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Sour is a minor character from the anime and manga series Dragon Ball Super. He is always with the martial arts teacher of Heles, serves as his angel attendant, and the Angel of Universe 2.

He was voiced by Austin Tindle in English.


Sour is a humanoid very slim and tall with teal skin just like his most Angels, white hair similar to Kibito Kai, and rather effeminate features. He holds his staff in his right hand, and he owns a long scepter with a gem that floats above it. Around his neck is a large light blue ring. Sour's attire consists of a yellow robe, a a black cuirass with the same white and orange diamond decorations as the martial arts teacher of Heles, and a dark green sash. He also seems wears a black high-heeled shoes with white spats.


Sour is very calm and patient personality, like the other Angels caring himself better than others with more intelligent.

Like the other Angels, he treating something has his indifference with the none concern from the God of Destruction when he shows after he calming to the warriors after eliminated. He shown briefly reached while Jimizu gets tortured to his death by Frieza doesn't count by his supporters Brianne de Chateau while everyone did it. Later, he shown that the beautiful smile at Brianne when she got eliminated and she smiles back for Zirloin, Rabanra and Zarbuto's transformation therefore at the last resort, suggested when he sometimes to repeat on his own universe's god.

In the Universe 2 of erasure, Sour keeps the eyes closed formerly, despite his hunting on his rigidity, he told that some universe at the fondness.


Sou, Pell, and Heles appears in the Zen-Oh Expo. At the Tournament of Power, he talks that is no signing at the concern from the Universe's team, being not been erased while their losing. Later, he shown that repeated own his efforts at the universe's fighting of the finale and while the Univeese 2 is currently erased, he was surprised, sadness and suggested.



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