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I am Souji Tendou. The man who walks the path of heaven and will triumph over everything.
~ Souji Tendou

Souji Tendou, also known as Kamen Rider Kabuto, is the main protagonist of the 2006 tokusatsu television series Kamen Rider Kabuto.

He was portrayed by Hiro Mizushima.



Souji Tendou grew up as happy boy until his parents were killed by Worms that mimicked them. He was raised by his grandmother alongside Juka. When the Shibuya Incident occurs due to a Meteorite crashing onto Earth, drying up the Earth's ocean, Tendou attempts to reach out to his biological sister, Hiyori, but is unable to save her.

At the site, he witnesses the Worms that mimicked his parents injured and desires to kill them to avenge his real parents, but instead he realized that his biological sister, Hiyori, was born through the Worm and decides not to kill them. Later, however, the unstable rubble collapses on Tendou and the copied Kusakabe family, killing the Worms with Tendou injured, attempting to extend his hand out to Hiyori.

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Receiving the Zecter Belt

Tendou receives the Zecter Belt in two different instances during the Shibuya incident, creating confusion among viewers. Either instances are a negligible difference on the rest of Tendou's history as it merely changed the origin of him receiving the Zecter belt:

  • In one instance, he received the Zecter Belt from the Worm who mimicked his father, who gave it to Tendou. Tendou would then save Hiyori who stuck under rubble after putting on the belt when they get collapsed by the unstable rubble.
    • In this instance, it appears that God Speed Love never happened and that the meteorite that hit Earth was the same size as the reduced meteorite remnants of the two meteorites colliding in God Speed Love due to Tendou time travelling. However, it does not explain why a mimicked father of Tendou would randomly have a Zecter Belt when the Zecters themselves were not even in a proper development stage.
  • In another instance, during the Shibuya incident, Tendou and Hiyori are trapped by the unstable rubble and an alternate Souji Tendou from the God Speed Love timeline gives the young Souji the Zecter Belt and tells him to put it on. The future Tendou then ceases to exist while the younger Souji puts on the Zecter Belt, granting him enhanced strength and durability as he reaches out to Hiyori and saves her.
    • This event appears to make the most logical sense as ZECT higher ups and Arata Kagami, who had his own Kabuto Zecter Belt, were confused at the fact that the Zecter Belt was just recently created while Souji Tendou already had his for years. Another supporting factor is that the timeline portrayed at the end of God Speed Love is identical to that of the TV series.

As Kabuto

After the Shibuya event, Tendou grew up raising Juka, while training to become Kabuto. He meets Arata Kagami, a young man who had his wallet stolen by a mugger and tells him that he's the man who walks down the path of heaven. Tendou would become Kabuto when Kagami attempts to be Kabuto due to Tendou also having a Kabuto Zecter Belt much to the latter's surprise.

Once as Kabuto, Tendou would come to clash against ZECT, who desires to retake the Kabuto Zecter and the Kabuto Zecter Belt as Tendou himself was not part of ZECT. He would then work with ZECT temporarily under the psuedonym "Soujiro Tendouji", but later goes solo once more. He would later also ally himself with Drake from time to time, and Kagami, who had now become Gatack, and Tsurugi Kamashiro, who was Sasword. Another thing that Tendou would do is watch over Hiyori, his biological sister.

When Hiyori transforms into a Worm, her life is endangered, forcing Tendou to attempt a Rider Kick on her, but in a strange fate, he found himself comfortable "killing" Hiyori as an alternate Kabuto from the future swaps Hiyori with a Worm right before the kick lands. Tendou reveals his past to Hiyori and how they're related. His mother was pregnant when she was mimicked, so the Worm also carried an unborn Hiyori, and that his real name wasn't Souji Tendou, but rather Souji Kusakabe.

Together with Kagami, the two strive to protect Hiyori from all worms so that she can live her life in peace, however, Hiyori is attracted to Area X and disappears with the test subject of the Hyper Zecter, flinging the two to the edge of the universe.

Tendou, after gaining all of the Zecters through different means, attempts to trade them all for the Hyper Zecter, but is unable to as it is destroyed when the suitcase controlling it was rigged. However, a past version of the Hyper Zecter comes to the aid of Tendou, allowing him to Kabuto Hyper Form, granting him "Hyper Clock Up", which slows the flow of time and can also time travel, while also increasing the output of his Rider Kick.

A mysterious man called Daigo Tachikawa tells Tendou to stop collecting the Zecters, saying that if the Riders do not fight Worms, the Natives will be in trouble. Tendou realizes that Tachigawa is a 'Native' and guards him, as Tachigawa seems to know Hiyori's whereabouts. Riku Kagami calls on Tendou and tells Tendou the story of The Red Shoes, explaining that the Zecters will drive them insane if they refuse to fight Worms. Tachikawa referred to Tendou by his real name, Souji Kusakabe, the one who is chosen by Kabuto, the god of the sun who controls the light.

After Kabuto saves Daigo from a group of Worms, he experiences the 'berserk switch', almost killing Daigo in the process. The Hopper Riders arrive on scene and defeat them instead, leaving with a cruel laugh. Unfortunately, Tachikawa is still killed by Cochlea Worm after trying to escape. He tells Tendou to 'find the solar eclipse' and dies. Tendou and Kagami then promise to kill each other if they were ever under the effects of the Red Shoes System again. Tendou then decided to release all the Zecters that he has obtained from the others.

Later on, Tendou is challenged by two Executive Worms to defeat a powerful Worm without the use of Hyper Clock Up, and in return the Executives would tell him the secrets of the Natives. Tendou remarked that his power always evolving and is faster than light and called upon the Perfect Zecter. Utilizing the power of all 4 Zecters, he defeated Lepotophyes Worm, but was taken through an involuntary Hyper Clock Up to a place 'devoid of all time' with the solar eclipse.

After seeing a fleeting image of Hiyori with another man, he is pulled back into his dimension. Tendou is then left wondering why he still cannot control Hyper Clock Up. Back at the Bistro La Salle, Rena challenges Tendou once more in hopes of taking the Hyper Zecter, but her memory gets erased due to Tendou's Hyper Sting attack. Drake and Kabuto end up fighting each other because Daisuke doesn't believe that Rena is still evil. After Rena loses her fragment of the Shibuya Meteorite, Tendou picks it up and is taken through another Hyper Clock Up to Hiyori's dimension again. After confronting his Worm counterpart, Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto, their Rider Kick collision forces Kabuto back to the real world.

Tendou discovers the secret behind the Masked Rider System after conversing with Kagami, learning that it was created by Natives and given to humans who in turned formed ZECT. Through the use of this technology, they fight alien Worms and protect the Natives. It is also revealed that Tendou received his Kabuto Buckle from the Native who mimicked his father. They are also able to conclude that the Natives arrived on a meteorite 35 years ago to assist the humans with the Masked Rider System. Even after learning all this, Tendou's sole resolve is still to defeat all Worms so that Hiyori may be safe.

Tendou meets Reiji Nogi as well, and seemingly holds up a much better fight than Kagami until Nogi activates Freeze, defeating the power of Hyper Clock Up, forcing Tendou back into Rider form. During their second battle, Tendou learns from his mistakes and anticipates Nogi's use of Freeze. After getting knocked back, Tendou's Hyper Shooting is still active and stuns Nogi temporarily. Tendou is then able to use the Perfect Zecter's Maximum Hyper Cyclone to defeat Cassis Worm Dimidius, only to have him evolve into a stronger form, Cassis Worm Gladius.

Kabuto and Dark Kabuto meet again during episode 43, and this time, Tendou wants to purposely lose to Dark Kabuto so that he may somehow discover Hiyori's location. However, after realizing this plan made him seem like a coward and a small man, his fighting spirit returns and he defeats Dark Kabuto, only to be interrupted by Hiyori who transforms into Sisrya Worm. She states that she is fine with living in another dimension and proceeds to defend Dark Kabuto. After Hiyori leaves, Tendou explains to Kagami that the only way for her to be happy is to let her leave with the fake Kabuto. Renge arrives with news however, that the entrance to the other world is opened when the solar eclipse occurs. Soon after, Tendou and Kagami both rush for Area Z in hopes of defeating Cassis Worm. There, they see Sasword defending Misaki using his life, and Kagami tells Tendou that Hiyori is acting the same way. She doesn't want to hurt Tendou anymore and so she tries to convince herself that she doesn't want to come back. Tendou, moved by this, leaves and goes after Hiyori as a solar eclipse starts.

After chasing Hiyori back to her dimension, Tendou is able to convince her that Worms are not the evil ones, only the ones that wish to do harm are, and he will always protect her and be by her side. Tendou then talks about how Riders fight for the good of humanity, and she will always be protected. After realizing the one who really cares about her is Tendou, she leaves Dark Kabuto and returns to the human world. Kabuto then goes to find Gatack, on the brink of defeat. Coordinating a three-way Rider Kick with Kick Hopper and Gatack, they are able to neutralize Cassis Worm while Hyper Kabuto finishes him off with Maximum Hyper Cyclone. After discovering that Hiyori has been injured once again, he takes her to hospital, but she seemingly hides the fact that Dark Kabuto was the one that injured her. Leaving Hiyori, Tendou, along with Riku and Mishima, meet with Negishi, possibly the leader of the Natives. He asks Tendou if he will help the Natives, and then decides to be Tendou's fan.

Soon after, massive groups of Worms begin appearing again, and Tendou goes to defeat them. Tendou attempts to recruit other Riders in an effort to fight the Worms, but when he appears before Kageyama and Yaguruma, he finds them attempting to regain their darkness and quickly leaves, thinking that they are crazy. Tendou meets Nogi once again, this time as Cassis Worm Clipeus, but is unable to fight him as Nogi runs away soon after. After conversing with Kagami and Misaki back at the Bistro, Tendou learns Tsurugi is a Worm and automatically decides to defeat him. Kagami however, disagrees, saying there is still good in him.

While Kagami leaves to fight Clipeus, Tendou goes and meets Jiiya, learning of a promise that he must fulfill. Tendou meets Tsurugi after talking with Jiiya and agrees to trade all the Zecters in exchange for Kagami's life. At the last moment, the Zecters are able to escape, and Tendou engages Scorpio Worm in battle. Preparing for the final blow using the Perfect Zecter, Tsurugi suddenly appears from Scorpio Worm telling Tendou to fulfill his promise. Understanding that Tsurugi wants to destroy all Worms, Tendou activates Maximum Hyper Typhoon, slashing through Scorpio Worm's body.

As Riku announces that the threat of the Worms will finally come to an end to the public, ZECT begins handing out Worm identification necklaces that alert the wearer of nearby Worms. Upon learning this, Tendou begins destroying the necklaces. By destroying the necklaces, the public begins to fear and hate Kabuto. Kabuto and Dark Kabuto once again do battle, interrupting Tendou's quest to destroy the necklaces. Anticipating Dark Kabuto's attack method, Kabuto is able to defeat him by using Hyper Clock Up along with the Maximum Hyper Typhoon. Returning to destroying the necklaces, Gatack tries to persuade Kabuto to stop, but Kabuto simply tells him something is not right about the necklaces and continues destroying them until a blocked bullet from Tadakoro's gun goes stray and hits Renge. Kabuto then fires at Gatack and escapes the area, leaving an infuriated Tadakoro to care for an injured Renge.

Continuing on his mission of destroying the Worm identification necklaces, Tendou ends up rescuing Dark Kabuto from the clutches of Mishima and Negishi, who have taken over ZECT. After saving Dark Kabuto, Gatack finds Kabuto and demands to know the reason behind the destruction of the necklaces. Kabuto reveals that the necklaces are turning humans into Natives and must be destroyed. Not believing this, Gatack attacks Kabuto and defeats him with the help of the ZECT Troopers. Lying under the rubble of the battlefield, Tendou recalls his words to Hiyori of him always being by her side. As he reaches for a lone flower, the rubble from atop him falls and apparently crushes him. It is revealed that Tendou was indeed still alive after all. He uses the very same lone flower to destroy the controls, causing the meteorite that was turning humans into Natives to overload.

Afterwards, Tendou gives a powerful speech to convert the Native ZECT Troopers to his side. Then Hyper Kabuto defeats Mishima/Gryllus Worm together with Gatack, escaping the first explosion as an irritated Negishi was intend to make Tendou pay for ruining everything he sought to obtain. Dark Kabuto then rushes out at the last moment, telling Tendou to protect their world as he drags Negishi back into the explosion that kills them both. Realizing the battle is over, Tendou releases the Kabuto Zecter, and Kagami soon follows suit, the two then watch the Zecters fly away to an unknown destination.

Tendou then tells Kagami to listen to what he is about to say, for he will only do so once. Tendou then goes on to say that to walk the same path is merely a test of perseverance. Tendou then says, "But the ones reaching different paths together are..." Kagami then interrupts, by finishing it with "friends", and asking him if his grandmother gave him this quote. Tendou smiles and states that those are his words. The two are then greeted by Tadakoro, Renge, and Misaki. Renge leaps to Tendou and gives him a hug, causing Tendou to nearly fall backwards in surprise. Tendou then resumes a normal life. During the epilogue, Tendou is shown in Paris improving his cooking skills, giving his trademark introduction to a Frenchman who recognized him and asked him if he's the famous Souji Tendou.


Tendo is the user of the Kabuto Zecter, who is also a mysterious, quiet 21-year-old man that often seems to follow monk-like philosophies of peace. His name literally means "Heavenly path, rules over all" and he always uses it to introduce himself ("Walking the path of Heaven, the man who will rule over everything").

Tendo often spouts amazingly appropriate zen-like phrases which he has supposedly learned from his grandmother, prefacing them with "Grandmother said this" (お母ちゃんが言っていた Obaachan ga itteita). He also often does a 'point to the sky' pose, usually after he defeats a Worm or introduces himself. Tendo has no actual job and does not attend college (maybe he self-study on his own or else how come he has so many talents, abilities and knowledge towards everything) because he believes that he is destined for something bigger (Which is becoming Kabuto. In fact, the first episode implies that he has been training all his life waiting for the Kabuto Zecter).

Despite having and mastering numerous talents and abilities (from cooking to martial arts to playing the piano to hairstyling to excelling at numerous sports even can handle entire teams alone), he is usually uninterested in pursuing anything until his belt activates. He calls himself a "National Treasure" and "Universal Treasure" that greater than all the world's population of six billion people. Tendo stays in a big home with his little sister Jyuka, loves cooking, and seems to have an interest in Arata's co-worker, Hiyori (in fact that he already knew that she was his sister and decided to look after her secretly). As a result, he is a regular customer at Bistro La Salle.

Because of his talents and abilities that being extremely far ahead of everyone combined with his incredibly handsome outlook, Tendo comes off as rude, cocky and exceedingly arrogant. This was the primary reason why he has few to no friends in the first place, and he doesn't want or need any friends (but he is very popular and likable by women). However, behind this unlikable personality is the caring emotions he has for humanity as a whole and his sisters especially. Deep down, Tendo is essentially a good person with a very strong sense of justice and morality who is always more than willing to help those in need, in one way or the other. Those who are closest to him, Kagami, Hiyori and Jyuka know this, and that he can always be trusted to do the right things in the end.

His feelings for his two sisters are among the few things that can break his serious demeanor, as Hiyori is also Tendo's little sister, which Tendo's parents were murdered and mimicked by Natives years before Worms arrived on Earth, and the original Kusakabe Hiyori died with them before birth she was soon "reborn" as a Native. This is sometimes shown humorously such as when Juka states that she has a lover but in fact is her classmate not Juku.

He possesses an uncanny ability to see through the Worms' disguises as well as detect if there are any nearby without the use of any devices (in fact using his intellect to deduce and analyze). Tendo acts quite mercilessly against Worms, saying that as long as they are Worms, they will be destroyed. While this may seem slightly cruel, this is pretty justifiable as the Worms kill numerous people including Tendo's parents and most of the Worms did harm others. He does however seem to make an exception if he feels it`s right as he spares Hiyori's life as she is his sister. He also hesitates at killing Tsurugi until being convinced by him, showing that Tendo does not kill Worms out of malicious reasons as well as further showing how much he can actually care for others close to him. By his own words, he only shows no mercy to those who are a threat to humanity only. This does however, show that he can make hard and seemingly cruel decisions when he feels the need to do so. Tendo sometimes cloud his judgments by his sisters' involvement as he once wanted to kill Arata when he found out Hiyori's identity as a Native before being convinced not to, and defeated other Riders in order to prevent them to harm Hiyori (although at last he gave all the Zecters back to the original users). Despite this, Arata is still Tendo's most trusted friend, and they support each other in times of need.


Tendo Soji. The man who walks the path of heaven, and will rule over everything.
~ Soji Tendo to Tsurugi Kamishiro
  • Peak Human Condition: Tendo went through intense training for seven years in order to prepare to become Kamen Rider Kabuto. In addition, he has a healthy and strict diet to enable his body to develop and operate at its most proficient. His physical attributes are at the natural limits far above than that of an Olympic-level athlete that has ever competed. Some of his regular workout feats are sit-ups, pull-ups, one arm push-ups, kickboxing an extremely heavy punching bag, bench pressing, squatting, performing weighted pull-ups, to name a few. His physicality includes his strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, reflexes, senses, healing, and endurance that represents the pinnacle of human physical prowess, all of which have naturally heightened his abilities to the highest levels of peak human potential and perfection. He is even on par with the most powerful Worms who are Executive Worms, including Scorpion Worm and Cassis Worm in their human forms. While biologically human, his physical capabilities are all at peak physical perfection resulting in nigh-superhuman physical prowess, far exceeding that of even Olympic-level athletes, making him immensely physically powerful by normal human standards. Hence, this enables Tendo can perform any kind of sports at an Olympic-level, including football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, kendo, bowling (scoring perfectly for each time), fencing, and baseball, only rivaled by Scorpion Worm in his human form with superhuman condition, but Tendo managed to surpass him in fencing. An impressive feat has shown that his physical condition is on par with Cassis Worm in his human form with superhuman conditions, Tendo without being transformed was able to fight against him in his human form on equal grounds, which previously was able to utterly overpower Gatack and defeat him. In addition, he also has peak level of mental condition, which is the ability to stay extremely calm and collected in any situation that his is in, even if there are numerous ZECTroopers pointing their automatic machine guns at him. He always stays extremely calm and collected during any battle, and this allowed him to virtually win every battle he has been in.
    • Peak Human Strength: Tendo's strength allows him to physically overpower combatants, elite-trained humans, Salis Worms, Minor Worms, and even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. As he prepared to become Kabuto, Tendo underwent an extremely intense exercise regimen to increase his strength to an almost superhuman level. Hence, he can effortlessly take down three grown man simultaneously with ease, which forced them to leave with terror and completely afraid of Tendo. He was capable of knocking down five police at once with no effort, a single shoulder and elbow push for two while using arm and foot to knock the other three down, note that he was holding back as much as possible to prevent them from getting hurt. He knocked down Kagami with a single punch and caused him injured. He chokeholds Shun Kageyama effortlessly that he was unable to resist or couldn't even manage to see his face (Shun wanted to know Kabuto's true identity), while he was holding back to prevent snapping his neck. Also, he easily and swiftly knocked down or knocked out numerous highly trained ZECTroopers at once with one hit (they were wearing heavy armors and helmets) while holding back to prevent killing them. Tendo's strength allows for him to send enemies flying several meters in the air from mere punches and kicks during his fight. His strength also extends to his legs, easily allowing him to jump several meters into the air, and kicking Kagami's wallet hard enough to knock out a mugger. He has shown that his strength is greater than Minor Worms in their human form. Hence, he is able to restrain Brachypelma Worm Viridis who mimicked as Kagami when the Worm is about to kill the real Kagami. His strength allows him to easily knock down numerous Salis Worms (they are bulletproof even using specialize bullet against them and strong enough to causally walk through concrete walls), able to effectively fight against and knock down Minor Worms effortlessly without them using clock up. His nigh-superhuman strength enable him to compete numerous sports against Scorpion Worm in his human form with superhuman strength, and without transformed was able to fight against Cassis Worm in his human form who had superhuman strength, which previously was able to utterly overpower Gatack and defeated him. He used his strength to lift and escape from stockpile of heavy rubble collapsed and compressed on top of him. In the final battle, he was strong enough to throw a flower towards the meteor that negating its energy and cancelling the transmission which destroyed the controls, causing the meteorite that was turning humans into Natives to overload.
    • Peak Human Durability: Tendo's body is inhumanly resistant towards impact forces and extreme blunt force trauma, that is exceptionally durable by human standards due to his intense training. His muscles and bones are vastly denser and far more resilient than an average human, making him extremely durable, even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. Augmented by his iron forged willpower he can tolerate massive amount of physical pain and damage. His physique which is rigorously trained to the uttermost human limit and is extremely tough and resistant to damage. As he is hardly injured even suffering from fierce attack, for instance he could withstand and unfazed by Dark Kabuto multiple kicks and punches without resisting and countering, even withstanding a rider kick in point-blank without transformed back into human and without any injuries afterwards. He did not have any visible injuries after numerous blows and a rider kick from KickHopper when he was out of control due to Red-Shoes system. Tendo's tolerance for pain is almost inhuman, able to withstand TheBee final attack in point-blank that stabbing through his shoulder while had no flinching and walked away as if he had no injured. He can directly withstand superhuman strong blow from Salis Worms who can easily kill ZECTroopers even wearing heavy armors, with little to no injuries. Even after the battle between him and Gatack which cause him trapped under the rubble that would have killed most people (everyone thought he was dead), Tendo's resilience enabled him to survive stockpile of heavy rubble collapsed and compressed on top of him, with only minor injuries. Even Gryllus Worm used the ability to shoot electric tentacles from the protrusions on his shoulders that penetrated Kabuto chest armor that made him severely wounded, but he had shown no visible injures after the battle. His nigh-superhuman durability enable him to jump from a communication tower (which was about 80m) in a diving pose to the ground and land perfectly without any injury. In fact, he had shown visible injuries only three times throughout the series.
    • Peak Human Speed: Tendo can run and move at speeds superior than that of any finest human athletes, even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. He is also very maneuverable and graceful, able to chase and outrun enemies through various terrains with no wasted effort or time, even quick enough to catch up to a speeding vehicle on foot. Hence, he was able to catch up the taxi (a Worm mimicking Yuzuki Misaki in the taxi about to kill Jyuka) immediately after receiving a call from Hiyori that his sister was in danger and then he ran from a bridge near the river to the city with tremendous speed which successfully prevented the Worm from killing her. Tendo was fast enough to run and catch four dishes at once within a few seconds which Jiiya accidentally fell them off few meters away. His nigh-superhuman speed enable him to easily keep up with Scorpion Worm in his human form with superhuman speed when they were competing in numerous sports, even appeared to be vibrating blur of motion when Tendo was dodging his attack which completely surprised him. On one occasion, while he was having tea at Bistro La Salle, others were completely frozen in place. In combat, he is extremely agile and evasive, easily dodging and countering his enemies' attacks, supplementing his strength with sheer speed to defeat his enemies. His speed was extremely fast that enable him to match with Cassis Worm in his human form who had superhuman speed when they were fighting against each other.
    • Peak Human Agility: Tendo agility is superior than that of any Olympic-gold athlete gymnast, even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. He can flawlessly coordinate his body with perfect balance, equilibrium, flexibility, and dexterity. He is capable of leaping great distances with great accuracy. His athletic prowess grants him exceptional agility, coordination, and balance while fighting and evading others. Tendo is incredibly nimble and agile, and has demonstrated high level of agility and dexterity. His mobility allows him to move away from the sight of others and stalk enemies from the shadows or higher vantage points. Tendo was able to fluidly dodge sudden attack from Worms by using coordinated flips without losing balance, like dodging Verber Worm, Sepultura Worm and Cochlea Worm superhuman speed attack and Genomyas Worm underground sneak attack, and jumping over a fence and then using dive roll to save Jiiya from falling, all which using less than a second. His agility with perfect balance, equilibrium, flexibility and dexterity allows him to easily keep up with Scorpion Worm in his human form with superhuman agility when they were competing in numerous sports. His nigh-superhuman agility enable him to dodge bullet fire by Drake effortlessly even though he was not transformed.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Tendo's highly trained and developed body generates far fewer and much more resistant fatigue toxins than an ordinary human, superior in that regard to the finest Olympian athlete. He is able to exert himself at his peak capacity for several hours without tiring or slowing down and granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity, even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. He is able to fight or do sports which exert himself at peak capacity for long periods of time without showing any sign of fatigue. His nigh-superhuman stamina enable him to compete numerous sports against Scorpion Worm in his human form with superhuman stamina for many hours without showing any sign of tiring. He was able to run from a bridge near the river to the city with tremendous speed which successfully catching up the taxi and prevented the Worm from killing his sister without any sign of tiring. After he was out of control due to the Red-Shoes system which severely affected his physical and mental condition, he was still able to continue battling with Worms, even fought against Uca Worm and forced her to retreat.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Tendo's reflexes are seemingly superhuman, and is far superior to normal humans and superior to those of the finest human athletes, even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. He is able to pick up danger before anyone else in his vicinity does, showing noticeably sharp hearing and sight. His acute skills of perception offer aid in otherwise detrimental situations. He is able to quickly react instantaneously to simultaneous attacks from multiple enemies. His reflexes can also be used to attack and counter instead of just defensive purposes, allowing him to punish attacks with devastating counters when fighting extraordinary quick opponents. Tendo reflexes could easily dodge a pinpoint knife attack slicing through his throat by a mugger while wearing geta and carrying a bowl with tofu inside, and catching the wallet reflected from the mugger without even looking. He kicked the table and caught the phone with ease while his hands were being back handcuffed. He effortlessly caught four dishes at once the moment he saw them by using different body parts (two by hands, one by foot and one by shoulder) which Jiiya accidentally fell them off. He could dodge any sneak attack, no matter humans, ZECT Riders or Worms, like dodging Verber Worm, Sepultura Worm and Cochlea Worm superhuman speed attack and Genomyas Worm underground sneak attack. His nigh-superhuman reflexes enable him to easily keep up with Scorpion Worm in his human form with superhuman reflexes when they were competing in numerous sports. Most impressive feat was dodging a bullet fire by Drake with ease even though he was not transformed.
    • Peak Human Metabolism: Tendo's natural healing, metabolism, immune system, are at the highest limits of human potential, which means he can also heal much faster than normal humans, even on par with the Executive Worms in their human forms. His metabolism runs several times faster than an average human's due to his strict diet and incredible workout regimen. This allows him to have a near inhuman metabolism, healing, immune system, and longevity. His conditioning lets him recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhuman. His immune system fights off microbes, infections, disorders, illnesses, sicknesses far better than normal. After he was out of control due to Red-Shoes system which severely affected his physical and mental condition, but he was able to heal up quickly and can continue battle with Worms, even fought against Uca Worm and forced her to retreat. After battling with Gatack and trapped under the rubble and causing stockpile of heavy rubble collapsed and compressed on top of him. His nigh-superhuman metabolism enable him to heal up rapidly without leaving a trace of injury within several days.
    • Peak Human Senses: Tendo's five senses are pushed at the highest limits of human perfection; meaning that his sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste are very keen, even surpass Culex Worm who has superhuman senses. His awareness, instincts, and senses combined grant him tremendous awareness of his surroundings on a wide range, this make him extremely alert to danger, bordering a sixth sense, seemingly able to sense potentially dangerous things shortly before they occur. For example, if an object is being thrown at Tendo, he will usually be aware of it, even if it is hurled from far away and he is facing the opposite direction. Tendo possesses extraordinary eyesight that his eyes are more acute than normal humans. Hence, his flawless sight allows him to perfectly aim his targets without even looking. He has also proven that his hearing is extremely acute, he can clearly hear conversations from several meters away, even can accurately identify a person's whereabouts based on the location of the sound that was produced. Hence, he easily located and found Genomyas Worm mimicking Yuzuki, which was hiding several meters away from him by hearing the slightest sound made by her bracelet when hitting the railing. Moreover, he could easily detect if he was following by someone or someone was hiding away or spying from him, no matter humans or Worms, even very far from his location. Hence, he was able to sense Aracnea Worm Nigritia was following him which wanted to kill Tendo in a location where the Kabuto Zecter couldn't reach him to transform. His nigh-superhuman senses enable him to easily dodge Renge Takatori's assassination attempted from behind without even looking, even though she was a highly-trained spy and assassin which surpass most of the ZECTroopers. He often utilizes this ability when performing a rider kick as he turned his back to his opponents and accurately sense when they will arrive and perform a rider kick. On the other hand, he utilizes this ability in cooking, able to pick out every individual ingredient in the food by either smelling or tasting it, so that he can cook the best taste of food. Hence, he can identify all the ingredients in Hiyori's mackerel miso (red miso, white miso and a new blend of miso). He even stated that he could remember all the flavors of the famous restaurants (in a cooking competition about Karei no Nitsuke between Shun and Renge, Shun cheated by buying the dish from other restaurant, Tendo immediately identified the cooking was Ginza's five-chome's Hide's by just a taste of it). His senses in cooking is so incredible that even beat Culex Worm in a cooking contest, who was a master chef with superhuman senses, while wielding the black knife that could manipulate emotion which enhanced the taste of food tremendously.
Stop it! You guys are no match for him!
~ Arata Kagami to ZECT
  • Master Martial Artist: Tendo is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having trained extensively for seven years in order to prepare to become Kamen Rider Kabuto, his skills are unrivaled, making him the most powerful and best fighter among all Kamen Riders. He has mastered numerous martial arts such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Savate, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Wing Chun, Kenpo, Yawyan, Kendo, Fencing, Kenjutsu and Intonjutsu. His fighting style consists of first analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents, then incorporating and taking full advantage of his proper use of physical forces, momentum, and leverage, as well as his knowledge of anatomical weaknesses and pressure-points, combined with his nigh-superhuman strength, executing it all at very high speeds. Moreover, Tendo's style is extremely unpredictable, proven as flexible and precise in his maneuvers, easily changing tactics and attack patterns to suit the situation, combined with short quick dodges while deflecting blows and counter-attacking to systematically take down and defeat his enemies. Hence, he is being able to swiftly and effortlessly knock down or knock out police and highly-trained ZECTroopers while holding back to prevent killing them. Even without transformed, with his tremendous and incredible combat skills, combined with his strength, speed and agility, was sufficient enough to effortlessly fight against and easily knock down inhumanly strong Salis Worms or Minor Worms without them using clock up. After transformed, he effortlessly overpowered and defeated other ZECT Riders with ease, he was able to fight against and defeat So Yaguruma’s TheBee who was the former leader of the elite troop Shadow and an expert hand-to-hand combatant in his own right, while effortlessly and easily defeated Shun Kageyama’s TheBee, Drake, Sasword who is a Scorpion Worm and has mastered numerous skills, Gatack so on and so forth. Moreover, he defeated every Worms that he encountered, even the most powerful Worms, including Uca Worm who is the first Executive Worm, Cassis Worm who has the "Life of Immortality" ability, which enables him to evolve into a new form each time he gets defeated, Scorpion Worm who can mind control other Worms, and Gryllus Worm who is the strongest Native that overpowered Hyper Kabuto and Gatack at the same time (even Maximum Hyper Typhoon failed to damage him), he was able to exchange some blows as Tendo overwhelmed him in hand-to-hand combat with superior fighting skills, easily countering his attacks and landing punishing blows, which gained an upper hand at first, until he was severely wounded after Gryllus Worm used the ability to shoot electric tentacles from the protrusions on his shoulders that penetrated Kabuto chest armor, but eventually able to defeat him with aid from Gatack. Tendo is not only extremely proficient in handling any types of weapons including gun, knife, axe, dagger and sword, but also maximize the use of the weapons' properties. He used Kabuto Kunaigun Ax Mode and Kunai Mode to fight against Worms or ZECT Riders for close combat, even able to destroy Minor Worms without using a Rider Kick. He used Kabuto Kunaigun Gun Mode to fight against Worms or ZECT Riders for long ranges, he was able to maximize the use of it as he used his Kabuto Kunaigun to shoot DAT Sight beam through the dust and glass shards in the air, which tracked Aracnea Worm Rubor who was using clock up, and tricking it into impaling itself on his Kunai's axe blade, and thus destroying it. He used Perfect Zecter mainly for final attacks against Worms or ZECT Riders, most impressive feat is he used Hyper Shooting which releases a tachyon-charged energy gradient that disperses into several homing laser shots to counter Cassis Worm's time-stopping ability which completely surprised the latter.
You have lost this duel, Young Master."
"That's correct. Look more carefully.
~ Jiiya and Tsurugi Kamishiro and Soji Tendo
  • Sword Mastery: Tendo is a master swordsman with extraordinarily skilled and highly accomplished in swordsmanship, that demonstrated tremendous and nearly unrivaled skills with a sword. Hence, Tendo perform kendo and fencing at a Olympic-level, which both sports mainly using sword as a weapon. His swordsmanship has proven to be superior than that of Tsurugi Kamishiro, a master swordsman in his own right, Tendo was able to fight on par with him in kendo but surpassed him in fencing as Tsurugi was able to hold his own against Tendo for a while before being disarmed and lost the duel.
One more game, you in?"
~ Soji Tendo and Tsurugi Kamishiro
  • Master Marksman: Tendo is an extremely skilled and outstanding marksman. He has extraordinary talent in marksmanship with unerring accuracy due to his keen eyesight and impeccable hand-eye coordination. He could wield firearms with superior accuracy and precision, though he preferred using firearms after transformed. He has near-perfect precision with any aimed or thrown any weapon or projectile with unerring accuracy, which can make precise shots from virtually any angle, physical position, or state of motion. Moreover, Tendo can hurl objects with extreme speed and deadly accuracy, both in direct aim and complicated rebounds or interactions. Hence, Tendo was able to kick Kagami's wallet with extreme velocity and deadly precision which accurately hit the mugger's head without any effort and knocking him out and then even reflecting back to his hand. Tendo was also able to throw the wallet backwards and accurately land on Kagami's hand without even looking at him. During sports battle between him and Tsurugi, Tendo was able to score perfectly in bowling every time and never miss once.
  • Master Acrobat: Tendo is proven to be extremely agile and evasive, able to fluidly dodge attacks from multiple directions with coordinated flips, twists, and sharp turns without losing balance. He often utilizes these talents in combat for both evasive and offensive purposes. Hence, he was able to dodge Verber Worm, Sepultura Worm and Cochlea Worm superhuman speed attack and Genomyas Worm underground sneak attack by using coordinated flips and twists, and jumping over a tall fence and then using dive roll to save Jiiya from falling, all which using less than a second. He also utilized his gymnastic and acrobatic skills when Tendo and Tsurugi were competing in numerous sports.
Tendo, how did you get in here?"
"How is this perfect security? Another uninvited guest is inside.
~ So Yaguruma and Soji Tendo
  • Master Spy: Tendo is extremely skilled in espionage, intelligence gathering, stealth, infiltration, and sabotage, capable of breaching high security facilities without being detected. Hence, he was managed to infiltrate So Yaguruma's highly trained security team with ease to reveal the Worm. He also disguised as the job required in order to infiltrate different places including police station, police headquarters, a church, a hospital, Tsurugi's house and even a ZECT off-site prison. However, Tendo's most impressive feat was he infiltrated ZECT headquarters (one of the most guarded facilities) numerous times to acquire information, despite its staggering security systems. Moreover, Tendo has completely mastered the art of stealth. He can follow his targets and sneak at the back of people for long periods of time unnoticed, and quickly disappear from sight even in broad daylight. Hence, he was able to sneak behind Shun Kageyama, a ZECT agent and leader of Shadow, and disappeared within a second without left any trace. Tendo's remarkable speed and almost ape-like agility allow him to move away from the sight of others and stalk enemies from the shadows and higher vantage points. In addition, Tendo is adept to disguise as different kind of jobs in order to infiltrate different organizations without being noticed his true intentions by others and easily gain the trust from the superiors, such as becoming the leader of Shadow troopers to know more information about ZECT and Worms, disguising as a ZECTrooper to escape, disguising as a Chef in order to save Gon, disguising as a piano teacher to infiltrate Tsurugi's house in order to help Yuzuki to catch the Worm, disguising as a high ranking police officer from central station to investigate the upper ranks of the police, disguising as a surgery staff to save Kagami from being killed by the Worm, as a chaplain, and a doctor to investigate who the real Worm was. In addition, Tendo is a master escape artist, being able to free himself from various confinements, such as getting handcuffs off by himself, escaping from the ZECT headquarters easily when he was being held captive, with even more impressive feats which he managed to escape from stockpile of heavy rubble collapsed and compressed on top of him.
Who do you think I am? It is I. Greater than all the world's population of six billion people. I'm number one. With my excellence, ZECT decided I could have anything I wanted.
~ Soji Tendo to Arata Kagami
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Tendo is an extraordinarily intelligent and eclectic polymath genius, who he always aims himself to become perfect in all aspects (which he actually did). His intelligence is nearly unrivaled, enable him to stay extremely far ahead of everyone else, even an extreme powerful origination like ZECT was unable to keep up with him and powerless against him, so he virtually outsmarted anyone or any organizations. Moreover, he is very sharp-witted, methodical, calculating and confident man, alert and adaptive to the situation. He is highly tactical, both in preparation and while in action, always remain calm even in critical and dangerous situation. Hence, able to quickly analyze the situation and how best to handle it. Some manifestations of this are his exceptionally perfect charisma, eloquence, leadership skills, deductive/analytical skills, and tactical genius. Due to his mental training and being naturally gifted, he has acquired an instant learning aptitude, parallel multitasking, eidetic/photographic memory, accelerated reading, and a more powerful memory. He can memorize anything by just a single glance. He mastered all kind of sports at an Olympic-level including football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, kendo, bowling (scoring perfectly for each time), fencing, and baseball. Moreover, Tendo has consistently proven himself to be an exceptional and extremely talented cook, having been taught by his grandmother and secretly self-learned from Jiiya's cooking book. He always tells Hiyori to cook for him in order to learn from her and improve his own cooking skills. His cooking skills were further improved after Tendo acquired training from Jiiya's twin brother that he learnt the true purpose of cooking, and became worthy to wield the legendary white knife. He finally able to beat Culex Worm in a cooking contest, who was a master chef with superhuman senses, enable him to beat all the other master chef including Jiiya who was a head cook for the Discabil Restaurant and a mentor of Tendo, while wielding the black knife that could manipulate emotion which enhanced the taste of food tremendously. Culex Worm was very impressed by Tendo's cooking skills, and even intended to kill Tendo in order to obtain the memories of his cooking skills. After the battle against Worms, he went to France to perfect his cooking skills. His cooking ability is shown only rivaled by Jiiya and Hiyori. Tendo also mastered playing the piano, as he can play the piano perfectly and beautifully which is on par with a professional pianist. He played a duet with Tsurugi Kamishiro with a difficult piano piece even without any preparation. Tendo also mastered hairstyling, as he hairstyle Misaki in which she really loved it. Though rarely seen, his intellect possibly extend to scientific fields (as he aims himself to become perfect in all aspects), including engineering, as he told Kagami that he had a long relationship with the belt so he knew how to operate it, which possibly indicate that he had examinate the belt thoroughly in order to understand it, also medical science, as he was able to help a doctor to diagnose her disease and gave her useful medical advises, and neuroscience, as he was able to fool a surgeon which told him that Kagami needed an operation, even theological, as when he disguised as a chaplain, he was able to fool everyone to think that he was a real chaplain. Tendo's tremendously eclectic intellect extends itself to his unparalleled combat, leadership, tactical, strategic, detective, escapology, criminology. Moreover, Tendo has tremendous and unstoppable determination, sense of discipline, morale and strength of will, which makes him an extremely formidable opponent, one who absolutely refuses to hunker down and give up, even when placed against seemingly insurmountable odds which is known to keep fighting to the end. This makes him able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain. Tendo vows to protect both the world and his sisters, even accepting one of them being a Native. He always said to Kagami that even if the world became his enemies, he all alone didn't give up even in the end. In the final battle against Gryllus Worm, Tendo refused to give up even though the winning side is on the Natives, as many humans had already turned into them, and he ultimately defeated him alongside with Gatack.
ZECT is a collection of powerful people. It's true you are chosen by TheBee. Your power is valued. But his leadership is greater than yours. This was the result from various data. Understand?"
"But! Just who is he?! Can we trust him?"
"This is none of your concern. He is a first rate human. We search for such people.
~ Masato Mishima and Shun Kageyama
  • Master Tactician: Tendo is an excellent strategist and tactical genius, often using cunning and planning to effectively assess combat situations and come up with effective strategies, and successfully outwit stronger and more powerful foes like Cassis Worm and Gryllus Worm, rather than simply out-fighting them, using any of their exploitable weaknesses to his advantage. After losing a fight due to Cassis Worm using time-freezing abilities, he instantly created strategies and plans that used his Perfect Zecter to counter Cassis Worm's time-freezing ability and caught the latter completely off guard. With Gatack, they found out a weakness of Gryllus Worm after Gatack destroyed his shoulder protrusions made him severely weakened, successfully defeating him. Moreover, he can instantly create strategies and plans several steps ahead of his enemies and allies alike. Ever calculating and methodical, he is a near flawless planner, able to assess and account for the numerous variables and from this, effectively manipulate the situation to unfold as he sees fit. Hence, he is able to formulate battle strategies and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to alter near any strategy to fit the changing needs of the situation and has demonstrated the ability to quickly process multiple information streams, and rapidly respond to any changing tactical situations by creating perfect winning strategies rapidly. Tendo pretended to be captured by ZECT as they wanted to know whether he was Kabuto or not, but in fact that he wanted to obtain information about ZECT by letting them get himself inside. He also able to recognize and predict the actions of others, including their mindsets and frequently proved himself a quick study in battlefield situations being able to quickly ascertain details from minor actions. Hence, he correctly predicted Aracnea Worm Nigritia's plan, which wanted Tendo to go to a location where Kabuto Zecter couldn't reach him to transform and it thought this could win, but Tendo pretended didn't know he was being followed and went to a place which it wanted, and then telling the Worm that it was underestimating his power and showing the connection between him and Kabuto Zecter. He also predicted Dark Kabuto's plan accurately and perfectly as Dark Kabuto wanted to use a self-sacrifice attack by smashing Kabuto to the ground and having the advantage in Masked Form. However, Tendo already predicted his plan and able to counter attack him which completely caught the latter off guard and won easily. Moreover, Tendo cooperated with an alternate Kabuto from the future, as he attempted a Rider Kick on her while alternate Kabuto swapped Hiyori with a Worm right before the kick lands. This act was to mislead ZECT which they thought she was dead and prevented them to hunt her down. Despite preferring to work alone, Tendo is a highly effective and extremely skilled leader when the situation requires and has demonstrated impressive charisma and leadership skills. He was able to command respect from his allies like Kagami, Yuzuki, Renge, Daisuke or his subordinates in ZECT when he was the leader of Shadow. Hence, he led the Shadow troopers into victory against Worms with no one injured or killed, and his leadership ability was instrumental in the mission to stop Worms from killing the humans. Masato Mishima himself stated that Shun Kageyama's leadership abilities was far inferior than Tendo's. He also led Kagami, Yuzuki, Daisuke and Hiyori as a team to save Gon, they infiltrated ZECT prison which they all disguised as Chef. Using Tendo's plan instead of adding poison to the food which Daisuke almost doing so, they distracted the guards from returning to their post by using extremely delicious food made by Tendo and Hiyori, meanwhile Daisuke and Hiyori went to save Gon and successfully completing their goal. Moreover, he led Kagami, Yuzuki and Renge as a team to investigate Seika Academy middle school division effectively, they successfully found out that the school's director was manipulating behind the scenes and eliminated the Worm afterwards.
Besides, the woman is not human."
"What are you saying?"
"After doing your make up, you always use the perfume Happiness at the end. I don't smell this from her at all. Even if mimicking, you cannot copy one's smell.
~ Soji Tendo and Daisuke Kazama
  • Master Investigator: Tendo is an immensely formidable detective genius, capable of observation, forensic investigation, and psychological assessments, as well as both inductive and deductive reasoning of the highest caliber. He has extraordinary perception that allowed him to efficiently deduce and analyze people who are mimic by Worms, and virtually no one can lie, deceive or manipulate him. Hence, he was able to correctly deduce the power of ZECT only by reading the newspaper, as there was no news about Worms in the newspaper, he deduced that ZECT was using their power to control the media. When he was asking Kagami about ZECT, he accurately deduced that it was not because Kagami couldn't tell Tendo the details about ZECT, it was because Kagami didn't know anything about ZECT, after that even based on the desperation of Kagami wanting Tendo to join ZECT, Tendo flawlessly deduced how ZECT worked (If Tendo resisted, they would get rid of me. If Tendo messed up, he would be killed), which they were all true. He also immediately suspected and correctly deduced Kagami's brother was a Worm after knowing him suddenly returned after two years, he was able to accurately deduce that the Verber Worm only target people who wore white clothes, which So Yaguruma and his team thought it was targeting brides and grooms. In Kagami's lunch date, Tendo was able to accurately predicted the Worm is still on the ship in mimic mode and discovered her by deducing her make up. He was also able to deduce Yukari was mimic by Musca Worm, as Tendo didn't smell the perfume Happiness from her, which Daisuke used it at the end of the makeup. With the aid of Kagami, Yuzuki and Renge, he successfully found out that Jyuka's school's director was working with the Worm in order to restore the honor of the school. Moreover, Tendo was able to distinguish between a person and a Worm mimicking that person. Hence, he was able to distinguish the real Tatsuhiro Wakabayashi from three other Worms mimicking him, as Tendo able to discover that he had a habit that the other Worms didn't, which is he would let the nurse slapped him to fill him with spirit. In addition, Tendo was able to deduce Worms that after mimicking the person, they would always come back and eliminate the original. Hence, he set Yuki free from police in order to lure Lanpyris Worm who was mimicking her out, and correctly predicted that Brachypelma Worm Viridis who mimicked as Kagami would come to the hospital and eliminate a seriously injured Kagami. In addition, he was able to deduced Cassis Worm weaknesses, which simultaneous application of tachyon-based attacks would result in the neutralization of his absorption ability. Most impressive feat, Tendo was the only one who saw through Negishi's master plan which fool everyone else, as Tendo deduced the Worm identification necklaces were actually Native necklaces, able to turn humans into Native Worms, not even Riku Kagami who was the leader of ZECT and the others ZECT members including Shuichi Tadokoro, Yuzuki Misaki and Kagami Kagami knew and suspicioned about them, even after Tendo told Kagami about its true nature, he distrusted him and still thought that the Natives were their allies.
  • Multilingualism: Tendo is fluent in his native Japanese, as well as many other languages, including Italian, French, and English.



  • Kabuto Zecter - Kabuto's transformation device
  • Rider Belt - Kabuto's transformation belt
  • ZECT Mizer - A device that deploys minidrones
  • Hyper Zecter - Kabuto's transformation device to become Hyper Form


  • Kabuto Kunai Gun - Kabuto's personal weapon
  • Perfect Zecter - Kabuto Hyper Form's personal weapon


  • Kabuto Extender - Kabuto's Rider Machine



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