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Specs (Zé Luís in original) is a 15-year-old young man, considered the "skull" of Monica's Gang for his responsible, rational and intelligent personality. Curiously, he is one of the oldest characters created by Mauricio de Sousa, even before Monica, Maggy and Smudge; Specs played opposite Jimmy Five in the old newspaper strips of Folha de S. Paulo in 1959, becoming one of Mauricio's creations with greater permanence in the stories, for being, despite being secondary, fixed in most of the stories.

Features and traits

He is a teenage character, older than the Bermuda Gang. His age is closer to Teveluisão and Xabéu (his great love interest. Since they were children, they have dated for a while, but broke up due to lack of complicity), these being from 15 to 16 years old, being part of the youngsters of the Limoeiro neighborhood gang. He is very intelligent and is often the voice of reason in the class, always teaching new things to his little friends, he is the figure of maturity and, almost always, he is withdrawn as the responsible know-it-all.

Occasionally, it helps with anything they need, whether it's cruel questions about everyday life, or just advice, so it's what most appears in the title of "Learn More!", answering the kids' curiosities, as well as the teacher, Mrs. Iracema. Specs is studious, has a great sense of right and wrong and his alignment is legally neutral, impartial, being the common sense of conscience that hovers over the neighborhood.


Creation and development

In the newspaper strip "Cebolinha" in which Monica debuted, Specs was presented as the older brother of the "toothed". But over time, that kinship was abandoned. One of the first characters created in the group, he is part of the older, padolescent wing.


In some older stories, he even creates his own inventions and scientific formulas, many of them disastrous. But, as the years went by, he was increasingly erased from the stories, and the post of 'inventor' of the class was taken over by Franklin (a fact that was recalled in "Outros 500!"). In the future, Specs became the main "alfer" - in charge, assistant - of the space cruiser Hoshi, where the Astronaut Commander is captain.


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