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Sorata Arisugawa is the protagonist of CLAMP's incomplete series X. He is one of seven Dragons of Heaven. He fell in love with Arashi Kishū.

He has alternate reality versions of himself in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

He is voiced by Tony Oliver, who also voiced Minato Namikaze in the Naruto series.


Sorata isn't the first Dragon of Heaven to appear, but he was the first one to be introduced as one. Sorata first appears in front of Kamui as a Buddhist monk. He mostly wears a big yellow jacket and a t-shirt with letter A on it. He also wears a cap. His hair seems to be a little bit spiky. Like any other male characters, his eyebrows seems to be thick and his eye color is brown in color.


Sorata is characterized as being very outgoing, optimistic and friendly, to the point that even when Kamui was rude and dismissive towards him, he kept trying to be close with him. That may also be the reason why Kamui doesn't believe him when he tells him that he's a Buddhist monk; not only is his personality not at all what one would expect from a monk, but his fashion sense is also very modern. He was also a bit of a troublemaker when he was younger, but even then, he was a good kid at heart, and when he was told that his destiny was to die defending a woman he loved, he accepted it wholeheartedly and wasn't depressed about it in the least, simply hoping that the girl in question would be beautiful. While he can come across as the type that's incapable of taking anything too seriously, he can actually get very serious and focused very quickly when the situation requires it. He also seems to possess an ability to understand what other people are thinking, which shows that he is a good observer as well.



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