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Spear is the main protagonist of Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal. He is a heroic caveman from an alternate prehistoric Earth who struggles to survive the violent and brutal conditions of the primordial world, and in the process, forges an unlikely bond with Fang, a female Daspletosaurus.

He is voiced by Aaron LaPlante.


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Spear is an extremely brave caveman and doesn't hesitate to fight larger creatures despite often being outclassed. As an experienced hunter, he is not bothered by brutal violence and feels little empathy when slaughtering animals and larger dinosaurs. Despite this, he is still shown to care for his family, sympathizes with Fang when he sees her offspring killed, risking his life to protect them and feeling devastated when he fails, and taking pity on weak and helpless creatures.


  • Spear's name along with Fang's was based on the Robert E. Howard short story, Spear and fang.


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