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Sotaro Ushigome
Iron Bison! GaoBlack!
~ GaoBlack

Sotaro Ushigome is GaoBlack of the Gaorangers.



Sotaro Ushigome is a 22-year-old retired sumo wrestler who was chosen as the fourth Gaoranger about a month before Kakeru. He aspired to become a grand champion sumo wrestler, but a knee injury forced him to retire from his wrestling career. Afterwards, he worked as an assistant at Flower Garden Casablanca with his crush, Shi-chan. Though he is the strongest out of the Gaorangers, he is a very gentle soul with a fear of heights and a weakness for women. He is in charge of forming the lower body for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he and Shi-chan worked together on a ranch although he and Kai initially planned to run a Chanko shop together to "dominate the world."


Power Animals

  • GaoBison
  • GaoRhinos & GaoMajiro


  • G-Phone
  • Beast King Sword
    • Gao Jewels
  • Bison Axe


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