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Hero Overview

~ Spear speaking his first word.

Spear is the main protagonist of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal. He is a heroic Neanderthal who struggles to survive the violent and brutal conditions of the primordial world, and in the process, forges an unlikely bond with Fang, a female Tyrannosaur.

His voice and vocal sound effects were provided by Aaron LaPlante.


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Spear is an extremely brave Neanderthal and doesn't hesitate to fight larger creatures despite often being outclassed. As an experienced hunter, he is not bothered by brutal violence and feels little empathy when slaughtering animals and larger dinosaurs. Despite this, he is still shown to care for his family, sympathizes with Fang when he sees her offspring killed, risking his life to protect them and feeling devastated when he fails, and taking pity on weak and helpless creatures.

Spear has demonstrated a keen and observant mind, such as figuring out that the mammoth herd attacking him and Fang wanted the tusk of their fallen kin, using bugs as makeshift weapons to fortify his punches against a pack of wild dogs, and crafting a more manageable lift to move the wounded Fang without damaging his hands.

It is noticeable that Spear treats all humanoid primates with interest and friendliness, an example of which is Mira and cave people similar to monkeys. Upon meeting Mira, Spear demonstrated bewilderment at Mira's behavior as well as curiosity of her actions and innovations, such as her bow & arrows, her cooking (despite not liking the taste of roast vegetables), and was initially confused by Mira introducing herself after he kindly helped her free of her restraints.

Still, he came to trust and care about her, using drawings in the dirt to communicate with her, such as drawing the scorpion symbol on her head, his way of asking what it was and what it meant. After Mira is abducted and taken by the slavers, Spear speaks Mira's name, his first real word, demonstrating his comprehension of names.

Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced physical attributes: As a Neanderthal, Spear is much stronger than what a modern human would be, can physically exert himself for extended periods, has strong senses that enable him to detect more than what his eyes can tell him, and he's far more durable and tolerant of pain.
  • Master hunter and survivalist: Spear is a master of hunting, utilizing his spear to hunt game and even spear-fish. As a hunter, he is skilled in tracking and determining what sort of prey he is following and how best to take it down by using strategy, hsi environment, and later trusting Fang as his hunting partner. In addition, Spear is a master of survival, knowing how and where to find food and water, where to find or how to build shelter, and also using fire to keep warm in cold conditions.
  • Intelligence: Although he is a Neanderthal, Spear is more intelligent than he appears, using observation and noting details of a situation or a target (when he figured out the Night Feeder feared light and used that to trap and kill it) and figuring how solutions to whatever problems or methods to defeat enemies he and Fang face (such as using the ape shaman's potion to kill the ape men and then using a litter to move Fang when she was injured). He can adapt and use unorthodox solutions to overcome adversity (such as using bugs to fortify his punches) and also understand how best to resolve a situation (such as when a mammoth herd attacked him and Fang and he soon realized they just wanted the tusk of their fallen kin and gave it to them, causing the herd to leave him and Fang in peace). Other phenomena can confuse and baffle Spear, such as when he and Fang met Mira. He didn't understand Mira's behavior nor her attempt to introduce herself though he noticed she was in pain from her restraints and cleverly used Fang to remove the collar around Mira's neck and a rock to break off her manacles without injuring Mira. To overcome the language barrier, Spear and Mira used drawings, such as Spear "asking" about the scorpion symbol on Mira's head while she drew her story of how she and her people were enslaved. After Mira was taken away by the slavers, Spear showed he had come to understand the concept of names by verbally speaking Mira's name.

Mutated form

  • Superhuman Strength: Drinking the black liquid made Spear extremely powerful enough to brush off the ape-men after his transformation, knock off a Triceratops skull Krog is wearing with a punch, violently rip off the latter's arms to use as clubs to savagely beat him to death and then slaughter the entire ape-men with no difficulty.
  • Superhuman Resilience: After his transformation, Spear was able to endure a few punches from Krog, showing no too much pain.


  • Spear's name along with Fang's was based on the Robert E. Howard short story Spear and Fang.


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