Some hero. I didn't even want the job. But if I don't go out there every night the city will drown in its own evil. Criminal scum will take over. The weak will suffer
~ Spider-Man Noir explaining to Peter why he became the wall-crawler

Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man or simply The Spider is a major character in the story arc The Spider-Verse from the television series Ultimate Spider-Man. He differs from the rest of the Spider-Men as he is more serious and dark and cut all ties with his friends and families as to make sure they don't get hurt.


This version of Spider-Man obtained his powers from a bite from an exotic spider and later became a superhero despite the fact he didn't want to be one in the first place.

At an unknown point in time, Parker severed ties with his Aunt May and his friend Mary Jane in order to protect them from the dangers of being close to him.


This Spider-Man differs a lot from his multiple alternate reality counterparts. He is much more cynical and serious but still shares the same heroic qualities and despite not wanting to he used his powers to help crime in New York as he knew if he didn't the city would belong to crime. He has shown to be very cold, cutting the peope he cares about of his life to protect them, including his only family Aunt May and closest friend, Mary-Jane.

He is shown to have a mild reaction to the existence of other worlds, though accepts these things. When meeting his counterpart and Kid Arachnid again, he voices how he tries to forget his inter-dimensional travel.

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