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Spider-Ham (Peter Porker) is a fictional Marvel character, an anthropomorphic funny animal parody of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man, created by Tom DeFalco and Mark Armstrong.


Born on a cartoonish alternate Earth, the teenage anthrotoon spider Peter lived in the basement of unknown super-genius May Porker, who was determined to revolutionize America's hair care industry by testing an atomic powered hair dryer on herself. Zapping herself with radioactive energy, she bit Peter before fainting. The radioactivity mutated Peter into either a pig with the abilities of a spider or a spider with the limitations of a pig. One of the two. He revived May, only to discover she now believed Peter to be her nephew and herself an ordinary old woman. Using this newfound scientific genius, Peter created mechanical webspinners to replace his now-lost natural spinners and became a new superhero, the spectacular Spider-Ham.

Skills & Powers

Spider-Ham has super-strength, enabling him to lift around 10 tons and leap great distances in a single bound. His precognitive spider sense warns him of approaching danger. He can stick to and climb up walls. His wrist-mounted web shooters create ropes for swinging, or websheets to restrain people; he has web-sculpted objects like boats in certain emergencies. Sometimes he carries a pigspider backpack that contains a change of clothes while in costume. Like many other anthrotoons he can survive great physical traumas, like being pressed flat with little more than aches and pains. Porker is also a skilled photographer.


This character was created long before famous Spider-Pig's theme from The Simpsons Movie.

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