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Space Tree Station is a space station where the park crew is stationed in for the Spark Initiative in Cartoon Network's Regular Show. Colonel Rawls is in charge of the station. It first appeared in "Welcome to Space". The Space Tree Station was presumably destroyed in the explosion at the end of the episode "Space Escape" with Rawls inside, if not destroyed, the Space Tree Station was under the control of Anti Pops and Rawls killed by it.


The design of the space station is shaped after a pine tree.


To be added...


To be Added...


  • Docking Bay
  • Colonel Rawls' Office
  • Barracks
  • Shooting Range
  • Simulation Room
  • Food Court
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Greenhouse
  • Prank Division
  • Basketball court
  • Chow Mein and Don't Touch Anything Shop
  • Phone Home
  • Space Elevator

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Space Tree Station

Inside the Space Tree Station


  • The Space Tree however can be seen on Regular Show: The Movie.


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