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Sonya is the main character of Kill Me Baby and the one of control characters of Kirara Fantasia. Sonya, the assassin, is treated as the only sensible person in the story who can still Yasuna and Agiri's outburst.

She was voiced by Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)


She has a blonde hair tied in pigtails and blue eyes.


As an assassin, Sonya has a ruthless side that doesn't hesitate to kill people, but when it comes to Yasuna, no matter what kind of prank Yasuna plays on her, they will eventually overcome the difficulties together. However, she is a bit short-tempered, and when Yasuna pranks her, she may retaliate with violent means.


Sonya is a foreign trained assassin attending a regular high school. As she constantly takes on assassin work she is constantly alert and often attacks Yasuna when she takes her by surprise or tries to play jokes on her. Despite her tough composure, she is scared of various things such as cockroaches, ghosts, wild animals and dogs. She is a friend of Yasuna's, and at the same time, an intermediary who stops Yasuna from running wild. However, because of this relationship, she is often pranked by Yasuna and encounters various difficulties.