Sosuke is a five year old boy and the main male protagonist of the 2008 animated Studio Ghibli film, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

Personality and Bio

Sosuke is very caring to those he meets.  He is concerned when Ponyo gets her head suck in a glass jar.  He breaks the jar so she can get out but cuts his finger, and she repays him by licking his cut and healing him, much to his joy, meaning he can be excited. He is devastated when she is taken away, but Fujimoto only took Ponyo away in his attempt to save the Earth, not to destroy it. Sosuke overcomes his hatred of Fujjimoto in the end, however, upon learning the latter's intentions.


Sosuke is first seen standing on a cliff by the sea. He is with Ponyo and is trying to get her out of a glass jar. This is the moment that sparked the forever bond between them. However, she is taken away because Fujimoto is worried about the planet. Ponyo escapes while Sosuke searches for her, and she returns to his side. Soon, Sosuke's mother is taken below the sea, much to his dismay, but they eventually find that she is in a bubble where you can breathe underwater, which saves her. Sosuke pledges his love to Ponyo in front of her mother Granmare. Towards the end of the movie Ponyo abandons her magic and lives with Sosuke.


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