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Spike is a heroine of the Disney Fairies franchise. She is a Winder Wood winter fairy and her best friends are Periwinkle and Gliss.


Secret of the Wings

Spike is first seen with Gliss doing nothing while the other works, and Spike lazily fills a leaf with frost, Periwinkle comes from them and introduces her to her twin sister Tinker Bell, to whom Spike unlike Gliss is reluctant to see that a heat fairy is in the Winder Woods, but still agrees to have fun with Tink, Peri and Gliss.

That night Tink tells Peri that in order for her to come to the warm woods he has to take with Spike, Gliss, Sled and Slush a big piece of ice for the project, and the next day the group brings one. huge on the border from Tink and Peri, which Spike is still reluctant to and very worried about Peri, but she leaves anyway.

After a day in the hot spots, the chunk of ice begins to wear away and Peri is forced to return to Winder Wood, where they meet Lord Milori who heals Peri's wings, and when he discovers that Tink and Peri are twins he is moved by it but forbids crossing the border anyway.

Later Tink rushes to Winder Wood to warn Peri, Gliss, and Spike of a major threat coming to the entire Pixie Hollow, and that the Tree Dust is in grave danger with the balance of the seasons being tampered with, and Tink has a plan: the three of them have to frost the Tree Dust.

However, the tree is too big for Peri, Gliss and Spike, but Milori along with Dewey and many other winter fairies to cover the Tree Dust. Pixie Hollow is soon saved and Milori and Clarion, the two rulers, realize that chaos has happened because they made that law and therefore abolish it.

Spike was last seen with Gliss, Sled and other friends enjoying the celebration party.

The Pirate Fairy

Spike makes a cameo in this movie. He is seen with Peri and Gliss doing their show before Tink and the others. She is also one of the victims that Zarina puts to sleep to get the Blue Dust.

She is also seen at the end when she and the other fairies are awakened by Tsarina and Tink herself, and enjoying the final show with Peri and Gliss.

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