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Jesus Alzamirano "Soos" Ramirez (born on July 13, 1990) is a main character in the Disney original series Gravity Falls. Soos is a janitor at the Mystery Shack, the central location of the show, working for the paternal great-uncle of the main heroes, Mabel and Dipper. Soos is paid minimum wage and given few benefits but Stan Pines treats Soos with more respect than anyone else in town and Dipper and Mabel consider him a best friend. Soos views his duties at the Mystery Shack as his supreme pleasure. Soos is one of the few adults who is willing to believe Dipper or Mable about the strange goings on in town, however few things faze him and he will not take any inactive to understand, debunk or combat them. Soos is very supportive of Dipper and Mabel in their pursuits, wishing to either keep them safe or just have fun with them.

He was voiced by Alex Hirsch who voices Stanley Pines in the same show, and voiced King and Hooty in The Owl House.


Soos is the handyman at the Mystery Shack. He often accompanies Dipper and Mabel on their adventures. Later, it is revealed in the finale that Soos represents the question mark on the Zodiac.


Soos is a amicable and lovable employee whose desire to be where the action is makes him an reliable source for the twins when they need a ride around town. Aside from the twins, he is one of the only people around who sees and believes all the strange things happening in Gravity Falls, seen in "Tourist Trapped," when he says he is always noticing weird stuff in Gravity Falls, an assertion he makes in other episodes.


Soos is an Caucasian young man who has a pudgy build. He wears a light brown cap, has light skin complexion, and buck teeth, similar to those of a beaver. He's stocky and wears dark brown shoes, beige shorts and a jade green-ish gray shirt with a big dark green poorly painted question mark on the front.



  • According to the show's creator, Alex Hirsch, Soos was based off of an old college buddy of his who was also named Jesus, and who like Soos was a unique blend of being incompetent yet handy.
  • His Italian voice actor, Luca Ghignone, also voiced Robbie in the same show.

Also the character has white edges for no reason.

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