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Welcome to the Abuse Filter management interface. The Abuse Filter is an automated software mechanism of applying automatic heuristics to all actions. This interface shows a list of defined filters, and allows them to be modified.

Of the last 2,067 actions, 0 (0%) have reached the condition limit of 1,000, and 0 (0%) have matched at least one of the filters currently enabled.

All filters

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Filter ID Public description Consequences Status Last modified Visibility
1 Autoblock timed filter   Disabled 19:16, 21 November 2019 by ~aanzx (Message Wall | contribs) Private
2 Vandalism Disallow, Block Enabled 22:05, 24 August 2020 by Miss Toki (Message Wall | contribs) Private
3 Disallow, Block Enabled 15:23, 14 July 2020 by Tokina8937 (Message Wall | contribs) Private