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Sowel Devosiana is one of three main protagonists of eXceed - Gun Bullet Children and the Stage 3 boss in eXceed 2nd - Vampire and Vampire REX. She is a member of the Gun Bullet Children, an organization employed by the Church to exterminate vampires that attack humans.


Sowel voluntarily joined to be a member of the Gun Bullet Children as its Exorcist, to seek the vengeance against the vampires who murdered her parents. Because of the incident, Sowel has deep hatred toward the vampires and deviants. Together with Chinatsu and Miyabi, Sowel defends the Holy Land from the vampire army after the first line of defense has been breached.

Sowel has a calm demeanor and is level-headed, even in battle where she shows no mercy to vampires and deviants, which have earned her a position as the Gun Bullet Children organization's de facto leader. Her power is called "Byte Kingdom", which allows her to summon Sylph, a Killing Doll and one of the Four Major Elementals that can automatically target and attack her enemies.


  • Her name appears to be a pun on Thomas Sowel, who covered the topic of Diversity.
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