Jim Corrigan is a character DC comics, as well as the first host of The Spectre and a member of the Justice Society of America.


Jim Corrigan is a Gotham City Police Detective whose fiancee Gwen was kidnapped, He was guided by the Phantom Stranger on the instructions of The Voice. He leads Jim Corrigan to the abandoned warehouse where she's been kept, but this turns out to be a trap; Jim and his girlfriend are killed by the kidnappers and his soul is immediately imbued him with divine powers by The Voice and dubbed The Spectre who accuses the Phantom Stranger of betraying him. As the Spectre is about to attack the Phantom Stranger, The Voice intervenes and sends Spectre off to inflict his wrath on those who are more deserving of Spectre's wrath. The Voice chose James like he did the Stranger to be "the mirror of his desire for justice" (though Corrigan believes in vengeance).

Divine Mission

James returns to work as a police detective in Gotham City and the rage filled Jim was performing his duties as The Spectre by practicing vengeance rather than justice until Phantom Stranger attacked his police precinct convinced he was the one who kidnapped his family out of revenge. The two exchanged blows physically and verbally until The Voice himself intervened in the form of a Scottish Terrier and informed the Stranger of his mistake and set him on the right path. The Voice also set Corrigan straight on his duty and that he is meant to exact justice and not wrath.

James later went to Myanmar to punish John Constantine for his lifetime of sin, including the death of Jim's friend Chris. Knowing of the Spectre, Constantine knew his fate but managed to convince Jim to let him continue his mission against the world's evil sorcerers. Corrigan vowed that he will return to collect Constantine's soul upon his death.

Powers and Abilities


  • Omnipotence
  • Magic


  • Spectre (Jim Corrigan) was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily, first appearing in More Fun Comics. However, in the rebooted Prime Earth continuity his first appearance as part of the DC Universe is in Dan DiDio and Brent Anderson's New 52 Phantom Stranger series.
  • The origin of this version of The Spectre is an amalgam of the Golden Age and Bronze Age in that he is a "Vengeful Ghost" but with a Divine mission given to him by The Voice himself.


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