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Attention lawbringers of the Capitol Wasteland: The Regulators require your aid in bringing the scum and pestilence that inhabit our home to justice. Report to Sonora Cruz at the Regulator Headquoarters for details.
~ Sonora's message.

Sonora Cruz is a side-character in Fallout 3. She was voiced by Shari Elliker.


Sonora was born in 2242. As of 2277, she is the leader of the Regulators. She can be found at the Capital Wasteland's Regulator HQ, usually standing in a dark corner of the single upstairs room. As leader of the hidden organization known as the Regulators (who are recognized by their long dusters), Sonora is a woman with a mission: to rid the wasteland of troublemakers and ne'er-do-wells. Her unknown benefactors, who set up this clandestine operation around a decade ago, are willing to pay for scalps, or in the Regulators' case, fingers.

When the Lone Wanderer obtains the Lawbringer perk, they can earn Karma and caps by completing bounties, and bringing fingers to her from evil human or ghoul characters they have killed. If the Lone Wanderer's Karma is "Very Good", they will get a bonus from her. Sonora will pay a special bounty reward of 1000 caps for Junders Plunkett's finger.


(Lone Wanderer enters Sonora's room.)

Cruz: I'm guessing that you've come about the notice. You know, I've heard about you. You're not bad people, from what I understand. And the Regulators can always use good folks. So, what do you say? You read the notice, and you're here, so I'm guessing that you want to ride with us. Am I right?
101: I'm not one for causes. I just want to get paid.
Cruz: Fair enough. We'll still take the help where we can get it. So, the deal is this: there are a lot of evil assholes out there. Take 'em down, bring us their fingers as proof and we'll pay you for each. We'll be watching you until we know you can be trusted, so don't try anything stupid.
101: I'm in.
Cruz: Fantastic. Take this coat. We all wear them. The unrighteous fear the sight of the Regulators. Now, as for the rest, here's the only thing we want from you: hunt down the evil, the wicked, and the villainous. Bring them to justice. Bring us their fingers as proof of the deed. We'll pay you a bounty for each one. Simple, right? Questions?
101: What do you do?
Cruz: We're the Regulators. We've dedicated our lives to bringing the evil to justice. And out in the Wasteland, there's only one brand of justice: the gun.
101: What do you do with these fingers?
Cruz: Nothing. Nothing at all. They only serve to mark the fact that justice has been done. While we trust our members not to take innocent lives for profit, having a record of the deed is sometimes necessary. While we don't have liars in our midst, occasionally we all... embellish a bit.
101: Is this all of the Regulators?
Cruz: Oh - no. We're spread all around. The few here just assist me in organizing things here at the headquarters. There are Regulators everywhere. The thing is, if you see them, then they're likely the last thing that you'll see.
101: I have to go now.

~ Sonora meets the Lone Wanderer.
Topic Quote
Greeting "Well, hello there. I heard we might be getting a new recruit."
"Let your heart guide your hand."
"May your powder stay dry."
"Good to see you again, partner."
"The Regulators welcome you back."
"You live the life of a Regulator. You're an example to all."
"Word reaches across the Wastes of your deeds. I am honored to have you among us."
"It's always good to see one of our number here. Have you brought tales and trophies of justice?"
"I have fingers to collect the bounty on." "Then you've been busy. Good. Show me what you have."
"The unrighteous will fall. Let me see how many you've brought to justice."
"Actually, I don't have any right now." "If this is a joke, I am not amused. Justice is serious business."
"Make your jokes when the Wastes are rid of the filth that feed off of it."
"Here. Take all of them." "Your work is impressive. Here is your reward. Don't retire just yet, there is far more to be done."
"So many of the unjust have been dispatched, but so many remain. Here is your reward. Spend it well."
"Good deeds should not go unrewarded, and so I will add on a bonus to your normal bounty."
"You've done good work. Not only that, but the other Regulators have told me of your other actions in your travels."
"So many of the unjust have been dispatched, but so many remain. But ever still, word reaches me that you have gone far beyond what we've asked."
"I killed Junders Plunkett." "Well, it's about time someone put that bastard out of his misery. And here's the reward for it. Spend it well, Lawbringer."
"I have to go now." "Do not let this world taint you."
"Stay righteous."



  • Sonora can be killed by a nearby hostile creature, and does not respawn when she does die.
  • Sonora is equipped with a unique 10mm pistol ("Sonora Cruz's 10mm pistol"), which does 100 damage per shot. It is only obtainable through console commands, as she always flees from combat, so she never actually uses it.


This article contains content derived from the "Sonora Cruz" article on Nukapedia, licensed under CC-BY-SA.


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