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Sophia is the head of the Sword of Logos' Northern Base and a protagonist in Kamen Rider Saber.

She is portrayed by Rina Chinen.


Sophia was created by Master Logos from a special Wonder Ride Book to serve as an artificial replacement for Luna. She was at some point placed in charge of Northern Base.

When the identity of Kamen Rider Calibur turned out to be Daichi Kamijo, the former Saber, Sophia went to meet with him. During the meeting however, Sophia was kidnapped by Reika Shindai and detained in a secret chamber within Northern Base, where she was interrogated on the location of the book that created her. She was later freed by Kento Fukamiya and returned to Northern Base to assist them against the coming assault from Master Logos' forces.

In preparation for the attack, Sophia created a barrier around the base, only for the barrier to be broken by an arrow shot by Master Logos. Soon after, the base suffered an attack from both the Shindai siblings and the Megid. While Touma and Yuri held off Kamen Rider Durendal, Sophia and the others were left to contend with a rampaging Zooous. Sophia attempted to hold off Zooous to buy time for the others to escape, but Rintaro chose to face Zooous on his own and managed to slay the Megid after unlocking a new form.


Kamen Rider Calibur Jaaku Dragon

KRSa-Caliburjaakudragon .png


  • Calibur Helm Jaaku Dragon - Kamen Rider Calibur Jaaku Dragon's head.
    • Jaax Scale - Calibur Jaak Dragon's right mask. Inheriting the sensing ability of the sacred beast "Jaaku Dragon", the sense of the transformant has been sharpened.
    • Silhouette Visor - Calibur Jaak Dragon's closed look. Find light from the bottom of the darkness.
    • Jaaku Dragon Mask -Calibur Jaak Dragon's forehead mask. With the power of the Jaaku Dragon Wonder Ride Book, you can secure the same visibility even in the dark.
    • Sword Crown - It is installed on the top of the head as a proof of being chosen as an evil sword. It has the role of adjusting the condition of Kamen Rider Calibur and the evil sword, adjusting the power balance of both and canceling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it is a blade with a sharp edge, and can be used in battle.
  • Jaaku Dragon Bold - Calibur Jaak Dragon's right shoulder. It possesses the power of the sacred beast "Jaaku Dragon" and brings overwhelming fighting power by supplying the power of darkness at the request of the transformant.
  • Volcuirass - Calibur Jaak Dragon's chest and left shoulder armor. He always wears the aura of the sacred beast "Jaaku Dragon". In addition, the extremely rare metal used for the blade of the holy sword is used, making it difficult to destroy with the holy sword.
  • Jaakugant - Calibur Jaak Dragon Gloves. By cutting the shadow of the target with a sharp claw, it causes great damage to the main body. In addition, it brings the power to manipulate the darkness freely, and enables the release of the Jaaku Dragon wearing darkness.
  • Evil Sword Calibur Driver - One of the equipment used to transform into Kamen Rider Calibur. Bring out the power of the Wonder Ride Book and give the transformant great energy and various abilities.
  • Jaakumei Scale - Calibur Jaak Dragon's black exterior. Armor with a series of hard scales can minimize the attacks received.
  • Jaaxol - Calibur Jaak Dragon boots. By stepping on the shadow of the object, it binds to the darkness and suppresses its actions. Also, when the Special Move is activated, the destructive power of the kick is greatly increased by wearing a Jaaku Dragon.
  • Ride Jaaku Arm - Calibur Jaak Dragon's arm. It possesses the power of the sacred beast "Jaaku Dragon" and brings the strength to exert destructive power like a demon.
  • Sword Robe - An armor worn by those who have been selected as the evil sword "Dark Black Sword Moon Darkness". Attached by an evil sword, it gives the transformant the power to fight, such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. It is based on the form with the power of the Wonder Ride Book "Jaaku Dragon".
  • Saw Driver Must-have Holder - A holder for carrying a wonder ride book. Mounted on the left and right of the evil sword Calibur driver, it can store two books on the right side and one on the left side. In addition, when the Special Move is activated, it has the role of improving the sharpness by pulling out the holy sword and polishing it at the same time.
  • Ride Jaa Craig - Calibur JaakU Dragon's legs. It possesses the power of the sacred beast "Jaaku Dragon" and brings leg strength that exerts destructive power like a demon.


Jaken Caliburdriver

  • Dark Moon Geneletter - Jaken Caliburdriver energy generator. By operating the two units at the same time using the oldest manufacturing method, the energy of the universe contained in the Wonder Ride Book is extracted to generate a "Wonder Elemental" with the characteristics of activating swordfighters and various equipment.
  • Ride Integrator - Jaken Caliburdriver starter. It has the role of a starter that activates each part by hitting it with the Engrave Hilt of the holy sword "Dark Black Sword Moon Darkness".
  • Caliber Driver Shelf - A part for storing the wonder ride book of the evil sword Caliber driver. In addition to drawing power from the Wonder Ride Book and transmitting it to the Holy Sword, it also brings various abilities to the swordfighter's armor "Sword Robe".
  • Guard Binding -The exterior of the Jaken Caliburdriver. It uses strong armor material that is also used for the cover of Wonder Ride Book. Boasting strength that can withstand battle, it has the role of preventing all attacks and protecting the built-in equipment.
  • Caliburdriver Belt - Jaken Caliber driver's belt. Deploy at the same time as the buckle body appears and fix it to the transformant's waist. After that, he has the role of developing the swordfighter's armor "Sword Robe".

Ankokuken Kurayami

  • Engrave Hilt - Darkness Black Sword Moon Darkness pattern. A pattern is engraved on the striking device provided at the end, and the user is transformed into a dark swordfighter by operating the "Evil Sword Caliber Driver" by driving.
  • Kurayami Trigger - Dark Black Sword Moon Trigger of darkness. Under the operation of the swordsman, the dark black sword moon darkness reads the intention and generates a terrible darkness with the "dark black sword moon darkness emblem". It plays the role of a starter in various attacks.
  • Gordo Slave - Dark Black Sword Moon Dark Blade. The golden blade, which has been sharpened over several star frosts in the abyss of darkness, has the characteristic that the sharpness increases as it goes toward the light. It is possible to cut through the space if handled by a good user.
  • Darkness Black Sword Moon Darkness Emblem - Darkness Black Sword Moon The source of darkness in darkness. Create a terrifying darkness and bring everything to silence. In addition, we will perform "Jaaku Reed", which wraps the abilities of the Wonder Ride Book read by the speed reader "Jagan Reader" with darkness attributes, and make all abilities ourselves.
  • Jagan Leader - Darkness Black Sword Moon Darkness speed reader. By contacting the special metal fitting "Spileader" for speed reading on the back cover of the Wonder Ride Book, speed reading with the evil eye is performed. As a result, in addition to starting transformation, it is possible to activate a special move by reading deeply. In addition, a special special move that is loaded with another Wonder Ride Book is performed in two stages.
  • Kurayami Soul - Dark Black Sword Moon Dark Blade. With a sword with wisdom, you can learn and embody all the folklore spelled out in the Wonder Ride Book from the evil sword Caliber Driver and "Jagan Leader".

Jaaku Dragon

A Wonder Ride Book that contains the tradition of "Jaaku Dragon". By loading it on the evil sword Calibur Driver, it becomes possible to transform into Kamen Rider Calibur Jaaku Dragon.


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