Sour Bill is King Candy's diminutive majordomo and the (former) major antagonist turned anti-hero in Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. He is voiced by Rich Moore.


Sour Bill, as his name suggests, isn't exactly a bright ball of sunshine. He's gloomy, speaks in a monotone, bored, and unenthusiastic manner, and it's only during intense moments that he's more expressive in emotion. He diligently serves King Candy, obviously trustworthy enough to know Candy's secrets of manipulating the codes of Sugar Rush, and seemed content to do so, apparently not interested enough to know exactly why Candy erased the memories of everyone in Sugar Rush concerning Vanellope von Schweetz nor is it known if he ever even considered doing anything about it. He does villainous acts throughout the movie, such as imprisoning Fix-It Felix, Jr., simply to ensure he doesn't cause trouble like Ralph did, but once everything is set right, he immediately praises Vanellope as the true ruler of Sugar Rush, in his own boring way.


Sour Bill is King Candy's most trusted assistant and personal adviser. Named for both his flavor and his sour disposition, Sour Bill is notably always gloomy or depressed and speaks with a deep, monotonous voice. By orders of King Candy, Sour Bill is forced to handle difficult tasks in the Sugar Rush kingdom, much to his dismay. Sour Bill was the closest one to the King during his reign, being the only other character to know about the secret codes of the game that were hidden in the castle. Bill was also the only one to know Vanellope was once a racer, and that King Candy was hiding the truth from everyone in Sugar Rush. An interesting note is that it was originally believed that Sour Bill was gloomy as a result of a strong disliking towards King Candy. However, this is not the case. Not only was he shown to be incredibly loyal to the King, albeit annoyed with some of his orders, Sour Bill continues to appear depressed even after Candy's death, as seen when he un-enthusiastically announces Vanellope's royal status. This could possibly mean Sour Bill's gloomy attitude is part of his programming.

Physical Appearance

Sour Bill is a small, green candy ball that resembles a jawbreaker. He has large, round, green eyes characterized by their heavy lids and dark, baggy circles; this gives him a perpetually tired and worn look. His mouth is small and often frowning. Bill has small, jellybean-like arms and legs that are detached and float independently from his body.

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