Soup is a Minor Character and a false antagonist of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 4: Bellow The Bedrock. She seems to be a savage person to keep people outta of Romeo's challenge room. But she did let Jesse, Petra, and Radar into Romeo's challage. 


Soup may seem evil at first, she did trick people that she has an army. But she did that to protect everyone (along with Val). She can possibly be Val's Sister. Val can mention that soup had an army but they died. 


Soup has blond hair, some armor, and light brown skin. 


  • She lied to people that there was an army but only to protect them.
  • She helped Jesse go in the challenge room.
  • Soup and Val are guards who want to protect people from going into Romeo's challenge room. 
  • Soup had an army but they all died.


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