggman and turned into a Werehog, Sonic must find the 7 Chaos Emeralds to restore Mobius and turned back into his normal form, he must stop Dark Gaia from destroying Mobius and he is helped by Chip.

Sonic who was Super Sonic is trapped by Dr. Eggman who accidentally turned him into a Werehog, this results makes the Chaos Emeralds de-powered in the process, Sonic must find a way to restore the Chaos Emeralds back to power with the help from Chip, as well his friends and his loved ones, Sonic manages to restore the Chaos Emeralds one-by-one in time to seal Dark Gaia for good.

As Sonic was turned back to his normal self, Dark Gaia becomes Perfect Gaia, Sonic turns into Super Sonic in time to kill Perfect Gaia and seals him for good.

Sonic later wakes up in the morning and finds up that Dark Gaia was sealed forever and has never returned from the dead again.


Sonic personality almost remains the same. He does have a noticeable short-temper, and tends to get annoyed by Chip's antics. He displays aggression in battle against enemies, and bosses.

Because of its appearance, Sonic makes sure to avoid being spotted in his Werehog form (however in-game, the citizens don't act afraid when Sonic speaks to any of them). When Amy didn't recognize him in his Werehog form, he becomes sad and walked away.

Unlike everyone else under Dark Gaia's corrupting influence, Sonic is able to resist, due to his indomitable will.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike Sonic's regular form, the Werehog form doesn't have his trademark speed and is forced to make use of his super strength to combat enemies.

He has the ability to stretch his limbs and can easily climb/reach ledges and poles. Sonic also has the ability to generate a force-field as a means to defend himself against an enemy assault.


You've really... gone and done it this time Eggman!
~ Sonic the Werehog's first words.
Mister... Monster guy?! Looks like things have gotten pretty ugly.
~ Sonic the Werehog after Chip calls him an ugly name.
Uh-oh! Did I fall on him?
~ Sonic the Werehog breaking the fourth wall
~ Sonic the Werehog
Wow! I rule!
~ Sonic the Werehog, getting a B-rank in the PS3/360 or an A-rank in the Wii/360.
Hmm! not so bad!
~ Sonic the Werehog, getting a C-rank in the 360/PS3.
~ Sonic the Werehog, getting an E-rank.
Aww, can I start over?
~ Sonic the Werehog getting a D-rank in PS3/360 or a B-rank in the Wii/PS2.
Huh, not so hot.
~ Sonic the Werehog, getting a C-rank in the Wii/PS2.
Oh yeah, That's right baby!
~ Sonic the Werehog, getting an S-rank in the PS3/360.
How do you like that, huh?
~ Sonic the Werehog, getting an S-rank in the PS2/Wii.
I'm fine... I just need to be careful who sees my like this.
~ Sonic the Werehog to Chip after the second time he transformed.
Weird... But it could be useful.
~ Sonic the Werehog after stretching his arms for the first time.
You know me. Never a dull moment.
~ Sonic the Werehog after saving Tails from Dark Gaia's minions.
I need to find Eggman and make him fix this and FAST!
~ Sonic the Hedgehog about what he needs to do to ridden his Werehog look and fix everything back to the way it was once and for all.
Leave it to you, Tails! Let's get moving
~ Sonic the Werehog agreeing to get to Spagonia.
I bet it's thanks to you. (...) Even at night when I'm like this. I'm still myself. Not like all the other people we've seen. You must've been protecting me this whole time.
~ Sonic the Hedgehog when turned into a Werehog after Chip tells him his story.
Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?
~ Sonic the Werehog insisting on helping Chip fight Dark Gaia when Chip tried to say the task was his responsibility.
Strike three, monster! that's enough out of you!
~ Sonic the Werehog after defeating the Dark Gaia Phoenix.
I see. I'll bet your job is to guard the Chaos Emerald Temple. You must've gone berserk when the Emeralds lost their power.
~ Sonic the Werehog to the Dark Gaia Phoenix after he's reformed.
Sorry! I'm in a rush here.
~ Sonic the Werehog after defeating the Dark Moray.
I know little girls who are better with a hammer than you! Well, one, anyway.
~ Sonic the Werehog (talking about Amy Rose) after defeating the Dark Guardian.
G-gees, Eggman! Simmer down!
~ Sonic the Werehog falling while fighting the Egg Dragoon.

Audio Sample

Hollywoodedge, Lion Roar Snarl Growl AT013501
Sonic the Werehog's Howl in Sonic Unleashed



  • Sonic the Werehog can uses his elastic arms just like Mr. Fantastic from Marvel Comics.
  • Werehog is a combination term of Werewolf and Hedgehog. Thus making him a cross-breed between said creatures.
  • It is implied that Dark Gaia's energy is responsible for Sonic's Werehog state. This fact proves true during Dark Gaia's emergence, the creature drain Sonic of his Werehog form, energy, and abilities permanently.
  • While it is said that Sonic's Werehog form boasts incredible strength, Sonic normal form can attack once to defeat an enemy, whereas Sonic's Werhog state has to use several hit to bring them down.
    • Although in the daytime stages, enemies (excluding bosses) don't have health bar's.


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