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Hero Overview

SPRX-77, better known as Sparx, is one of the main protagonists in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! He is the team's comedian, taking it upon himself to lighten a dark mood with a wisecrack or joke; even if it's not necessarily appropriate. He pilots the Fist Rocket 3, or the Super Robot's right hand and is easily the best pilot on the team, a fact which bolsters his already impressive ego. Yet, despite his ego, Sparx is capable of being serious when it's necessary, and harbors a fierce loyalty to his team and friends.

He is voiced by Corey Feldman.


He is a red and white robot monkey with black eyes.


He's a tough, flirtatious and proud monkey, with a love of flying and an enormous ego. He dislikes tension, and often tries to ease it with a well-placed joke, and seems to enjoy being the comedian of the team. He doesn't take life too seriously; yet he's intelligent, and fiercely loyal to his friends. He often puts himself in harm's way in order to protect them.


He was one of the six bio-mechanical monkeys created by an Alchemist in order to protect Shuggazoom and the universe from an incoming evil being.

Years after created, Sparx was found by Chiro sleeping inside the Super Robot at the outskirts of the City, after awaken, Sparx along the rest of the Monkey team joined forces with Chiro in a mission to protect Shuggazoom from the Skeleton King.


  • In some occasions, it's clear that he disagrees with or resents the decisions being made.
  • His voice actor, Corey Feldman is best known for voicing as Copper as young from The Fox and the Hound and Slash from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 series).
  • He temporarily became an antagonist in the episode Soul of Evil due to coming into contact with the Fire of Hate but he was redeemed by Nova.


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