Sparks is a supporting protagonist of Aliens in the Attic. He is the former engineer of the Zirkonian team of aliens and an alley to the Pearson kids.

He is voiced by Josh Peck, who also played Eddie in the Ice Age franchise.

Biography and Personality

Unlike the other three aliens, he is actually nice and caring. Sparks is bullied by the other three and in the animated special called, "geek", just like Tom. He is also called "Snuggle Lump" by Hannah. He is best friends with Hannah after fixing her toys and her giving him a band-aid. Sparks teams up with the Pearsons and after defeating the other three, he retreats the invasion before he also returns to Zirkonian after saying goodbye to the Pearsons.


  • Sparks is the only member of the three aliens who redeems himself since he is good and helpful.
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