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Sorin Markov is one of the good guys of the card game Magic: The Gathering. He is a morally-conflicted vampiric Planeswalker who specializes in dark magic, though some white has crept into his cards as of later events. He hails from Innistrad, and is an estranged Markov family member. He was one of the three Planeswalkers who created the seal to trap the Eldrazi in Zendikar. Presently, he is busy with two things: Dealing with the resurgence of Eldrazi in Zendikar, first by working (begrudgingly) with Zendikar native Nissa Revane to reseal the Eldrazi, and later when they break free, he seeks out Ugin in Tarkir; and finding out what's wrong with his home plane Innistrad, first due to the disappearance of of Avacyn, Innistrad's guardian angel (his creation), and later due to the revival of dark forces despite her return.


At the first glance, Sorin is quite cold, arrogant, and vengeful as he is dealing with the presence Eldrazi in Zendikar. He loses hope to reseal the Eldrazi after discovering that Ugin has died, and when Emrakul arrives on Innistrad after he unmakes Avacyn; he gives up on defending the plane and dedicates all his efforts to getting revenge on Nahiri.

However, despite his brooding demeanor, he is a benevolent soul at heart who dislikes needless destruction and regards defending his own plane as an obligation, and preserves the lives of billions sealing away the Eldrazi. In fact, his schemes and powerful magics have been instrumental in maintaining the relative peace and harmony on two planes. He worked together with two other Planeswalkers to trap the Eldrazi in Zendikar, and even returned there to reinforce the seal when he found out that it had weakened. He set up a balance between good and evil in Innistrad at the cost of being forever hated by his vampire kin, including his own grandfather. He actually cares about Avacyn, but when she becomes corrupted from her purpose and then rebels against her creator, he has to put her down.