64px I am you. But you are not me.
~ Mirror Sougo introduces himself to Sougo

This Sougo Tokiwa, alternatively spelt Sogo Tokiwa,also known as Mirror Sougo or Dark Sougo, is the Mirror World version of his real world counterpart who can transform into {{nihongo|Kamen Rider Zi-O (Mirror World version)


When Dark Shinji decided to return to the Mirror World, Zi-O grabbed him and got sent to Mirror World as well. Sougo woke up inside of Mirror World and met his Mirror World Counterpart. The Mirror World Sougo then proceeded to attack the original Sougo out of refusal to join forces with him. Both Sougos then transformed into Kamen Rider Zi-O and battled each other.

Mirror Zi-O defeats Zi-O, and the latter is thrown out of the Mirror World.

At Sougo's home, Mirror Sougo constantly berates him and mocks him due to his "hypocrisy", as despite knowing Geiz's suicide attempt to defeat Another Ryuga, Sougo still lets him proceed. Upon hearing that his real counterpart really wants to save Geiz, Mirror Sougo tempts him to use the Zi-O II Ridewatch and embrace his nature and power as the tyrant Oma Zi-O, all the while attempting to break his spirit by telling him that he is truly evil at heart.

After a brief talk with Shinji Kido, the real Sougo goes to meet his Mirror self one more time, holding the Zi-O II Ridewatch in his hand. Mirror Sougo thinks that his real counterpart has finally accepted and embraced his "true evil" nature and power, and is on the path to become the tyrant and merciless Demon King. However, Sougo still remains steadfast with his goal to be the kindest, most beloved King ever. He admits that he has a good side as well as a bad side, but also adds that one should, and must accept that fact because if they keep denying it, they can never move on. This prompts Mirror Sougo to step out of the Mirror World and asks whether Sougo is afraid of Oma's Day or not. Sougo responds by saying, while he is in fact afraid of the event, he is willing to have faith in his future self and make a bet. Mirror Sougo takes out the remaining part of the then-incomplete Zi-O II Ridewatch and gives it to his real counterpart. He says a true king is someone who has the power of both light and darkness, of both the past and the future. As the Ridewatch becomes complete, Mirror Sougo also merges with Sougo.

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