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Hero Overview

People see me and think they're safer. But it's not really me they're seeing. Probably for the best. Knowing that everything hinges on a guy from Queens sounds as scary as it feels. No pressure, right?
~ Peter Parker in The Main Event.
..'A hero's just someone who doesn't give up.' Your dad said that. He was right. Now, it's your turn. Go be a hero, Miles.
~ Peter to Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Spider-Man (real name Peter Benjamin Parker) is the titular protagonist of the PlayStation 4 2018 video game Marvel's Spider-Man, a supporting character in it's 2020 spin-off Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and will return as the titular protagonist of the upcoming PlayStation 5 sequel Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

He is a twenty-three year old college graduate and research assistant from New York City, who fights crime under his alias, using his spider-like superhuman abilities and web gadgets of his own design. Peter gained his spider powers after being bitten by a radiation-infused spider at the age of 15. Employing a secret identity, he settled on using his newly developed superpowers to protect the citizens of New York City as the superhero Spider-Man. Eight years into his superhero career, Peter has become an experienced and masterful crime fighter, but struggles to balance his superhero and personal lives.

Spider-Man is aided in his crime-fighting by intrepid Daily Bugle reporter Mary Jane Watson, his girlfriend, NYPD Captain Yuri Watanabe, and his protégé Miles Morales. In his civilian life, Peter is supported by his Aunt May, and is employed by his friend and mentor, the respected scientist Dr. Otto Octavius.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (who also voiced Ben Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse, the Prince of Persia in Sands of Time, The Two Thrones and The Forgotten Sands, Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings: Conquest and The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Fright Rider and Trail Blazer in Skylanders, Sir Galleth Cooper in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Makoto Yuki in Persona 3, Joseph Oda in The Evil Within, Neil in Camp Camp, Goku in the Dragon Ball series, Sasuke Uchiha in the Naruto series), while John Bubniak portrayed Spider-Man through performance capture.


Early history

Peter was born around the year 1995 in Forest Hills, New York. Following the death of his parents, government agents Richard and Mary Parker, Peter was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, growing up in Queens, New York. As a child, Peter became friends with Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn, forming a friendship that would last into his adulthood.

At 15 years old, while attending a science demonstration, Peter was bitten by a radiation-infused spider, which altered his physiology and granted him several abilities, such as enhanced strength, agility, speed, as well as a "spider-sense" that alerted him to any danger. At some point after this, Peter allowed a mugger to run past him without using his abilities to stop, deciding it was "not [his] problem". The criminal would go on to shoot and kill Uncle Ben. Knowing that he could have prevented Ben's death had he stopped the mugger, Peter blamed himself for the incident.

As a result, Peter became the masked vigilante Spider-Man, embracing his uncle's mantra of "With great power comes great responsibility" and defended New York City from crime. To aid his mission, Peter used his chemistry knowledge to create a synthetic web, and wrist-mounted "web shooters", to allow him to swing through the city and incapacitate criminals.

Becoming Spider-Man

Over the following eight years, Peter protected New York under his costumed alias. During this time, he had several encounters with super-criminals Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion. He encountered Herman Schultz (Shocker) early into his career, describing his first encounter with Shocker as when "[Spider-Man] was young and stupid". Peter left several of his backpacks webbed to walls around the city at various points throughout his war on crime.

Peter also established a long standing rivalry with Wilson Fisk, who ruled New York crime and, unbeknownst to Peter, a selection of the police force, as "The Kingpin". At some point, Peter learned the Kingpin's true identity, and the two had at least one physical encounter during the first eight years of Peter's career. Peter also developed an alliance with NYPD captain Yuri Watanabe; however, she remained unaware of his secret identity. He also had some sort of meeting with Matthew Murdock, although the exact details of this are unknown.

In his personal life, Peter's Aunt May joined the organization F.E.A.S.T. run by Martin Li, whom Peter knew well by eight years into his career. He also entered into a relationship with Mary Jane, an aspiring reporter. While the relationship had ended by the time Parker entered his eighth year of crime fighting, Mary Jane was still on good terms with him, and was aware of his dual life as Spider-Man.

During his time broken up with Mary Jane, he had brief romance with Black Cat/Felicia Hardy. Though she did go straight and give up crime, they broke things off.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Peter has since departed his job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle and works as a research assistant at Dr. Otto Octavius' lab, barely making ends meet.

With the NYPD finally having enough evidence to serve a warrant for Wilson Fisk's arrest, Peter makes his way to Fisk Tower to help the police raid the building. Fighting his way through Fisk's men, Spider-Man manages to take Fisk down and end his reign as the Kingpin, sending him to prison.

In his personal life, Peter is late for work helping Dr. Octavius demonstrate his advanced prosthetic limbs for his government financiers, who are left concerned by the demonstration's failure. Meanwhile, a new gang emerges from the shadows onto the streets of New York, calling themselves the Inner Demons. The Demons begin seizing Fisk's illicit resources and assets.

Mary Jane investigates an auction of Fisk's goods which is then attacked by Demons. With Spider-Man, she learns that the Demons are seeking something called Devil's Breath. Spider-Man is able to stop a Demon attack with the aid of Officer Jefferson Davis. Davis is lauded for his heroism at a re-election event for Mayor Norman Osborn attended by Peter, Mary Jane, and Officer Davis' wife and son, Rio and Miles Morales. Osborn receives a call threatening to punish the city for his sins, and flees the event. The Demons then attack, killing Davis and many attendees. Peter witnesses their leader, Martin Li, transforming into an inverted form dubbed Mister Negative, but he is knocked unconscious before he can intervene. Following the attack, Osborn hires Silver Sable and her PMC, Sable International, to supplant the police, and Peter befriends Miles over their loss, and convinces him to volunteer at F.E.A.S.T.

Peter and Otto continue their research, but Osborn withdraws government funding in an attempt to force Otto to work for Oscorp. Spider-Man's search for Li uncovers that Devil's Breath is a lethal and virulent bioweapon inadvertently created by Oscorp while developing a cure for genetic diseases at Osborn's behest. Li locates and steals the only sample of Devil's Breath and threatens to release it unless Osborn surrenders to him. Li is foiled by Mary Jane and Spider-Man, Devil's Breath is secured, and Li is incarcerated at the nearby maximum-security prison, The Raft.

Meanwhile, Otto obsesses over creating enhanced limbs that exceed the limitations of the human body, creating four mechanical tentacles operated from his back and mentally controlled via neural interface. He reveals to Peter that he is suffering from a neuromuscular disease that will inevitably immobilize him, and that enhanced limbs will allow him to continue his work when his body fails. Peter warns Otto that the interface could impact his mind and personality. Otto continues its use in secret, overcome with anger at Osborn; the pair were once friends who founded the mega-corporation Oscorp before Otto left due to Osborn's unethical experiments.

Spider-Man is drawn to the Raft by a prison break. He learns that some of his greatest enemies—Li, Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion—have escaped. They subdue Spider-Man and present him to Otto, now calling himself Doctor Octopus. Otto warns the beaten Spider-Man to not interfere before retaking the Devil's Breath and releasing it in Times Square, causing a mass outbreak; Peter's Aunt May is among those infected. New York descends into chaos while Doctor Octopus and his subordinates attack Osborn's properties. Osborn declares martial law and blames Spider-Man for the incident, branding him a fugitive.

Spider-Man gradually takes back the city, defeating Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion. Meanwhile, Mary Jane infiltrates Osborn's penthouse and learns that Devil's Breath was developed to cure Osborn's terminally ill son Harry—Peter and Mary Jane's best friend. As a child, Li was a test subject for the cure, gaining his abilities in an explosion of energy that also killed his parents and caused both his hatred for Osborn and the split between Osborn and Otto. She also learns that an antidote exists and Li has taken it. Spider-Man defeats Li and recovers the antidote, but Doctor Octopus arrives, brutalizes Spider-Man, and escapes with both it and Osborn.

Wounded, Peter builds himself an armored suit and confronts Doctor Octopus atop Oscorp Tower, liberating Osborn. Otto reveals that he has known Peter's secret identity, and the two battle. Spider-Man recovers the antidote and defeats Doctor Octopus; his artificial limbs are removed and he is sent to the Raft. Peter is faced with using the limited antidote to save a near-death May or allowing doctors to use it as a chemical base to develop enough cure for everyone; he chooses to save everyone. Before dying, May reveals that she knows he is Spider-Man and that she is proud of him.

Three months later, New York has returned to normal and Peter and Mary Jane rekindle their relationship. Miles, who was earlier bitten by an Oscorp genetically modified spider that escaped from Osborn's personal lab, reveals to Peter that he has gained spider-like powers, prompting Peter to reveal his own secret.

The City That Never Sleeps

In The City That Never Sleeps, Spider-Man must deal with the Maggia, who want to return after Kingpin was arrested and seeing that the citizens of New York don't take them seriously. In The Heist, Spider-Man confronts Black Cat, who has returned to her life of crime and is working with the Maggia crime boss Hammerhead. During the confrontation, Spider-Man learns that Black Cat is working for Hammerhead to steal drives in exchange for her son, which Peter believes is his. Spider-Man teams up with Black Cat to help her save her son, but eventually learns that Felicia was manipulating him the entire time. Black Cat reveals that she's been double crossing Hammerhead, and leaves Spider-Man in the vault after taking the last data drive. Spider-Man then learns that Hammerhead rigged Black Cat's hideout to explode as revenge, and sees her apparent death. Peter mourns her death with Mary Jane, but admits to being relieved that he won't be father yet.

In Turf Wars, Spider-Man assists Yuri and the NYPD in stopping Hammerhead and his gang, but is too late to stop Hammerhead from killing Yuri's men at his base. Yuri wants to get revenge on Hammerhead due to his actions and Spider-Man not being able to stop the Maggia quickly. Spider-Man then goes onto learn that Hammerhead is collecting Sable International weapon caches, and is using Silver Sable's tech to fight against the other dons and NYPD. After stopping Hammerhead from killing the other dons, Spider-Man battles the crime lord at an construction site. Though he defeated Hammerhead, Yuri appeared and shot him dead, leaving to her being put on administrative leave. Unbeknownst to the NYPD, his men managed to resurrect Hammerhead while he was being transported to the morgue.

In Silver Lining, Silver Sable returns to New York to collect her tech from Hammerhead and the Maggia, and forms an alliance with Spider-Man to stop him. Hammerhead nearly killed Spider-Man during a confrontation, but Peter was saved by Felicia, whom thanked him for his previous actions in The Heist. Spider-Man then tracked down Hammerhead and worked with Silver Sable to defeat him, thus ending the Maggia threat in New York City. During the three DLCs, Spider-Man speaks with Miles on training him to be his protégé, and works on stopping Screwball by doing her challenges.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

A year after the events of The City of Never Sleeps, Peter and Miles watch Rhino to be escorted to the Raft, but the supervillain manages to escape. Peter and Miles fight Rhino until the former is incapacitated, leaving Miles to unlock his bio-electricity and defeat the supervillain. After defeating Rhino and letting Simon Krieger take him in, Peter and Miles meet at a nearby rooftop. Peter tells Miles that he's leaving New York to travel to Symkaria with MJ to work as her freelance photographer, and has Morales take the "Spider-Man oath" to protect New York City. Though Peter is away, he gives Miles a Spider-Man suit and training stations for Miles to improve his skills.

When Peter learned of the bridge explosion in New York, he called Miles and told him if he needed him, he will return from a flight. Peter returns in the epilogue of the game, after Miles stopped the Tinkerer and Roxxon Energy, and tells his protégé that he is proud of him. Miles also learns that Peter and Mary Jane have moved into Aunt May's home in Queens, and Peter decided to take time to get a new job and move in while Miles protected Harlem.


I trust you, Spider-Man. You're the only one trying to do the right thing. Please: Protect the city from our mistakes.
~ Dr. Morgan Michaels after Collusion Course.

Peter lives his whole life by the creed "With great power, there must also come great responsibility." As such, he always tries using his powers for the greater good, sacrificing his mental and physical health, his personal life and relationships for the citizens of New York and the world at large. Possessing high moral values frequently puts him at odd against other super-powered beings, who are intent on using their gifts for malevolent and selfish reasons as opposed to Spider-Man's heroic and selfless nature.

An extremely prominent trait of Spider-Man is his sense of humor which he uses as a defense mechanism to overcome emotional scenarios in his life or when he's in dangerous situations. Over the years, this has tended to agitate his opponents and cause them to be beside themselves, which therefore makes them more susceptible to attack and oblivious to their impeding demise; it is debatable whether Spider-Man's greatest offensive weapon is his wisecracking nature.

His rapier wit and fast talking quipping also allows him to diffuse the tension present in his numerous missions as well as maintain the calmness of citizens, instead of escalating their panic. His humor is not limited to his opponents, but also extends to his allies, to the point that he can either annoy them amusingly or just borderline frustrate them, such as by his recurring "Spider-Cop" joke he keeps bringing up with Yuri Watanabe, which often prompts her to hang up on him during their many conversations. He is, however, accused of being "insolent" by the Kingpin, and his wit could be more cutting to those whom he personally dislikes.

However, despite his upbeat attitude in the face of adversity, Peter never adopts an arrogant or callous attitude, and is exceedingly compassionate to those whom he loves as well as those who deserve it. He caringly plans a spontaneous party at F.E.A.S.T in dedication to his Aunt May's selfless work and tells her that he wished there were more people like her in the world, as a result of her generous and altruistic character. Furthermore, Peter is perfectly prepared to put Mary Jane's best interests first, by constantly worrying about her safety, perhaps to a fault, which ultimately led to their breakup six month prior. He is exceptionally sympathetic towards the loss of Miles Morales' father, Officer Davis, reminiscent of the loss of his own Uncle Ben and feeling immense guilt for being unable to prevent the former's unfortunate death, thereby encouraging the youth to join F.E.A.S.T in the hopes of empowering him.

Peter is also an exceptionally loyal and faithful individual, especially to those close to him. The most supreme display of his allegiance and loyalty are directed to the people of New York, as he devotes the entire essence of his being for their particular safety and welfare, caring unconditionally for them all. However, not all of them see eye to eye with him on his vigilantism, a prime example of this being J. Jonah Jameson, who is infamous for publicly defaming, slandering and smearing Spider-Man's reputation.

Powers and Abilities


If you know all my moves, then you know I’m gonna wreck you!
~ Spider-Man before fighting Taskmaster for the second time.
  • Spider Physiology: After getting bitten by a radiation-infused spider, Peter Parker attained the proportionate powers and capabilities of a spider. The bite initiated a complex and sophisticated body-wide metamorphosis deriving from the mutagenic enzymes of the radiation-inculcated spider, altering his physiology and consequently granting him superhuman abilities and newfound heightened senses. In subsequent years, it seems that Peter has grown more accustomed to his powers with a higher level of comprehension and effective utilization than prior years.
    • Superhuman Strength: Following the spider bite, Peter acquired considerable superhuman strength, superior to that of even the brawniest human, thereby enabling him to accomplish spectacular feats such as terminating car chases in numerous occasions by casually throwing the rampaging automobile up a few feet off the ground and then catching it almost effortlessly after dispatching the hostiles operating it. His strength was also more than sufficient enough to throw him head-on against the formidable and overwhelming burliness of Wilson Fisk. Notably, as seen in the mission The Main Event, Spider-Man's raw strength empowers him to successfully lift a portion of concrete roof to save the civilians trapped underneath. Other impressive feats of his strength include, pulling back the entire structure of a collapsing construction crane; taking down average criminals with one punch; easily yanking multiple turrets off their support pillars and hurling them around with only a single strand of web attached; prying open tightly shut, metal doors with ease and exchanging blows with the indomitable Dr Octopus. Although Spider-Man's bio states that he can lift up to 10 tons, he has demonstrated to be competent enough to press lift way more than that, as he was able to snag the rear of a falling semi-trailer truck and slowly pull it back up onto the road platform with his webbing before it could collapse onto the train track underneath.
    • Superhuman Endurance: Due to the massively augmented density and solidity of his musculature fibers, tissues and his skeleton, Peter's anatomy is significantly more resilient and durable against most types of injury compared to a normal human. As a result, this has allowed him to withstand vigorous amounts of impact from the powerful blasts of electric shock generated and released from Herman Schultz's specialized gauntlets to blows from the combined might of the Sinister Six. Spider-Man's toughened flesh has also permitted him to endure collisions that would otherwise pulverize an average human, like the smashing impact from a construction crane hook which sent him soaring, briefly incapacitated before fully regaining conscious quickly only seconds later.
    • Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man's physique is highly adapted to the rigors of high speed running. His cardiovascular and respiratory systems are many more times efficient than those of an average healthy human being as he metabolizes a higher content of caloric energy. In fact, the chemical processes of his musculature are so highly advanced that his body does not generate fatigue poisons like lactic acid to accumulate in his muscle tissues so they can keep contracting more efficiently for 34 hours on end without hindrance. Therefore, Spider-Man has demonstrated to be more than quick enough to catch up to accelerating automobiles and bullets on foot (although his preference is inclined to web slinging), run up tall buildings in a matter of seconds, and move faster than the naked eye can follow, even appearing, disappearing and reappearing as a blur. Spider-Man was also able to easily outrun Rhino, charging at full speed.
    • Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man's agility, balance and bodily coordination are all enhanced to high levels way beyond the peak of human potential. His bones, muscles and joints are twice as elastic than the average human which, combined with his great strength, allows him to jump great distances and heights and perform graceful acrobatic maneuvers with no difficulty whatsoever.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Thanks to his inhuman agility and speed, Peter's reflexes are similarly augmented 50 times greater than the average human. He has shown to be able to react to projectiles such as bullets and missiles with ease and dodge attacks from superhuman individuals such as Scorpion.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: Spider-Man possesses a rapidly magnified sense of physiological balance, refining his equipoise and stability. He is able to achieve a state of balance on virtually any point, no matter how small or unstable with incredible ease and masterful adjustment.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Spider-Man's physiology allows him to go for days without food or sleep. He can exert himself to his peak performance for up to a day, before the fatigue toxins in his muscles begin to mar and impair him.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Spider-Man's enhanced physiology has a rapid regenerative factor. Spider-Man regenerated his eyesight upon getting his powers. When his body is breached, his outer layer forms a wound epidermis that releases growth factors to stimulate nearby cells. His body is able to reprogram fibroblasts, which are crucial to revitalization, to become "blastema", a ball of stem cells, which are in turn capable of dividing and differentiating to give regeneration to skin, bones, blood vessels, etc. Spider-Man's healing capabilities are accelerated thanks in large to his incredible control of his oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. As a result, his mutate genes can speed up the activity of his oncogenes to accelerate the regeneration process after temporarily deactivating his tumor suppressor genes, permitting him to rapidly heal most wounds in a couple of hours. After suffering multiple scars and bruises to his face and being impaled by Doctor Octopus, Peter was able to rapidly heal throughout the following the following days. He was also able to quickly recover fourteen broken bones while simultaneously fighting crime and recover from it next day. He has even healed from crippling injuries such as being slashed open by the Kingpin using a katana, although he did require medical attention, and healed a broken leg from Tombstone, He has also healed from being ejected with the Scorpion's neurotoxin. He also possesses an extraordinary immune system, as he is able to tolerate Scorpion's newly enhanced hallucinogenic neurotoxin for an extraordinary amount of time before it does any permanent damage.
    • Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man is capable of walking on walls and hanging from ceilings with the help of micro-/nano-scale hierarchical fibrils (setae) situated all across his epidermis. As this unique fibrillar feature of his dermis allows him to develop an intimate contact with the substrate that he is walking on or clinging to, it is expected that the setae exchange significant numbers of electric charges with the contacted substrate via the contact electrification (CE) phenomenon. More importantly, it is the CE-driven electrostatic attractions which dictate the strength of Spider-Man's adhesion. These CE-driven electrostatic attractions are mentally controlled by his mutagenic altered cerebellum, which affects his engrams and therefore initiates the capacity of manipulating the flux of his CE-driven electrostatic attractions between various molecular boundary levels. As an advantageous result, in the intimate contact of seta-substrate, eliminating CE-generated electrostatic forces by air ionization is physically impractical, simply because air ions cannot penetrate the conscious controlled contact interface in order to dissipate surface charges, or in simpler terms it is nearly impossible to prevent Spider-Man from adhering to surfaces. These setae, however, are more densely concentrated in his fingers and feet which therefore permit the prevalence of scaling a structure with his feet or hands effortlessly, even sprinting across New York's skyscrapers.
    • Spider-Sense: Attributed as an extrasensory ability, the spider-sense refers to a precognitive ability to sense immediate danger, a kind of "sixth sense" ascribed to Spider-Man. The "spider-sense" is represented as a prickling sensation emanating from the base of Spider-Man's skull whilst simultaneously apprising him to personal danger in proportion to the severity of that danger. It thus implies some kind of intelligence, capable of parsing Spider-Man's surroundings, identifying and critically evaluating a potential threat at seemingly pre- or sub-conscious level operation and furnishing this information instantaneously to his conscious mind. However, both the temporal and spatial dimensions of his spider-sense are ambiguous, as it is represented alternately as functioning at close range and apparently within "normal" time, aiding Spider-Man to escape machine guns in combat, or avoid a police ambush and as working across immense distances. Provided with his extraordinary speed and wall-crawling, the spider-sense permits Spider-Man to evade all manner of spontaneous dangers by an evidently instinctual exercise of some uncanny reflex. In Don't Touch the Art, after Spider-Man recently subdued a couple of Inner Demons, he sensed someone coming his way, and without hesitating, immediatly went to hide. The connection between the spider-sense and his superhuman reflexes is such that his spider-sense can even trigger a reaction when Spider-Man is temporarily stunned, such as by how he is briefly immobilized by a construction crane hook in the mission Straw Meet Camel, only to promptly regain conscious and instinctively steady himself. Later his Spider-Sense helped him locate Mary Jane being held at gunpoint by Charles Standish. Furthermore, his spider-sense outwardly possesses a directional component and can guide him to or away from concealed or disguised danger and enemies. This is demonstrated in And the Award Goes to... by the spontaneous tingling of his spider-sense in a dense crowd, allowing him to anticipate Mister Negative's transformation, by slowly shifting his position to the direction of the event. Despite being an invaluable asset to his powers, he is still susceptible to attack, should he let himself be distracted or not have sufficient time to elude the attack.
      • Radio Frequency Detection: While still in high school, Spider-Man's aptitude in science helped him to discover a way to track his villains using a device of his own design called the Spider-Tracer. A Spider-Tracer is a tiny electronic device that is programmed to emit a radio signal. His spider-sense is capable of picking up frequencies emitted by the Spider-Tracer and let it guide him to his object of interest. It will buzz louder the closer he gets to the tracer.
    • Enhanced Vision: Spider-Man's vision has been amplified to superhuman levels (rectified by his regenerative healing capabilities), leading him to relinquish the use of his spectacles a long time ago. His field of vision has been augmented with impeccable clarity and infallible detail enabling him to effectively exploit the full extent of his web shooters to be a proficient marksman as well as notice things other people fail to observe.


I honestly never thought we'd get the tensile actuator back to an acceptable tolerance, but Parker...the boy has an eye for guerilla science like none other. Just as I was ready to order a custom machined replacement part, he returned from the hardware store with a bottle of solvent and a toothbrush. Bang: actuator problem resolved. The boy is a genius.
~ Otto's lab recording #1.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: For the most part of his life, Peter has always been an overzealous enthusiast of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering with his expertise viewed as virtually peerless by many. Indeed, his intelligence allowed him to be submitted as a lab scientist into Oscorp, one of the most highly sought famous scientifically advanced corporations in the world with their arrays of scientific pioneering always ahead of the curve. Dr. Octavius, who is a tremendous supergenius himself, has confidently remarked that Peter possesses an impressive intellect, his originality exceeding for graduates his age. Mary Jane has also stated that he is a brilliant scientist when Peter expresses a desire to become a chef. Furthermore, Peter possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biophysics, with his thesis of neurotechnology earning him a job as a research assistant with Otto at Octavius Industries. He is also well-read and is capable of understanding extremely intricate and convoluted ideas, which no other graduate can possibly comprehend and is shown to be highly erudite and knowledgeable in multiple fields of the most foremost sciences such as nanotechnology, quantum theory and mechanics, cybernetics, robotics, forensics, genetics, prosthetics, applied science, neuroscience and technology. Although Peter possesses unparalleled and almost unrivaled intellect, he is surpassed by the extremely brilliant and astute Otto Octavius, his boss. Peter admits that during his first application interview with Otto, he felt as if he were incompetent and out of his league.
  • Expert Inventor/Engineer: Ever since Spider-Man appeared to the public, he has been an extremely talented and prolific engineer. At the mere age of 15, he was able to design and create his first web shooters and Spider-Tracers, which were able to interface with his arachnid-like powers. His natural flair for applied science also enabled him to create various devices to help him in his crusade against crime, such as the "Vulture Jammer", which assisted him in defeating the Vulture during their first ever battle. Over the course of Marvel's Spider-Man, Peter invents various types of advanced spider-like gadgets to aid him in his operations, such as the Spider-Drone, Impact Web (with Otto's assistance), Electric Web, and numerous more. He is also able to design and produce multiple contingency suits with finesse and ease, each perpetuating its own unique ability.
  • Hacking Intuition: Spider-Man is able to easily hack into Kingpin's server in mere moments, even mocking the lack of upgrades present in their security, notwithstanding the latter confidently and arrogantly proclaiming that it isn't possible. He is even able to hack into Oscorp and Norman Osborn's personal computer.
  • Marksmanship: In conjunctive utilization with his enhanced vision, Spider-Man becomes a formidable and consummate marksman with meticulous precision and keen marking. Therefore, this has granted him a complete proficient mastery over his web shooters, validating him to prevent the stupendous collapse of the construction crane in Straw Meet Camel, by webbing up its individual sections, in mid-air, whilst simultaneously implementing this all in rapid succession.
  • Skilled Investigator: Spider-Man is a highly skilled detective. He is able to investigate and discover the Devil's Breath despite it being a closely-guarded secret. He is even able to uncover evidence about Martin Li being the leader of the terrorist organization the Inner Demons.
  • Skilled Photographer: Though he did not receive any formal education in photography, Peter has shown to be an adept photographer during his fleeting career with the Daily Bugle. He was able to produce a sustainable living for some years as an ace photographer, serving for the Daily Bugle's front line. Thanks to his superhuman capabilities, he can take pictures of crime scenes or objects of interest at any angle imaginable.
  • Leadership Skills: Spider-Man has shown himself to be an exceptional and competent leader with eight years of heroism to back it up. He is able to inspire loyalty in Mary Jane and Miles Morales, who unquestioningly follow his orders during the New York crisis.
  • Master Combatant/Martial artist: Spider-Man is an extremely accomplished and versatile martial artist, due to numerous years of extensive experience and brawling. Without receiving any standard training, he has secured his position as one of the most dangerous superhuman combatants in the world. Spider-Man incorporates a variety of martial art techniques such as capoeira, a dance-like fighting style that's perfectly represented in his fast, acrobatic moves that have him leaping all around his enemies before striking them. Peter also uses Parkour movements, a physical discipline in which practitioners to aim move quickly and efficiently using their bodies and the environment. Parkour can be thought of as the flight response where as a martial art could be considered a fight response. His whole fighting style is based around the form of martial arts with the hero staying low and mobile while utilizing the momentum of frequent spins to come crashing down on to his opponents. Spider-Man also owes a portion of his moves to professional wrestling as well, specifically to lucha libre, most likely deriving from his early days as a professional wrestler during his first public display of power (albeit still under a disguise). Several specific moves have also been noted in his fights, such as dropsaults, scissor takedowns, reverse frankensteiners, and the famous hurricanrana. It is part of his lucha libre combat style, that allows him to take down enemies even those who are several times his size while dispatching several enemies at once with high flying moves.
  • Master Acrobat: Spider-Man's phenomenal agility makes him a very excellent athlete, as he can perform complicated gymnastic and acrobatic maneuvers that any human athlete can't do.
  • Indomitable Will: Peter appears to possess an unbreakable and incorruptible spirit. During his eight years venturing as Spider-Man, he has continuously wrestled to balance his personal life and superhero duties, always emerging triumphant after defeat and horrendous loss (such as the death of his parents and his uncle). Traumatized by his uncle's death, he established a vow of responsibility that has taken him down a righteous and heroic road of humanitarian service despite the overwhelming trouble and calamity that it brought upon him. In addition, due to his selfless and heroic nature, he is able to overcome strong emotional attachments for the greater good by how he selflessly opts to have the Devil's Breath cure manufactured and distributed out wide and save more lives rather than use it on his dying Aunt May, the most important parental figure in his life. This is also shown in how Peter is able to resist Mister Negative's attempts to corrupt him.



Peter has designed the majority of his own equipment for his time as Spider-Man, having built a wide array of web-influenced gadgets to aid him in combat against different opponents in different situations. He has access to eight such gadgets:

  • Web Shooter
  • Impact Web
  • Spider-Drone
  • Electric Web
  • Web Bomb
  • Trip Mine
  • Concussive Blast
  • Suspension Matrix


Spider-Cop's on it. Part Man, part Spider, all cop.
~ Spider-Man to Yuri.
Nice entrance. Solid 8 out of 10.
~ Spider-Man upon meeting Silver Sable.
Listen- I don't like you, you don't like me. But Li has your client inside this building right now and he's gonna kill him if we don't do something. We can fight each other, or we can fight Li. But not both.
~ Spider-Man to Silver Sable.
You knew? {…} You knew!
~ Peter to Otto when he reveals that he knew his secret.
Peter, I saw you as a son. I should have know you'd turn on me, just like all the others.
Turn? I worshipped you! Your mind.. your conscience, wanting to help others, the way you never gave up!
That's because men like us have a duty. A responsibility. To use our talents in the service of others. Even if they don't appreciate it... we have to do what's best for those beneath us. Whether they understand it or not.
No, you're wrong. You were everything I wanted to be! You just... threw it away!
Yes, of course. You're right, Peter. I see that now. The neural interface affected my mind. But I can fix it. We can fix it together... If you'll help me.
I'll do everything I can. I'll make sure you get the best help--
NO! If they put me away, they'll take my arms! I'll be trapped in this useless body! Please, Peter. That.. wasn't me. You said you'd never abandon me. You promised, remember? And, of course, you'll rest easy... knowing your secret is safe with me.
You do what you think is best, Doc. It's all any of us can.
Even when it hurts like hell.
Peter? Where are you going? PETER! PETER!!!
~ Otto and Parker in "Pax in Bello".


  • His media is NYCWallCrawler, and has 15.3 million fans.
  • A running gag through the game is on his cooking skills, notably messing up dumplings, and almost burning down MJ's apartment.
    • Another is Peter having three chest hairs, and this can be seen wearing the undies costume.
    • This is the first version of Spider-Man to be the oldest one.
  • Spider-Man's voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, also voiced another version of the character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.
  • Given Black Cat was able to make him think he might have had a son with her, Peter likely didn't use protection during their brief romance.

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