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Hero Overview

Sophie & Charlotte are the werewolfs/humans twins who is the Ghoul Guide scouts in Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

They are voiced by Josette Halpert.


They wears the Ghoul Guide scouts uniform, consisting of ... They also wears a beret.

In both human and werewolf form Sophie has brown hair and green eyes and Charlotte has blonde hair and blue eyes. But some features may morph, as her whiskers turn into freckles and her sock pattern on her fur turns into real socks.


They are...


Season 1

In "Creepover Party",...

In "Fangceañera",...

Season 2

In "Best Friends Furever",...

In "Better Know Your Mavis",...

In "The Song Remains Asleep",...

In "The Mavysitters Club",...

In "When the Afterlife Gives You Phlegmonade",...


  • They are the only werewolves known to turn into humans.
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series Season 2 cleared which sister was which, on episode 6, as Mavis being confronted by the werewolves, refers to their names while looking at them.


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