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Sorey (スレイ Surei) is the main protagonist in Tales of Zestiria. He has a kind heart, an honest expression, and a positive outlook on life. He lives in Elysia, the village of seraphim, and is the only human among them. Unlike most humans, Sorey can see seraphim and is childhood friends with a Water seraph, Mikleo. As a child, he came into the possession of a book called the Celestial Record, and from that point, he has had a fascination with ancient ruins. Sorey later enters into a contract with Lailah to become a Shepherd. He is voiced by Ryouhei Kimura in the original Japanese version of both the video game and the anime/TV show adaptation, and likewise, by Robbie Daymond in the English dub of both versions.


Sorey's mother was killed during the Dawn of Chaos, and Sorey was taken in and raised by Zenrus in Elysia alongside Mikleo for 17 years before the start of the events of the game. He and Mikleo grew up with a love for archeology, studying old ruins and legends, especially those contained in the Celestial Records. It is during one of his explorations into nearby ruins that he encountered a knight named Alisha Diphda who had fainted in the middle of the temple. Together with Mikleo, he brought her back to his village and helped her get back on her feet so she could travel home. However, after she left, a mysterious fox-like assassin showed up looking for her. Worried for her safety, Sorey left his village in the dead of night to catch up to her and warn her of the threat on her life. He is joined by Mikleo and they journeyed off to the city of Ladylake where their fates would change forever.

During their time in the city, the growing threat of the malevolence coming from agitated civilians on edge grows out of control all the while during a festival to honor the legacy of those who were once called the Shepherds, leading guides of humanity, warriors destined to beat back the darkness and bring light back to the world. During this festival, he fights off the threat of the hellion and pulls the legendary sword from the alter, declaring to the world that the Shepard has returned.

Along the way, Sorey meets many different seraphim who aid him in his quest to bring back a peaceful world, including Lailah, a Fire seraph with the power of the flames of purification, Edna, a "unique" Earth seraph, and the Wind seraphim, Zaveid and Dezel. Together they journey with Alisha, and eventually the mysterious merchant trader Rose, to restore order to the world and beat back the malevolence wrought by the new Lord of Calamity. He is tested physically, mentally, and spiritually during his quest as he learns more about the world, the new Lord of Calamity, Heldalf, and even about his past and how it ties into the events that are taking place.

Sorey ultimately kills the Lord of Calamity without falling to malevolence after truly understanding his duty. He then falls into a deep sleep to nurture the land's resonance and heal it from the malevolence. It is implied that Sorey eventually returns to the world after much time has passed, rescuing Mikleo from a collapsing ruin.

Appearance and Personality

Sorey has brown hair, which is slightly shifted to the right. He has green eyes and wears yellow feather earrings. His attire consists of a blue shirt with white gloves, black pants with white boots, and a large white cape that extends over his chest. The cape, fashioned after the style of past Shepherds, was given to him by Alisha Diphda as thanks for helping her.

Sorey's kindhearted personality shapes him into a person who cannot leave someone who is troubled alone. This trait becomes his flaw because, as a Shepherd, he cannot take sides in the conflict between nations in order to avoid being corrupted by Malevolence and causing even greater strife. Because he has never left his hometown, he is curious about things he has never experienced before, but his sheltered upbringing also makes him naïve. Due to his natural earnestness, Sorey is also a bad liar, evidenced when Sergei Strelka questions him in Lastonbell. He is generally calm and easygoing, taking everything in stride and making the best of things. He puts others first, to the point of self-sacrifice; when Alisha is his Squire, he does not tell her that his vision is failing because he does not want her to worry. He has a tendency to get excited about ancient history, particularly ruins.

Fighting Style

Sorey uses a short sword, which is a self-taught skill he picked up from hunting prickleboars. He is also good with a bow and a arrow for the same reason, though he doesn't use it as often. While he is often right-handed, he is also shown to be extremely versatile in battle, quickly switching his grip or hand to execute an arte right before switching back. After becoming the Shepherd, Sorey gains the ability to purify hellions and armatize with seraphim. His mystic artes are Bolt Tempest and Divine Wrath. He also shares a mystic arte with Rose known as Ultima Elementia.