The Earth Allied Armed Forces, more often called the Space Corps, are the overall protagonists of the R-Type Series of Shoot 'Em Up video games. They are a large organization based from Earth whose tasks is to protect the planet (and to an extant the Solar System) from the evil Bydo Empire, which the Corps has been at war with numerous times. Until R-Type Final, the Corps was not given an official name, and its origins were largely shrouded into mystery.

To help aid in the the effort to defeat the Bydos, the Space Corps created numerous small starfighter known as R-Crafts, which boasted an arsenal of weapons the crafts could use to fight off Bydo forces in different situations.

Space Corps is once again tasked to bear the mantle of Cosmic Defender against the all-consuming Bydo Empire in the upcoming R-Type Final 2, 16 years after the release of R-Type Final.

On Surface: The Good


It is unknown when or where the Space Corps was established and there is no estimated date established within the series, although it is revealed R-Type Final that the corporation first began creating spacecrafts in 2040 A.D. with the introduction of the OF Project of starfighters. The names of the designers, builders, and even the test pilots were never fully disclosed, further leaving minimal information to the exact membership of the organization.

What is known about the Space Corps is that they are constantly at war with a single alien invasion force known as the Bydo Empire since at least the mid-22nd century, and was at first at a disadvantage due to the lack of technology to combat against the forces, however through constant experiments, the Corps created the first of many R-Crafts to combat the Bydo forces: the R-9A Arrowhead.

Following its success in the first war, the Corps refined the technology used in the Arrowhead to create more powerful crafts in later years, as well as improved on the Force technology it had been studying upon from years of Bydo research.

For the next 60 years until the 2220s, the Corps continued to mass-produced newer and stronger R-Crafts (as well as other series) to combat the Bydo forces until after the success of the R-101 Grand Finale, the Space Corps ceased all production of R-Crafts and disbanded the project entirely.

The Bad

Despite being the defender of Earth, Solar System and protector of humanity with flexible strategic nature, thus deserving to be praised, Space Corps has its fair share of extremities bordering on madness. For the sake of defeating Bydo, Space Corps employ literally any and all means required to achieve that goal and has no qualms about going any length - no matter how inhumane their methods are. Also, the human nature of dissention that led to conflicts in the past also persisted in Tactics 2; during this brief time of peace thanks to Bydo being vanquished, personnel of Space Corps had disagreements over how to utilize Force and began to squabble each other - only when Bydo recuperated and reinvaded Earth humans once again put aside their petty differences.

The Hidden Insanity

Space Corps, to survive against vast, indestructible, omnipresent, lethal and tenacious enemy that shows no sign of extinction and just keeps on coming, had long forsook concepts such as ethics and individual rights etc.

First, R-9 series made by the Corps did not have the convenience of pilots in mind: pilots must fit the R-9 crafts. To that end, pilots are subjected to forced implantation, forcibly stunting the growth of pilots and computerizing them, injecting pilots genes of Bydo under the name of enhancing the control of the craft, even creating R-9 series that are forged from Bydo materials. Some pilots undergo amputation that leads to computerization to fuse with the starfighter just because the cockpit of their particular fighters are too small for them. All these indicate that Space Corps treats R-9 pilots as nothing more than interchangeable parts of machinery. But surprisingly, pilots of R-9 accepts (albeit reluctantly) these harsh treatments Space Corps puts them into. For they are aware Bydo is that much dangerous as foes.

The Terrible Truth

Space Corps in the 26th century is the one responsible for creating Bydos. The Space Corps' scientific and technological skills during this timeline reached at their zenith: They were able to create dimension-warping portals, reactionary weaponry, space travel etc. But to protect Earth against constant threat of alien forces, It believed more power and destructive weapons are needed. Thus, Space Corps created Bydo.

But Bydo turned out to be an extremely destructive all-consumers of life and were impossible to contain or control. Left with no other option and facing annihilation, Space Corps managed to imprison Bydo in the wormhole between dimensions - believing that Bydo would be faded due to time paradox in the wormhole. But Bydo did not perish; instead it endlessly evolved, multiplied and produced prolifically, while consuming anything and everything it can come into contact in a bid to survive. Bydo's insatiable consumption for survival continued for what seemed to be eons, until there was a rift in space and Bydo managed to slipped out of the wormhole it was imprisoned in. When Bydo escaped, it was 22nd century Earth. The vile creatures forged by Space Corps in the distant future, had come to the past to threaten the Earth and its creator.

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