Specks is one of the main protagonists of Joe Camp's 1979 mystery film The Double McGuffin. He is the unofficial leader of his friends.

He was portrayed by Dion Pride.


Specks and his friends, Homer Rutledge, Billy Ray Dober and Foster Callaway sneak out of their dorm rooms and head to a pond in the woods, while encountering a mysterious woman on the way. They swim in the pond until their fun is interrupted by Chief Talasek. Tally threatens to inform Coach Johnson, but Specks convinces him not to and lies to him about a stolen safe. Tally reluctantly agrees not to tell the coach as he drives away with them.

The next morning, Homer discovers a briefcase full of money and hides it in a culvert before leaving to tell his friends. The other kids come with Homer and head to the culvert, only to find a man's corpse instead and they flee the scene. They inform Tally about the incident and he refuses to believe them at first until he reluctantly decides to go with them. However, upon arriving there, they discover the body to be gone and Tally leaves.

At a cafe, they chat about the incident and the disappearance of the body. They leave the cafe as Tally arrives and Jody is confused about what's going on as she reveals her relationship with Homer, much to the boys' surprise. They notice the same woman in the same limousine and they also notice a man being dropped off with the same briefcase, while talking on the phone in a different language. As Mr. Firat hangs up, Specks and Jody distract him by pretending to do a survey on his fancy suit, while Homer and Foster steal the case to show it to Tally. However, Firat arrives and Tally refuses to open the case. Firat then reluctantly agrees to have the case opened and they open the case, only to find women's underwear.

The following night, during a football game, they notice the same woman with Firat standing behind her. As the game starts, they notice that Firat has disappeared. After the game, Specks and Homer head into the woods and discover the briefcase in the same culvert. However, upon opening it, they discover a dismembered hand and they run. They head back to retrieve it, as it is their only evidence to Tally, but it disappears and they flee the scene.

The next morning, Billy Ray follows Firat to Hotel Bonnieux and the boys follow him too. Billy Ray notices Firat and his men talking at the Iron Horse bar and he takes Homer with him to Firat's room, while Specks and Foster keep watch. Billy hides a walkie-talkie in a plant and Homer finds a stack of firearms in a trunk. Billy Ray notices that the phone is taken off the hook, so they leave the room. They are almost caught by Firat and his men, but they escape to a different room and leave. They listen to Firat's assassination plot, but before they could hear more of their conversation, one of the assassins destroys the walkie-talkie by pouring alcohol on it. They later discover the assassins setting a homecoming party and they come up with a plan to stop them.

They inform Jody to help them and she gets the information on criminals by Chief Talasek. Specks hires Arthur Honeycutt to help them, due to him being a computer expert, much to Homer's dismay. As Arthur arrives, Specks informs him about the assassination plot, but he refuses until he reluctantly decides to help them. Foster distracts the assassins by setting a fire alarm and Jody manages to take pictures of them. The next night, Specks, Homer and Arthur sneak into the programming room and manage to print out the information, while avoiding a passing security guard. Meanwhile, Billy and Foster sneak into Tally's room to scan Firat and his men's information as Jody distracts a policeman.

They learn that Firat is only known for being an illegal immigrant from a country called Kaboor, which is in the Middle East. Arthur tells them about Kaboor's history for dictatorship and they circle the evidence on the sheets. They learn that Firat wants to assassinate the prime minister, who happens to be Madame Kura, the same mysterious woman they saw. That morning, Billy and Arthur try to show the evidence to Kura, but Firat appears and they flee. Before they could get to the police station, Firat chases them. They make it to their hotel and Arthur runs out of breath. Billy is forced to dump the evidence to give them time to escape and they flee. Arthur blames himself for letting everyone down, but Specks comes up with a plan to take Tally to the evidence instead.

Specks informs Arthur that he needs to tell Tally, as he's the only one he would believe and he heads to the police station. Foster distracts Firat and his assassins with a fire alarm again and Specks and Homer sneak into his room. They cut out the bed sheets and find the evidence. Firat and his men arrive and they head to the closet to tie themselves up to look like they got kidnapped. Arthur and Tally arrive and Tally opens the trunk, only to find nothing. Tally confronts Arthur for manipulating him until the phone rings. After hearing what Specks' father said, Tally holds the assassins at gunpoint and Arthur opens the closet, revealing Specks and Homer tied up, having tricked Firat. The police arrive and the assassins are arrested. Firat questions Specks why he would trick them into kidnapping, to which Specks replies "Either confess to the real crimes or take the rap for frame". The kids celebrate their victory and Specks shows Tally the real evidence. Tally waves them goodbye and begins to trust them more as they leave.


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