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This incarnation of Spider-Man is about the character from the Marc Webb film series. For other Spider-Man incarnations, check out the disambiguation.

Troy: Who are you?
Spider-Man: I'm Spider-Man.
~ Troy and Spider-Man.
Every day I wake up knowing that the more people I try to save, the more enemies I will make. And it's just a matter of time before I face those with more power than I can overcome.
~ Spider-Man.

Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, is the titular protagonist of The Amazing-Spider-Man duology and one of the two overarching protagonists (alongside Raimiverse Spider-Man) of the 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home.

He was an ordinary high school student until an investigation at Oscorp led to him being bitten by a genetically modified spider, sending him to become New York's superhero. While becoming a vigilante and beginning a relationship with his crush Gwen Stacy, Peter would have to face numerous threats, such as the Lizard, Electro, the Green Goblin, and the Rhino.

He was portayed by Andrew Garfield as a teenager, and by Max Charles (who also played Spin in Lab Rats, and also voiced Sherman in Mr. Peabody and Sherman and The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, Harvey Beaks in the series of the same name, and Kion in The Lion Guard) as a kid.

In The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video games, he was voiced by Sam Riegel, who also voiced Shirou Emiya in Fate/stay night, Mephisto Pheles in Blue Exorcist, Jude Mathis in Tales of Xillia, Ky Kiske in Guilty Gear Xrd, Donatello in 2003s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Steve Burnside in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Phoenix Wright in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, and Teppen.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Growing Up an Orphan

In the film's beginning a young Peter is playing hide and seek with his father only to stumble onto his father's study having been ransacked and his parents quickly pack up and leave and take him to his Aunt May and Uncle Ben to watch him for them for a few days and his father promises they will be back.

Thirteen years later Peter is a seventeen year old attending Midtown Science High School in New York. He is a social outcast bullied by many of the popular students, most frequently Flash Thompson. He got his hopes up when he thought Sally Avril was asking him out for a Friday night date, but she just wanted him to take pictures of her boyfriend's car. Although he was unpopular, he had interests in skateboarding, photography and is very gifted at science. As Peter walks out of the school building he sees Flash harassing a boy named Gordon. When asked by Flash to take a picture with his camera of Gordon's humiliation, he defended Gordon and told Flash to put him down, repeating his demand a second time after calling Flash by his real name of Eugene. Flash then began to beat him up but Gwen Stacy ends the fight, she starts to slowly take a bit of interest in Peter who is revealed to have a crush on her.

Searching for Answers

When he arrived home he was tasked with helping his Uncle in the basement which had become flooded. As Peter helped move things away from the water he stumbled upon his father's briefcase which had been hidden. Looking through it Peter learned of the plane crash that killed his parents and that his father used to work with Curt Connors at Oscorp in cross-species genetics. Wanting answer Peter went to Oscorp the next day and managed to get in after pretending to be a high school intern though discovered Gwen who was both Connor's assistant as well the intern's tour guide and thus was recognized. Peter managed to impress Connor's with his scientific knowledge of both cross-species and science in general and upon inquiry of his identity Gwen covered for him and said he was her high school's second best student which Peter tried to somewhat challenge.

After Gwen told him to behave himself and not do anything to get both him and herself in trouble, Peter immediately snuck off after bumping into an executive carrying files identical to his father's cross species project symbol. Peter followed him to a lab and used the access code he saw the man use in order to get into the lab where he found several genetically enhanced spiders producing spider silk cables. After accidentally causing the laboratory to fail, dozens of the spiders fall onto Peter who panics and flees the room after swatting them all off. However one had managed to stay on him under his clothes and bit his neck, injecting him with it's genetically enhanced venom.

On the way home Peter began to feel ill and fell asleep on the train where, while unconscious, a group of men decided to try and have a laugh at his expense by putting an open beer bottle on his head in the intent it would splash over him when he awoke. However the moment a drop from the bottle hit his head, he flung himself to the compartment's ceiling and stuck long enough to shock the other passengers before falling to the floor. Noticing he had accidentally flung the beer onto a women, he tried to help her get it off though wound up getting stuck because of his awakening powers and, getting stressed by the men from before they him to get his hand off of her, he does so only to end up tearing her shirt off.

Peter then has to fend off the now angry men but he takes them all out by accident with his powers, apologizing repeatedly until one attacks him with his skateboard only to break it on Peter's arm. He then knocks the thugs out cold when with a train pole that stuck to his hand. After he returns home where his aunt and uncle are waiting for him. Peter apologizes for making them worry, but then takes some food from the refrigerator to eat and goes up to his room. While upstairs Peter then discovers the spider that bit him.

By the next day, Peter begins looking for the answer for the affects from the spider bite, and then looks at his father's research on cross spices genetics. Peter begins to visit Connors' home, where he introduces himself as Richard Parker's son. Connors then explains to Peter about his father's research on cross spices genetics, and about how doesn't understand why his parents. Peter then shows a formula on his father's research to Connors, then Connors invites him to his lab after school the next day, which he accepts.

The next day at Midtown Science High, when Flash and his friends are playing basketball, Peter catches the basketball, which Flash demands that Peter return, but Peter decides to get even with Flash. He uses his new powers to humiliate Flash in front of everyone, until he shatters the glass when dunks the basketball, much to everyone's shock. After that, Peter is sent to the principal's office, which forces Ben to change shifts at work to talk the principal. Ben then lectures him about his actions after the meeting with the principal, then Peter promises Ben that he will pick up May from 9 o'clock.

After Peter talks with Gwen, spends some time practicing with his powers, before going to Oscorp to work with Dr. Connors in his lab, where Connors shows him around the lab, where sees the Ganali disbursement device that he saw a picture of in his father's office once. Then Connors shows him his experiment to give mammals a reptile's ability to regrow limbs, with the help of his father's formula. After a few simulated tests, Peter and Dr. Connors find one successful trial, during the time Ben calls Peter but he ignores it, they inject the serum in one of the three legged mice Fred.

Becoming a Vigilante

When Peter returns home he finds Ben waiting for outside, as forget to pick up May, and has him apologize to her, despite May insisting they she can home by herself, Ben then tells Peter about he is a lot like his father, and his father's belief in helping others when you can. He then gets into argument with his uncle about him not being responsible, which leads to Peter storming out of the house, breaking the glass on the door after he slams it. Peter then attempts to a chocolate milk from a convenience store but he 2 cents short, so the clerk refuses to let him buy the chocolate milk.

An angry Peter then witnesses a man robbing the store, then the man the gives him the chocolate milk he couldn't buy. After the clerk realizes he was robbed, he asks Peter for some help but he refuses. However, he then finds a the thief accidentally shot Ben, while he out looking for Peter and he tried to stop the thief. He then returns home with the police talking to May about the thief then Peter asks for the wanted poster of the thief, which the officer gives him, before letting Peter one detail about the thief, he has a star tattooed on his left arm. He finds a Ben left a message on his phone but he is too depressed to hear it. The next day at Midtown High, Peter is consulted by both Flash and Gwen, about Ben's death.

Later that night when Peter decides to look for the thief, he finds a man, matching the description of the thief, beating up his girlfriend and accuses him of being Ben's killer, then starts beating him up. Then he attempts to flee from a group of thugs using powers being confronting the man, before almost letting fall off a building until he discovers that he doesn't a have a star tattoo his arm. He then lets the man live before falling through the roof into a wrestling ring, while the man yells to Peter he has send his face.

Peter then sees a luchador-wrestling poster, which gives an idea to create a mask to hide identity. He creates a mask to go after criminals that match the description of the thief, and then he makes mechanical devices to shoot a biocable web made by Oscorp, and later adds a spandex suit. One night he while captures a car thief that also match the description of the thief, he confronted the NYPD, who looking arrest him for his vigilante activities, but he manages from the officers led by Gwen's father Captain George Stacy, although he does get a bruise on his face from being hit by a bus while escaping from them.

After returning home he is then confronted by May being home late and picking up the eggs she asked him to get before going after the car thief. She then sees the bruise on his face and warns Peter that secrets have a price. The next day at school, Gwen invites Peter to her apartment for dinner that, which he accepts.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man's new suit in the sequel.

Spider-Man is seen in pursuit of criminals carrying a truck full of plutonium (dangerous chemicals) through the city. Whilst talking to Gwen Stacy on the phone, he sees a vision of her late father, Captain Stacy, and is reminded of the promise he made to stay away from Gwen. During the chase, he saves the life of a man named Max Dillon. Afterwards, Peter meets Gwen at their high school graduation ceremony where the two share a kiss. However, later in the evening, Peter tells Gwen about the visions he's been having and insists that he needs to keep his promise in which Gwen breaks up with Peter.

Upon hearing the news of Harry returning to New York City and the death of Norman Osborn, Peter Parker visits Harry and the two are reunited after ten years. Later that night, Peter meets Gwen in attempt to maintain a friendship, and Gwen tells Peter that an opportunity to Oxford University means she has to move to England. Before the two can discuss it, Max accidentally shuts off the power to Times Square whilst looking for electricity to power himself. Max is seen all over time square where he is actually seen. Spider-Man attempts to calm the situation down. Spider-Man then saves people from his destruction. As Electro is replaced by Spider-Man all over Times Square which Electro then thinks Spider-Man is nothing but selfish. But after the police try to snipe him, Max thinks that Spider-Man has betrayed him, Spider-Man tries to calm him down but fails and Electro, in rage, attacks. Spider-Man eventually stops him and he is taken to Oscorp to be tested on.

Harry begins to show symptoms of his illness and uses the device his father gave him to deduce that Spider-Man's blood could help save him. He asks Peter for help finding him but Peter refuses, unsure of what effects the transfusion would have. Parker visits Harry again, this time as Spider-Man, but again refuses. He then goes to Gwen Stacy and finds her then tells her about the situation and also gives her luck. Peter uses information left behind by his father to locate the video message Richard left. In it, Richard explains that he had to leave New York because he wasn't willing to go along with Norman Osborn's plans to use what they had created for biological weapons with his research. Peter then receives a voicemail message from Gwen, telling him that she was offered the job in England and was heading to the airport to fly there earlier than expected because of an earlier class.

Peter manages to catch her and professes his love for her, and the two agree to go to England together. They are interrupted by a blackout caused by Electro. Peter takes Gwen down where the police are and Gwen helps him with his web-shooters to go against Electro. Peter heads off to fight with Electro having the upper-hand. As Electro has Spider-Man in the air and is electrocuting him, Gwen comes in a police car and hits Electro, against Peter's demands.

The two plan to defeat Electro by overloading his electricity supply. Just after they do so, Harry Osborn arrives, now as the Green Goblin, and figures out Spider-Man’s identity and that he wants revenge for being refused the life saving blood transfusion. Goblin takes Gwen and drops her where Spider-Man catches her. The two fight at the top of a clock tower, and Spider-Man manages to subdue the Goblin. However, during the fight, Gwen falls and is supported by a web connected to one of the gears. The gears gives way which causes to cut the web, and Gwen again falls. Goblin is then defeated and Peter tries to save Gwen using his web. As Peter webs to catch her, she hits her head on the floor dying instantly from the impact.

Five months pass and Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen in New York, as Peter spends every day at Gwen's grave. Meanwhile, Harry Osborn is visited by an unknown identity who tells him that they have found a man suitable of operating a large suit of armor developed by Oscorp. The man is Alexsei Sytsevich - the criminal stopped by Spider-Man once before. He attacks the city streets in the mech-suit, going by the name The Rhino. Peter is inspired by a recording of Gwen's graduation speech and makes his return as Spider-Man to fight Rhino.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Peter (dubbed "Peter-Three" during the events of the film) is accidentally transported to a different reality due to a failed magic spell by Doctor Strange and that universe's Peter Parker (dubbed "Peter-One") meant to restore Peter-One's secret identity after it was exposed by Mysterio. Unbeknownst to Peter, his universe's Curt Connors (taken from when he was mutated into the Lizard) and Max Dillon (taken moments before his death) were also transported into this universe, among other villains.

While there, Peter finds another version of himself transported from another universe (dubbed "Peter-Two") who helps him console Peter-One after the death of his Aunt May. He reveals that after Gwen died, he became bitter and more brutal while becoming more of Spider-Man and less of Peter Parker. Peter, however, is happy to bond with his alternate selves as they cure the villains and save them from the deaths they would face in their own universes. Peter achieves a moment of spiritual redemption for Gwen's death by saving MJ, the love interest of Peter-One, from falling off the Statue of Liberty. After defeating and curing all the villains and making amends with Dillon, Peter says goodbye to his alternate selves and is returned to his universe a more happy and content man.


Peter Parker had all the qualities of a 17-year old teenage crime fighter; shy, smart, broody, aggressive, sarcastic, troubled, awkward, and intelligent. Peter never truly got over his parents leaving him and then dying in an unfortunate plane crash, he possesses a scientific curiosity and is considered something of a geek at his school which made him a target for the local bully, Flash Thompson. This incarnation of Peter put more emphasis on the angst that a teenager would have. Peter had a tendency to use humour as a defensive mechanic, a trait that was only amplified when he became Spider-Man using sarcasm and wittiness before and during his fight with criminals.

However behind this naturally upbeat demeanou Peter also possesses a tragic and lonely side, brought on by the immense huilt lf the death of the people he held close, most specifically his Uncle Ben who's killer Peter met and actually let walk free simply to spite the owner of a convenience store. Another contributing factor for his guilt was his crush, Gwen Stacey's father dying at the hands of The Lizard while trying to save Spider-Man and with his dying breath he asks that Peter keep his daughter of his vigilante activities which he fails to honour and this causes PTSD and even hallucinations. What proved to be a final straw for Peter was the woman he loved, Gwen Stacy died in his arms during a fight with The Green Goblin and for a few months he hung up being Spider-Man but eventually returned when the city was under threat.

Peter also had a vengeful side to him, specifically before he truly become Spider-Man he used his newfound powers to search for the criminal who killed his Uncle Ben and presumably planned to return the favour however it quickly evolved into something more righteous. This was also shown when he humiliated the bully Flash in front of his entire basketball team. After getting his newfound powers form Oscorp, Peter had difficulty controlling them and was unintentionally destructive which was shown when he destroyed his bathroom, a football goal, a basketball net and the front door. He also took his time to torment a car thief that he thought could've killed his uncle, and even intended to kill him at one point even though he didn't need to.

Peter was also something of a poor liar, every night he would return home with different scars and would tell a ridiculous story to cover it up. Over the course of the first and second film Peter eventually became obsessed over finding out what happened to his parents and if a third was ever released it would have been about him getting over Gwen's death.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, although he retained most of his overall qualities, Peter was shown to be immensly depressed over his failure to save Gwen, even hinting that he resorted to killing criminals in his bitterness and anger. He also showed to be self-loathing, to the point of calling himself lamer than his other counterparts. However, this changed when Raimiverse Peter repeatedly told him that he was amazing and not to have a low opinion on himself. After saving MJ, Peter finally overcame his depression due to redeeming himself for not being able to save Gwen. When he left back to his universe, he was notably more happy and content with himself.

Powers & Abilities


  • Spider Physiology: After being bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter Parker's body changed giving him the proportionate powers of a spider; such as superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, wallcrawling etc. He also has a "spider-sense", which alerts him to danger.
    • Superhuman Strength: Possessing the proportionate strength of a spider, Spider-Man can lift objects that weigh up to approximately 10 tons relatively easily. Spider-Man's physical strength is sufficient to lift and throw objects as heavy as most automobiles with little to no effort, he must also pull his punches and kicks unless fighting someone of similar or greater physical durability, otherwise, his blows would prove fatal to normal humans. He can knock out individuals with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head, destroy everyday items with one strike such as his alarm clock, shatter the backboard of a basketball hoop in the school gym and doing the same to the front door glass panel at home, pull apart guns, swing at high velocities on a rope or web, able to hold a van with one hand while hanging from a web and halt a large bus from crushing a civilian.
    • Superhuman Durability: Spider-Man can withstand great impact, such as falling from heights or being hit by superstrong opponents, that would severely injure or kill a normal human. He fell onto a car from a height, with enough impact to break the windshield, without any lasting harm to himself and survived a strong electrical blasts from Electro including a stream of electricity point blank in the face.
    • Superhuman Speed: Possessing the proportionate speed of a spider, Spider-Man is able to get in and out of a car unnoticed much faster than a thief. Spider-Man dodged multiple gunshots at point blank range fired by police officer. He is able to catch up to or outrun speeding vehicles relatively easily, as he was able to outran multiple police cars that were chasing him easily. During Spider-Man's battle with Electro, when a police car was about to crush nearby civilians he saved them before the people even realized what had happened.
    • Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man, who has had no training, can perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls and springs. Due to Spider-Man's superhuman strength and agility, he is extremely acrobatic and is able to perform high jumps, high leaps, somersaults, flips, etc.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man can dodge or counter any attack, including gunfire, even at point blank range. Spider-Man's spider-sense allows him to sense danger before it happens which helps him to react in advance.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: Spider-Man's equilibrium is able to adjust his position by instinct, allowing him to balance himself on any object, no matter how small or narrow it is.
    • Superhuman Leaping: Spider-Man's increased muscular strength in his legs means that he is capable of leaping from one building over a street to the next and leap several feet in a single bound.
    • Superhuman Flexibility: Spider-Man is able to bend his body in ways that normal humans would have to train for years to do so.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Spider-Man is able to perform physical activities for a longer period before experiencing fatigue.
    • Superhuman Senses: Spider-Man's vision improves from needing glasses to perfect eyesight in a matter of hours. He also has perfect aim, as his webs rarely miss their target, even when he's not looking or blinded.
    • Spider-Sense: Spider-Man possesses precognitive danger senses, allowing him to pre-empt and dodge any form of attack just after sensing them. It warns him of impending danger with a tingling sensation in the base of his skull, and links with his superhuman reflexes, enabling him to evade most injuries. It appears to be a simultaneous clairvoyant response to a wide variety of phenomena - from falling safes to speeding bullets to thrown punches - which has given several hundredths of a second warning. He can discern the nature of the threat by the sensation, and discern the severity of the danger by the strength of his response to it. Spider-Man's spider-sense is directional and can guide him to or away from hidden or disguised weapons and enemies. Sudden and extreme threats can cause his spider-sense to react with painful intensity. His spider-sense can be triggered even when he is asleep or stunned. The spider-sense does not react to those who Spider-Man does not consider to be a threat, such as Aunt May and he can choose to ignore his spider-sense through intense concentration and it can lose some effectiveness if he is exhausted or distracted. Spider-Man's fighting style incorporates the advantage that his "spider-sense" provides him. His body begins to produce more adrenaline after the sense is triggered, an extension of the "fight or flight syndrome". His spider-sense is powerful enough that he was able to sense the police heading towards the bridge when the Lizard was going after Ratha all the way from Stacy's building, meaning he detected danger from literally miles away.
    • Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man is able to mentally control the flux of inter-atomic attractive forces on surfaces he touches, allowing him to stick to any surface, no matter how rough or slippery. He has conscious control over this ability. He has an upper limit of several tons per finger. He is capable of using this, combined with his strength, to uproot objects from their place without having to fully use his hands, such as when he pulled open the back window of a van.


  • Indomitable Will: Spider-Man has a strong force of will, completely free of evil and temptation. He has struggled to balance his life as a student and his superhero antics.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Academically gifted, Peter displays an uncanny affinity for science, mathematics, mechanics, biology, and physics. Peter is very intelligent, specifically in chemistry and physics. He is intelligent enough to perfect his father's webbing formula and to construct working mechanical web-shooters. He also apparently solves a formula that is key to creating the formula that mutates Curt Connors into The Lizard. He was able to create a device to lock and open his room door through a command switch. Also, upon starting his crime-fighting career, he used a cell phone to create a homemade police scanner to listen to police recordings about the crimes that are currently happening.
    • Science Major: Peter is a brilliant individual, with exceptional skill in practically every field of science, and is an excellent inventor. He is an accomplished chemist and physicist. He possesses enough confidence in this field to invent his trademark web-shooters.
  • Expert Skateboarder: Peter is a very skilled skateboarder and skated everywhere he went, even before the spider bite.
  • Skilled Photographer: Peter is a very skilled photographer.
  • Master Acrobat: Due to Spider-Man's strength and phenomenal equilibrium, he is an excellent athlete, excelling in all gymnastic fields and being able to perform every acrobatic stunt ever performed, including others that can never be performed by even an Olympic acrobat. Due to his superhuman physical attributes, Spider-Man easily surpasses normal acrobats and is able to perform somersaults, flips, spins, cartwheels, etc.
  • Expert Combatant: Due to Spider-Man's superhuman physical attributes, acrobatic prowess and spider-sense, he is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant using a fighting style derived from his spider-like attributes, he made his own street style that could rival virtually any combatant out of sheer volatility to standard fighting techniques (e.g. webbing, wall crawling, super reflexes, super strength to lift heavy objects, etc.) using a mixture of his superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, jumping, leaping, equilibrium, spider-sense, intelligence and web-shooters, Spider-Man is able to utilize an devastating acrobatic fighting style that makes him a formidable opponent and allowed him to easily take down thugs, cops (be it regular officers or SWAT officers) and even the more physically powerful Lizard.


  • Web-Shooters: Peter's brilliance at physical science allowed him to create web-shooters for use when he became Spider-Man. The twin devices worn on his wrists are able to shoot thin strands of a special strong web fluid at high pressure and speeds. Spider-Man's webs can be used to ensnare and even immobilize his opponents. Also, Spider-Man moves through locations by shooting a web-line and attaching it to an object (most often a building). He then swings, shoots another web-line, attaches it, and repeats the process. It appears to be able to hold more than one web cartridge in case more is needed.
    • Web Fluid: A shear-thinning liquid, virtually solid until a shearing force is applied to it, rendering it fluid, whose exact formula remains unknown, but is rumored to be related to nylon. The web line's tensile strength is estimated to be 120 pounds per square millimetre of cross section. After getting his powers, he mysteriously bought the Oscorp Bio-cable and incorporated the cartridges into his web-shooters.




  • The character also appears in the Amazing Spider-Man tie-in video games, which follows on in an alternative timeline from the first film. Andrew Garfield doesn't provide his voice or likeness for the games.


  • Andrew Garfield was signed up to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and possibly the planned Sinister Six spin-off film aswell as The Amazing Spider-Man 4. However this didn't come to pass as in 2015 Sony made a deal with Marvel to once again reboot the Spider-Man franchise so the character can appear in Marvel's shared cinematic universe of films. As the new cinematic universe Spider-Man ignores the Garfield films, this leaves the character's fate and the Sinister Six storyline incomplete.
    • However, it has been recently announced that Garfield will be reprising his role as Spider-Man again in the upcoming third Spider-Man film set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is seemingly planned to reveal alternate Spider-Men from the Marvel Multiverse.
  • Before Andrew Garfield was announced for the lead part, Frank Dillane, Taylor Lautner, Josh Hutcherson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Logan Lerman, Robert Pattinson, Jamie Bell, Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Angarano, Michael Cera, Alden Ehrenreich, Zac Efron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Xavier Samuel, Jim Sturgess, Drake Bell, Liam Aiken and Anton Yelchin were also considered to play the lead role, although Drake Bell had voiced Spider-Man in the 2012 Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and parotheed the same character in the 2008 movie SuperHero.
  • When first wearing the Spider-Man costume, Andrew Garfield admitted to shedding tears.
  • In this film Spider-Man uses artificial devices to shoot webs, inspired from the original comics where he possessed similar devices for his webbing (only later would he gain the superhuman ability to shoot webs). Marc Webb explained the web-shooters were a creative decision to showcase Peter's intellect: "We wanted to emphasize that these are things that Peter Parker made and that he is special himself even if he feels like he's an outsider."
  • During his breaks, Andrew Garfield went around New York playing basketball with kids in his Spider-Man outfit.
  • Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone got to know each other as co-actors in a coffee shop. Which would eventually lead them to be dating in real life.
  • To prepare for his role as Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield studied the movements of spiders and tried to incorporate them as much as he could: "Parker is a boy/spider in terms of how he moves, and not just in the suit".
  • On selecting Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man, director Marc Webb said, "Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor's work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker".
  • Scott Menville was brought on to dub over Spider-Man's groans and moans when Andrew Garfield was unavailable to do ADR work.
  • Andrew Garfield was almost 30 when he played this role. Peter Parker in the first Amazing Spider-Man is 17 years old, and in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 around 19 years old.
  • Andrew Garfield was announced for the lead role in early July 2010.
  • In Spider-Man: No Way Home, the scene where Peter Three says, "I love you guys" to his counterparts was improvised and was not originally in the script. Tobey and Tom's confused and akward reactions were genuine.
  • The way Andrew's Spider-Man saved Michelle Jones from falling to her death is identical to how Spider-Man was able to save Gwen Stacy from falling to her death in "What if Gwen Stacy Had Lived?", where he dives after and catches Gwen instead of firing a webline.

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