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NOTE: This article is about the version of Sparx from the original games. You may be looking for information on his The Legend of Spyro counterpart.

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Sparx is a dragonfly and one of the main characters in the Spyro video game series. He is Spyro's sidekick and is always willing to help him and his companions.


Sparx acts as Spyro's health meter as his color changes any time Spyro takes a hit. Sparx becomes blue at Spyro's first hit, blue at his second, and green at his third. If Spyro is hit a fourth time, Sparx completely disappears, rendering Spyro completely vulnerable to dying upon being hit a fifth time. To prevent that, Spyro either flames or charges at small creatures called "fodder" to release a Butterfly, which Sparx devours, to replenish one hit point.



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