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Allison Jade "Sonny" Munroe is an actress from West Appleton, Wisconsin and the main protagonist in the Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance. She is a daughter of Connie Munroe and an ex-girlfriend of Chad Dylan Cooper. Sonny is portrayed by Demi Lovato.


As a new cast member at So Random!, Sonny wanted to make her first impression a good one, which turned out to be quite a task when Tawni wasn't the amazing role model Sonny had always imagined. Sonny is often prone to use extreme measures to get her desired outcome, like when she pretended to be her own biggest fan, leading to her tricking the entire cast and even dressing like a guy. Still, Sonny is a nice, caring, intelligent, helpful, often goofy, eccentric person, if somewhat naive. It was mentioned in the episode, "Sonny With a Secret", that she has rescued baby seals from an oil spill, bathed them by hand, and nursed them back to health. She's also got a strong moral standing against lying, as she's not too great at it and usually ends up blurting out the truth, no matter how embarrassing the truth may be.


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