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Lorenzo "Speed" Trudge-along is a Turtle and one of the three tritagonists along with Jean-Bob and General Puffin in the Swan Princess, one of the secondary tritagonists in it's 1st two sequels and in the CGI films. He is wise but lazy at most times. He is an old friend of Jean-Bob. He also helps Prince Derek on his quest to save Princess Odette from the clutches of the nefarious enchanter, Sir Rothbart. Speed is good friends with Jean-Bob and Puffin.

Even though he is slow on land, he is a fast swimmer, thus earning him the name, Speed. He says or does things slowly. He also has a bit of a sarcastic, witty streak to him, particularly towards Jean-Bob.

He is voiced by Steven Wright in the original film and Doug Stone in the sequels. In the Japanese dub from the movie, he is voiced by Sosuke Komori.


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